November 24, 2010

giving thanks.

It's that time of year again. Time to stuff our faces, go into turkey commas, watch football {ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!} and for some of us awaken the next day for the craziest shopping extravaganza ever! {Me included, possibly}. During all this holiday hoopla it's important to remember why we celebrate this holiday. I for one feel it's important to take a day to be eternally thankful for things in your life but I'm also a firm believer that this should be practiced everyday, and if possible, that the people and luxuries in your life, that mean the most should never be taken for granted. All that being said I thought I'd share a list of things I'm thankful for, and in return ask you to tell me what you're most thankful for this holiday and every day of your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, regardless of if you celebrate this holiday, find a moment everyday to reflect on what you are most thankful for.

Today and Everyday 
I am Most Thankful For:
My Father
My Mother and the time I had with her.
My Family
My Friends {The Family I chose for myself}
My Loved Ones
My Pets
My Health
My Home
My Job
My Freedom
My Country
My Military
And all of you my loyal readers 
 and most importantly NEW FRIENDS! oxoxo

Today and Everyday
Things I Enjoy and Give Thanks For:
Clean Drinking Water
Running Water to Bathe With
*** DVR
Captain Morgan
Kettle One
Ice Cold Michelob Ultra
Jack Daniels
Ginger Ale
Diet Dr. Pepper
Music and The Arts
Food Network
The History Channel
My Own Cooking Skills
Chelsea Lately!
30 Rock • Community • Parks and Rec • The Office
The Walking Dead • True Blood • Mythbusters
American Pickers • Paranormal State • The Soup
Magic Erasers
Chicken Wings
Pumpkin Pie
Cranberry Sauce
Four Letter Words - I love them.
Frizz Ease
Mac and Cheese
P-90X and Fitness
My 2 New Pairs of Boots
Skinny Jeans
Great Haircuts
Angus Young • Chelsea Handler • Tina Fey • Burt Reynolds
Feminism and Girl Power
The Pilgrims
Mexican Food • Italian Food • Chinese Food • Japanese Food
{basically all the type so of cuisine we can eat here in the U.S.A.}
Milk and Cheese
My Jeep

*** Added after the amazingly awesome Hotpants commented and made me realize I left off the most important luxury that I covet every. single. day!! My love you DVR!

Seriously this could go on and on.... I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, way more than I have to be sad about and that's what makes life enjoyable and worth living.

I hope you all have a safe and loving Thanksgiving holiday! 
So tell me what are you most thankful for? How do you celebrate the holiday? And who's ready for TURKEY!?!?!?

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November 20, 2010

where has the time gone?

Dear Mike,
Can you believe it's been six years already? It seems like only yesterday we were exchanging messages on each others myspace pages. Upon seeing your picture on there, I knew I had to talk to you, you were just too cute to pass up. Shallow yes, but I'm glad it brought us together. When I read your profile further I knew you were something special. It isn't often you come across someone that is extremely attractive and at the same time completely down to earth. I wouldn't admit it to myself but I was completely smitten with you from that point on. I tried to be rational but try as I might I did think about you more often than I dared to admit. Thankfully deep down I think you were feeling the same way. We've come a long way from our myspace days, but it really does seem like we met in person last week at that fun bar with the karaoke room an the great back patio. I can still remember the look on your face when I surprised you by coming all that way to meet you in person without you knowing. It was such a risk and honestly I'm still floored that I had the guts to do it. I don't do things like that, ever but again, I'm glad I did.

 Mike and I and his BFF, G - June 2004

Our first nigh together - June 2004 SURPRISE!

I really had no idea how far that trip alone would take us. After talking for over a year as just friends, June 2004 made this connection a reality. We both knew we were 100% real. The people we claimed we were materialized before us and we could finally relax and enjoy ourselves and I for one can say I did, completely.

It would take us almost five strained months after this to decide what we really wanted from each other. Between distance and personal matters we were both dealing with, we worried about taking the leap to be together. Being burned in the past never makes things easy for future relationships but at some point you just have to throw caution to the wind and give faith a chance. In November 2004 we did just that and I couldn't have been more over the moon!
The night before we made it official - November 2004

We wouldn't have made it this far without our trust, our faith in each other and our ability to get along no matter what the circumstances. I guess it's safe to admit that we never would have made it this far without the help of our friends and families. Without my Bestie T and a big night out on the town, I never would have devised a plan to come surprise you. It was all her idea, all her doing and between T, myself and your buds G and H we executed the plan perfectly and I couldn't have done it without them. I owe them everything for helping us make the first step. I think you know we also owe Miss K a huge thank you for doing everything short of slapping you in the head to tell you that you were falling for me. All it took was me taking a trip out of the country and no communication to make us both wake up and realize life is a whole lot better with us together verses apart.

When I look back I sometimes wonder how on earth two people so far from each other are brought together. I know with online dating and social networking sites have made finding love much easier, but as a girl that's dated guys she met online before, I can truly attest to the fact that it doesn't always work, regardless of whether you are looking on purpose or not, it doesn't always work out.  I was gun shy when I met you but I'm happy I took that chance, and look how far we've come.

Last night at dinner, as we stuffed our faces with great food and celebrated our big day, we discussed how it seems like only yesterday we were moving all my stuff into the amazing apartment downtown. How it felt like a tv show living there with our different neighbors. It was like Melrose Place but, without the murders or the drama. We had our friendly and silly landlord, a true Southern Lady who always welcomed us and chatted with us. Do you remember when she begged me to come watch American Idol with her? We had the quiet friendly couple that lived below us - we rarely heard a peep from them but they were always there to help us in case of a massive tornado warning and give us and our kitten, Angus shelter in a time of need. She was also the first one out the door when I fell down the icy steps and busted my tail bone that time - you of course were second but only able to stick your head out the door due to the fact that it was 7:45 AM and you were in your underwear. Note to self: never wear heels on an icy day ever again. Or what about our great neighbors that kept you company until I moved down - the couple that was always so friendly, inviting us to sit and have a few drinks with them and their lovable dog Fraiser. I'm so happy we ran into him recently and that he informed us that his wife had some tough battles with her health but that she is doing well. It's amazing how people waltz into your life, if only for a moment but still leave a mark on your heart. Then of course there were the not so pleasant neighbors but we were bound to have them. Our loud mouth annoying neighbor who didn't understand the concept of people having an early morning job - and then there was the hippie couple - I really wish her boyfriend realized how much his hair and jeans looked more like something she should wear not him. And then of course we had our local drug dealer, or at least what we thought he was doing, Mr. Sketchy across the way. We had our courtyard and our huge window over looking the downtown street below. I can't even remember how many parades we got to watch from that window in the comfort of our home with a beer in our hand - or a margarita depending on what we were celebrating. I remember all the great meals we made - when I learned to cook and could finally repay you for all the great meals you made when we first moved in together AND so that we could stop eating Hamburger Helper. I remember our lasagna nights and the nights we'd feed our friend's band before their gig. It was definitely the place to be and party. I miss that apartment and the downtown lifestyle - if it wasn't for the fact that we own so much stuff now I'd totally move back there in a heartbeat.

I really does seem like I've only blinked since we left there and moved into our first house. That place had so many plus and minuses - biggest minus was the location. Live and learn though. It's never comforting to be watching television at night and hear gun shots down the street, in the end though besides the location and the horrible utility bills I did love the inside of that house but when it's time to go, it's time to go.

Our second home was too adorable for words - a bit of a step down in the size department but the back deck made up for everything. It was like having an outdoor living room. Fully covered and screened in it was one of the best places in the house. Many nights were spent out there from hanging with friends, to watching football games to just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon - that deck saw it's share of good times. There are times that I miss that home, other than size it had everything going for it. After mom passed, and I inherited all her belongings we knew it was only a matter of time before we'd need a bigger home. We really do roam a lot don't we?

The current house we live in is yet another vessel to hold all our belongings and most importantly our memories. I can't believe how far we've come, and while saying six years sounds like a long time, it's been so much fun it's felt like it's been 6 minutes. Looking back on pictures I can see that we've grown. I don't feel old, or feel like we look old but I look back and I think - look how young we were. Even in our late 20's we still resemble young kinds - then again I guess you're only as old as you feel and you make me feel like I'm young as ever.

I wanted to take time to write this down to preserve our memories and to say to you Happy Anniversary. I love you more today than I did yesterday and I know I'll love you more tomorrow than I could have ever dreamed. We make an amazing team and there is no one else I'd rather spend my days with and my nights. Without you I know I wouldn't be has happy or as complete as I am right now. I'm so happy that I found you.

Next year, I promise not to forget our big day, if you do the same. You're right life really has been flying by and we've been so busy - I'm just really thankful that I wasn't the only one that missed the special day. Happy Anniversary! oxox

I love you, Mike.

love, k

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November 02, 2010

holy halloween hangover.

Where to begin... I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! Mine was filled to the brim with Halloween goodness, and maybe some badness as well.  Friday evening after work Mike and I opted for a chilled out night at home complete with pumpkin carving [me], scurry movie watching and some cocktails to round out our night. On the list for the evenings entertainment was...

via google   "Dead by Dawnnnn" 
[Bruce Campbell is one handsome man, possessed or not].

via google "Because real vampires don't sparkle."
[still my all time favorite horror-ish movie of all time]

And last but certainly not least....
via google   
"And it keeps getting funnier, every, single, time I see it!"

We've been watching horror movies most of the month of October when there was nothing else on TV. I think we watched most of the Halloween series in one sitting. As well as Rocky Horror Picture Show and a few others. It's obvious I love this time of year and I love most horror films so this has been a great month for me entertainment wise indeed. I would love to show you our finished pumpkins but apparently it's the one thing I forgot to take pictures of... sorry make that the second thing since I forgot to document, my first oops was my first Halloween costume I wore the previous weekend.

Saturday proved to be a busy day for us. We got up extra early and tried to get our "TO DO" list completed so we could relax or nap mid afternoon and then enjoy the evenings festivities. The list included final touches to our Halloween costumes - one of which we started from scratch that afternoon and finished completely and loved it! I was almost jealous of how well it came together for Mike. SO great!

Prepped and ready for a night of partying Mike and I stepped out in style as... 

Merlotte's Waitress aka The Fang Banger
I wish I had better images of my bite marks that were all over me, both sides of my neck, wrist and thigh all had marks on them, yeahhhh she gets around. 
Originally I wanted to tailor my look to be Amy, Stackhouse's girlfriend - complete with a blood covered body, but in the end I really loved the t-shirt and didn't want to ruin it. I look forward to wearing it on random days of the week now just for the fun of it.

And her date... 
Axl "Don't Call Me Brett Michaels Bitch" Rose
The best part about our costumes is that other than a few key items that we purchased the rest came from our own closets. Mike helped me make my Merlotte's t-shirt. I couldn't see spending $20 on a t-shirt even though I really wanted one when I knew that for the price of a $5.00 t-shirt and the cost of paying him to make it for me at work I could have one done for half price and with it exactly how I wanted it. The only "official" True Blood item I purchased was the apron. I even had Mike make me a Fangtasia button for my "flair". Most of Mike's gear came from his closet as well - he had to purchase the material to create his kilt and we purchased the red bandana and if you can believe it, I made his wig. It took me 2 hours to complete it but in the end it was PERFECT and way better than the $10.00 piece of crap we purchased at Target [which his brother, J.O. decided to use to go as Rick Flare from WWE - it was epic!]. I actually created Mike's Axl hair using tracks from the local Sally Beauty Supply, some thread, a needle and lots of hot glue and the bandana. He was so excited when he got to try it on and was floored it came together as well as it did. Yeah, I rocked it.
I wish I had a video camera for the moment we walked into our friend N & T's house fully dressed. They both freaked out and loved our costumes.
Our buds T & N
Otherwise known as 
Silk Spectre aka Sally Jupiter & Cowboy Green Lantern
 One more for good measure. I feel like this should have a 
WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE heading above it.
To say our evening was a great time would be a huge understatement. We went out to our local watering hole and had a blast seeing tons of great costumes and dear friends we haven't gotten to hang out with in a long time. Let's just say the drinks were flowing and by the end of the night I may have forgotten a few details along the way. Washington Apple shots are good, they're the devil but they are good. Thankfully we have great friends, and a designated driver to take us home and we slept safe in our beds unharmed. The next morning however is a different story... The WashingtonAppleRedBullVodkaWhiskeyDiet monster came back to haunt us both so our Halloween afternoon was spend relaxing, watching the Steelers vs. Saints game [if we had to lose to any team I'd say it was OK to lose to them... well played Saints], and finally got to watch The Walking Dead, it was awesomeeeeee! We washed the final hours of the weekend down with lots of H20 and some spicy, homemade Spicy Chicken Stew by Chef Mike.

I'm still trying to feel 100% - Monday was rough to say the least. Work has been stressful and not feeling fully ready to take on the work week after a long weekend is pretty tough on an old gal. Let's just say this weekend I will be taking it easy...And my liver is going to thank me. I'm getting too old for this shizz!

How was your Halloween?!?!?!?

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