September 03, 2010

fixation friday: houndstooth

It's that time again - FRIDAY!!! I know I've been away for the while and for those of you that care, I apologize for the hiatus. Work has been non-stop and crazy as ever. Add to that the fact that by 8:00 at night after being at work since 7:00 am that I don't even want to think about computers much less look at one, you will understand why I haven't written. Well... that and the fact that I've spent the past week watching the first season of True Blood and now I'm totes addicted.

Anysucker, I figured that since this weekend marks the end of summer and and the start of my favorite season fall, that I would talk about one of my favorite patterns and what it truly means to me and the great state of Alabama. That pattern is houndstooth.

Houndstooth has been trendy for a few years now but if you live in Alabama it has a much deeper meaning to fashion that it does say in New York. Years ago the tide was riding high they were under the command of a legend in these parts by the name of Paul "Bear" Bryant. He's is said to be the greatest coach to ever walk the earth by most Alabama Crimson Tide fans and while I never watched him in action on the tv screen, the stories alone are those made of folklore. Seriously, he's as big as Paul Bunyan in these parts, maybe even bigger. In some circles I'd wager to say he's right up there next to Jesus, ok maybe one rung down, but still, damn close.

The Bear • via google

I wish I could give you great details as to why his nickname was "Bear" and I wish I could give you more vital stats on him, but alas I can't. What I can tell you is, this man is one trendy s.o.b. See his hat, it's his trademark. Mr. Bryant always wore a suit, tie and coordinating hat to each game. It's his legacy, as much as his winning football seasons with the Tide were. Houndstooth was the most popular pattern he wore.

When the pattern became trendy again in fashion and home decor, I noticed it popping up all over the place around here locally. And quickly it became the pattern of choice for many Crimson Tide merchandisers. I think it's a great way to honor Bear's contribution to Alabama's athletic program and the college as well. I wonder if Nick Saban will start a trend, you know besides winning seasons and all. It's nice to see the football team back on top, even though I can only take credit for being die hard fan for about 2 full years now, it still feels awesome. Everyone has to start somewhere.

And yes, if you are wondering... Paul "Bear" Bryant is the coach in the movie Forrest Gump. This movie is also the reason I chose to pick the side of the Crimson Tide when I moved to Alabama. Had Forrest been an Auburn Tiger I might have picked differently. *wink*

So Mr. Bryant made houndstooth trendy here in Alabama, but what about the rest of the world? I have fallen hard for this pattern, and I actually own a winter coat covered in it. I thought I'd share some of my favorites displaying this pattern in some great ways.

The Bear Hat • via google
The look that started it all. These are HUGE in Alabama. 
I have always wanted one but wouldn't feel comfortable sporting it.
You can add to this list flip-flops, koozies, hair bows, earrings, scarves (which I'll be sporting at the game), gloves, trust me, if you can print on it, or sew it, it's rocking houndstooth here in the state of Alabama.
via West Elm
I am head over heels for these curtains! I love that they are brown as well, instead of black and white, they'd be a bit less obvious for an Alabama fan but classy and the same time.

via google
The dress in the center - I die. And the coat, don't get me started I'm head over heels for it.

via google
Seriously, this makes me want to make a baby right, meow!

via google
Where were these when I was actively snowboarding?!?! Hands down the coolest pair of googles ever made. EVER!

via google
If I could stand to strut in these for an entire tailgating day and a football game, I would. I adore these!

via google
Ok so this is a bit over done but seriously if I had a basement or a man cave place this would totally work for me. I also like that it's muted and neutral. It reminds me of a gentleman's lounge (not a strip club mind you but a place where men would sip brandy and talk with pencil thin mustaches about the dames that they met the week before). 

via google
If you have a man cave, you have to have a lady haven. These would be perfect. I hate pink, for the most part but I'd totally rock these in a dressing room of sorts in my own home if given the chance.
via google
I'm pretty much head over heels for these two chairs. I want to flank my fireplace with them and dress them up with crimson red pillows. HEAVEN!

So what do you think? Houndstooth, awesome or tacky?

In other news: It's "TUSCALOOSA OR BUST" for Mike and I this weekend. I'll be all RTR! and living it up!!! I can't wait to see the Walk of Champions and to see our team after our SEC Championship win! RTR BITCHES!!!! We may have to sleep in the back of my Jeep for the evening but I'm going with the flow and going to party like I'm in college again - or at least try to hang.

SEC 2009 CHAMPIONS via Google
SUCK IT GATORS!!! (Sorry Sonja, I love you girl!)

And I can't wait to see the 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram
(He's going to be out for the first game due to injury but I am excited to see him)
Mark Ingram - dawwww adorbs! • via google


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foxy said...

Oh, I love a good houndstooth pattern! Funny story: when I first used the word "houndstooth" in front of my then boyfriend (now husband), he TOTALLY thought I was making it up... until I said it to the Dillard's salesperson, who knew exactly what I meant when i was describing his sports coat.

Happy weekend, lovely!

Natalie said...

I love me some houndstooth. I can't wear it as much as I'd like since I also live in the South so people would assume a Bama fan. Although, the fashion alone is almost reason enough to support the team..

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had never heard of him until I moved to Alabama. People do put him high up on the ladder!! I personally love the design and have a pink and white coat in it.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Oh, I love me some houndstooth! My favorite coat is houndstooth. Is classy and trendy and you can't ever go wrong (Unless you decided to have an all over.even.your.umbrella matches...'cause thats just weird)

MissMelody said...

Holy cow I LOVE houndstooth. Alexander McQueen (RIP) had a ton of houndstooth in one of his last collections, and I became obsessed with it. I'm still upset over a houndstooth coat I destroyed a few years ago. Even Tori Amos got in on the houndstooth act when I saw her last year:

So yeah, I love it. And that's so very awesome that the Crimson Tide is reppin' the houndstooth!!

Anonymous said...

Your kidding me right ? WHO DOESN'T? I just stole a a couch , 50 bucks. Yellow Stripes with a bit of a tribal blue print and white thin stripes. Just today I was on the internet scouring for some yellow/white or ble/white houndstooth for my lamp shade and foot stool. Houndstooth rules ! And for the record I have gloves , a coat , a tank top and even a comforter all in houndstooth. Yep , I am from the South , Mississippi ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Bama fan, but I do hate the Gators. They can suck it every day of the week.


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

LOL AGREED HOTPANTS! When I loved in Florida I rooted for FSU!!! ox

Sara said...

Houndstooth makes me feel like I attend Yale or Princeton or another one of those schools that would never have me.

And those shoes made me want to slap my mama they were so cute.

Rach said...

Those baby shoes totally made my uterus skip a beat. Whaaaaat. Gimme!!

LOVE these finds!!

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