June 27, 2011

Monday Minute #63

It's that time again! Thanks Ian for setting these up every week!

Monday Minute

1 - What's a piece of advice you'd like to share?
My mom once told me... after my first break-up from a boyfriend.. 'Men are like buses a new one comes along every 5 minutes." I was crushed when she told me this, I wanted more sympathy... but in the end she's totally right. Sure each bus might be more smelly than the next one, and leave you stranded on the side or the road wondering what you did wrong to deserve such treatment. But eventually, you find the right bus, on the right route and it leads you to the right destination. I think that is what she meant, just not in so many fluffy words. After over 13 years of dating, I finally found my perfect bus.

2 - Describe the last time you sat on the toilet screaming at someone to bring you some toilet paper.
It's the worst feeling ever to have to do that. No girl truly ever wants her boyfriend to see her in that position. But often times when we arrive home from the store the toilet paper will sit in the dining room next to the hutch for days on end. Of course the one day I forget to look at the TP roll before sitting is the day it happens. It usually starts with me screaming BABE about 10 times before he hears me... and then I'm greeted w/ a hand over his nose just incase I've dropped a deuce that would level a building... to which I say... "I only peed... give me the toilet paper!"

3 - Explain why anyone would want to eat sushi.
Um, because it's delicious, duh!

4 - Describe your perfect dinner - one app, one entree, two side dishes, and one dessert.
If I had to describe my perfect dinner it's the one I get back home whenever I visit my father. We always go out to eat at our favorite place, The Flaming Pit. The meal is always, as follows.

  • Shrimp Cocktail [these shrimp are HUGE, and dwarf my thumb they are so thick]
  • Salad - simple greens, carrots and cherry tomatoes w/ the best damn Balsamic dressing on earth. Tons of spice - it's seasoned so well with a kick that I actually get a flushed face when I eat it.
  • Prime Rib - huge slab of meat and totally bloody. Seriously it talks to me when it gets to the table. It's also such a huge slab of meat it actually leaves VERY little room for the other two bits of food.
  • Baked potato, baked to perfection
  • Green beans with butter - I would prefer not to have butter but when you are living, you want to live for real while dining out.
  • Dessert: The tallest slice of cheese cake drizzled with either raspberry or strawberry glaze
SOOO GOOD! The only time I change this up is when I want to eat their crab cakes OR if they have cream of crab soup on the menu instead of Shrimp Cocktail. Side it all up with water, and either a glass of wine or a Captain and Diet and it's golden!

and finally...

5 - When was the last time you pissed the bed?
I couldn't tell you so I'm sure it was when I was still very young. I can tell you the last time I pissed my pants was probably in 3rd grade. I was running home from the school bus stop and got to the door and right as I touched the door knob I lost it... worst day!

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Aura said...

Nothing to do with your post, but I had to share. I was looking over my google searches on my blog this morning, and it turns out someone came to my blog by googling: "The Bradford Pear tree has white flowers that bloom in early spring that smell like old semen."

Thought of you :)

400 Wakeups said...

1) That is so funny that Bradford Pear tree DOES have blossoms that smell like old semen. That is EXACTLY what they smell like, actually.

2) We aren't going to tell M that you just called him a bus. Although chicks would be WAY more offended by that.

3) I would fight you for the shrimp. So what they are related to the roach. I can totally put that out of my mind they are so delicious.

4) The TP situation is exactly why I keep a stockpile in every bathroom. I am insane about it because I have nightmares about running out of TP. I assume guys don't fear that as badly.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Allyson guys totally don't fear it... I usually keep stock piles as well thankfully this doesn't happen that much.

Shrimp to me are way better than crawfish - I don't like food LOOKING at me... and in the south heads are on EVERYTHING!!! I can eat crabs w/ eyes.. so long as it's faced away from me when I cut it up.

And Bradford Pears are crazy stinky :) Aura I love that you thought of me - I think of you whenever ours blooms too! Silly girls are we! ox

CinfulCinnamon said...

Hey, Pee happens..LOL

Stopping by from the Monday Minute. Have a good day.

Hutch said...

The only problem with your mom's advice is the time between buses drastically slows down the older you get!

Loving that you're a meat and potatoes girl too!

KarmaKristin said...

I am your newest Follower from the Monday Minute...I have to say your ADVICE is SPOT on..I couldn't have said it better myself...and I have ridden alot of buses *blush*. Seriously though I <3 this Blog!!

Karma Kristin


Anonymous said...

At least you made it home before you peed!

I can't get on the sushi train. I love love love seafood though. I just can't eat it raw.

Lora said...

I call Bradfords "cumtrees". They smell awful.

Also, the secret to eating a big steak is to get a glass of tomato juice and sip after each bite or two. the tomato juice helps your belly break it down. That's why in those super fancy steak houses they have a juice glass in the place setting!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey girl! I remember you! :) So glad you're doing well! I love the Bus analogy, AND I just did the BABE I need TP yelling thing this a.m, I'm sure you are over the moon that I told you that! ha xo!

Dr. Cynicism said...

For realz! Who in the hell DOESN'T like sushi?!?!

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