June 04, 2012

weekend recap: take it easy.

So Monday, we meet again. I wish we could stop running into each other like this, but it's going to happen. Every week same bat time, same bat channel.

Dear Thunderstorms that raged all. night. long. I HATE YOU! I was so ready to fall asleep at 9:30 pm last night but I guess you and mother nature had other plans. Instead of a blissful sleep on clean sheets and bedding, I tossed and turned with EVERY clap of thunder and flash of lightening.

Note to Self: Take time and invest in the curtains you've been meaning to purchase for the bedroom since you moved in 2+ years ago.

And on that note... here's my weekend recap! Mike and I had a very calm weekend. As the Eagles like to sing we did nothing but "Take it Easy" from the minute the clock read 5:00 PM on Friday until the sun set on Sunday evening.

Friday Night: Front Porch Happy Hour
aka "Front Porchin' It"
The weather was perfect. A balmy, breezy 68 degrees in the Heart of Dixie. This type of weather is very unusual this time of year in the South. We enjoyed a few brews on the porch, some tunes and chatted about our week. I really love and look forward to Friday evenings on our porch. The weather got chilly quick so we opted to go inside, Mike wanted to check out the Celtics vs. the Heat game (thankfully the Celtics won!), and then we watch a few reruns of Family Guy and Robot Chicken and hit the hay.

Saturday: Day in the Life
Saturdays are usually reserved for AM runs for groceries and items we forgot to get at the store on Wednesday evening. It's also a day to window shop or enjoy the weather. We did our best to get our "chores" out of the way early. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling on our front porch. Yes again. The weather on Sat didn't reach past the mid 80's and our porch is covered in shade all day. Mike fell asleep on the lawn couch, and I took some time to read and catch up on some blogs. Yes, I'm so obsessed with this new lap top situation that I took it outside. *NERD ALERT*

Chillin' with the "fur babies" photos by Mike 
Our pets, Angus the Rock Kitty and June the Wonder Mutt
(both are named after famous musicians, it's how we roll)

Half way through relaxing, Mike was sweet enough to wash my Jeep which so badly needed it. I offered to help many times, he declined. I'm proud to say the Jeep looks fantastic! I'm a lucky girl!

Saturday Night: Shrimp, it's what's for dinner!
I've been dying for some fresh seafood but to be honest living outside of a town that has a TRUE seafood port makes it hard to get the fresh stuff at an affordable price, so I improvised. We actually just purchased some frozen shrimp and had ourselves a Low Country Boil (I need to share this recipe).  It was JUST what my seafood-tooth needed. You'll note in the image not only are we obsessed with Old Bay (Maryland how I miss you so), but we also are using our Wedding Favors (koozies), designed by Mike and myself. The back side says "To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Drink Cold". #shamelessplug

Representing Maryland, Old Bay! • Dinner by Me, photo by my husband.
Add to that my favorite summer beverage, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer, and life is good. It's an amazing blend of beer and lemonade, awesomeee!

via google
After enjoying the great evening weather we retired inside, and watched movies. Clerks II, High Fidelity and Say Anything. Warm fuzzies all around.

Sunday, Lazy Sunday
We really just lounged around. Sometimes I really enjoy having absolutely nothing to do. We took full advantage of it too. Mike planned to grill but since the weather was iffy by dinner time I went ahead and used a Pioneer Woman salad recipe for inspiration to make my own amazingly delicious Chipotle Steak Tacos and guacamole for dinner. I'm drooling thinking about it right now, and will have to share it with you soon! All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend.... minus the thunderstorms last night and my lack of sleep.

How was your weekend?
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