November 04, 2009

is it odd...

That I...
  • still have to sleep with the closet door closed, even after all these years?
  • make a wish at 8:08 of each day, instead of 11:11 like most people?
  • look forward to football season more than most girls?
  • that I learned to cook when I lost my job, not when I moved in with my boyfriend?
  • usually page through a magazine backwards?
  • don't want to know the whole plot of a movie before going to see it (I like to be surprised). I won't even watch trailers over and over or read spoilers.
  • tend to watch tv shows after the trend is over, or the show is no longer on television (ex. Freaks and Geeks and Sex and the City).
  • secretly want to eat oreos and not brush my teeth before going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned just for giggles?
  • bananas make my mouth itch?
  • can't remember my current cell phone number to save my life but I could tell you my first phone number ever at my childhood home?
  • refuse to eat baby animals (lamb/veal etc). But I will eat the adult counter parts.
  • have an irrational fear of aliens?
  • that I never show off my belly ring, and most people don't know I have one, but I won't take it out?
  • that I can quote the entire movie of Smoky and the Bandit word for word, or the movie Billy Madison, but I'd have difficulty telling you the capitals of all the states?
  • that I can't stand the taste of diet soda but force myself to drink it hoping one day I'll change my mind? (it worked for lots of foods I hated as a child, why not diet soda?)
  • It took me 25 years to officially fall in love with my freckles and the love affair is still going strong after 8 years.
  • that I met my boyfriend on almost 5 years ago? And we moved in together before our first anniversary of dating?
What is odd about you? I got this idea from Kelly @ Just a Girl in a City and figured I'd post my own. Please feel free to share some of your own and let me know you posted them.

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Suburban Princess said...

If bananas make your mouth itch you might have a latex alergy.

I met my husband online too!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

YAY! Online dating rules!

You know latex bugs me too. I always have an itchy face after going to the dentist. They get in your mouth with those gloves on and I'm always a mess for a day or two. I am OK with bananas if I eat them in say cereal, smoothies, or mixed with ice cream - but not alone. The itching is mild thankfully because I love bananas!

Elle Squared said...

Half the things on your list I could agree to, including the bananas thing. (And yes, I am allergic to latex.)

Great blog idea!

Nicole said...

Lol AWESOME! I met my Boyfriend on Craigslist! 3 years ago. & we moved in together a few months after our 1st year of dating =D ahhh online love

Susan said...

haha, what a great list! :)

Susan @

Melody said...

Dude, I can't sleep with the closet open either! And I can't close my eyes in the shower when I wash my hair. (It's true, I'm not just quoting that "Somebody's Watching Me" song!:)

And you SHOULD love your freckles. Freckles are amazing, I'm actually pretty jealous of people who have them.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I hated having freckles as a child, but now they are awesome and I'm so sad they are fading (I stopped tanning so much and wearing SPF when I go canoeing so they are starting to face.. healthy yes, am I pleased about it? No. I've been a bit freaked about closing my eyes while washing my hair ever since watching oh I don't know any horror movie where someone is attacked in the shower! ;)

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