June 29, 2012

It never fails...

The day before vacation at my office is always a doozy. Today was no exception. I am so, so happy that in 1 hour I will be work free for an entire week. I am setting my sails, and turning off my alarm clock. Totally winging the next week. Don't worry, I will have clean underwear and by winging it I don't mean I'll stop brushing my teeth either. Dental hygiene is very important to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th! Celebrate your independence and party safely. Rockets can literally be a pain in the ass. Trust me, I've seen one shoot up my father's best friends shorts leg at the beach before, it wasn't pretty!

I will be stopping by and sharing my adventures as I please! Enjoy yourselves and take it easy.

Every little thing... is gonna be alright.

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{Jessica} said...

Enjoy your vacation! Happy July 4th!:)

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