June 19, 2012

folky little white boys.

Before washing the dishes this evening (check my instagram feed for the horrible, horrible truth about my life), I decided to put on some good tunes and turn up the tv fairly loud to hear it from the kitchen. Yes, I have a smart phone, yes I have an ipod and an amazingly well rigged sound system set up by my husband in the kitchen but, I wanted to listen to something I didn't own, and since Metal Mania isn't on mid week. I settled for the next best thing, Palladia (love that channel).

I was pleased to discover the Civil Wars Unplugged special. Being a now, Alabama resident I shouldn't admit this but, I'm all about being honest. I have never listened to the Civil Wars. *GASP* I know! I can truthfully tell you the only song I've heard of theirs includes Taylor Swift and it was from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

It took me all of 4 seconds to fall head over heels for this duo. They are for a lack of a better work, amazing! Joy's voice is heavenly, and John Paul's personality and harmony and skills are just, brilliant. Word on the street here locally is that he's the coolest and nicest dude you'll ever meet. I guess since he's a local boy to where I live currently, people will say that right? I'm pretty sure if he had an ill bone in his body, I'd hear about it here. The town is small and word spreads fast here in The Shoals.

Let's just say I ran to do the dishes, and then would run back in when they started a song, and I probably rewound the show about 6 times during the course of the 25 minutes I was able to catch. I'm officially hooked. Kudos to John Paul White for working Megadeath into the set twice... not music mind you, but by stating their names. Apparently he's a big metal fan. Score!

You may be wondering what the deal is with the title of this blog. Well, there is another folksy white boy that I've always had a crush on, and that is Jack White from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. He's done SO many other side projects too. He's quite frankly the cats pajamas in my book.

So here I am telling Jack White the truth, while he will always rock in my book, there's another folky little white boy taking my musical heart. It's a battle of the White Boys, but I guess there is no need to fight so long as they both keep making music that makes my heart want to dance and my mind wander.

Hurray for new music - next stop, I need to get my ass to the record store and purchase the Alabama Shakes CD. I put it back in order to purchase a Dio CD and while I have no regrets I can't get the AL Shakes out of my head.

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Rachel said...

I love, love, love the Civil Wars. I could listen to them all day long, every day. LOVE!

Allyson said...

OK so this is not exactly my tuneage. I am country music all the way. Luke Bryan? Miranda Lambert? Johnny Cash? Hell yes. But I am also open-minded so I will give em a listen. I assume they're on iTunes?

Shana said...

I'm not a country music girl, but if you say they are good, I'll give them a listen.

Also...I'm cracking up at your dishes picture. Been there, done that!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I can't imagine what a folky white boy fight looks like. I feel like there is a truck involved. :)

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I can't imagine what a folky white boy fight looks like. I feel like there is a truck involved. :)

Anonymous said...

I love The Civil Wars! The Hunger Games soundtrack really has a lot of great artists on there. Yay for good music!

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