June 11, 2012

weekend recap: lazy days

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty great... minus a few speed bumps. Originally Mike's father and brothers were all going to go camping. Mans night in the woods. I was disappointed I might  miss out but then thought I'd be able to sit and watch all the trash TV I wanted and possibly take some time to give myself a pedicure.  The weather had other plans so the guys didn't end up going camping, my toes didn't get painted but we had fun anyway!

Friday Night was low key. We front porched it. Had a few beers and hung out.

Saturday: We took our dog, June to the vet. As with any time you visit the vet we spent a small fortune getting her all hooked up and up to date with her shots. We also found out she's 10 lbs. over weight, possibly 20 lbs. She's a mixed breed so I guess determining what is best for her size is a bit difficult. Either way, I see lots of walking in my future and I'm ok with that because frankly, I'm over weight too.

After the sticker shock at the vet, we ran our errands and decided we'd have a nice lunch at our friend's bar. AKA Our favorite watering hole. We were so excited to see our favorite Saturday bartender was there and she seemed just as happy to see us walk in. We apparently entertain her very well and she enjoys visiting with us. I think it's sweet that here in the south people say "Let's have a visit." instead of simply having a chat, or catching up. It's quaint and I think it's true, you are visiting with someone.

We hung out a lot longer than we had planned but when your bartender says the next round is on her, it's hard to walk away from that. Just as we started to pay our tab, our dear friends (one of the owners and his wife) came in. They were having a date night. They are newly weds like Mike and I and they have a baby, and they had a sitter which meant Momma and Daddy were ready to have a little fun. They bought is a few rounds, and we all talked and caught up. It was great. To say we are well taken care of at this establishment is a HUGE understatement. Thankfully Mike is able to pay them back regularly with graphic design and rush jobs when they need them done. Otherwise I might feel like we were freeloaders.

After our fun night - we went home to hang out. Originally we were contemplating naps when we were at the bar, but that was probably around 2:30 pm. We didn't get home until about 5 something! Yes, it was a non-planned awesome afternoon! I like when things sort of fall together. For dinner we decided to grill some brats and have some fries in the oven.  A few friends decided to stop by and hang, so we had a make shift BBQ. Thankfully we had enough brats for everyone, fries and left over potato salad. CARB OVERLOAD anyone?

It was a great relaxing night. Great conversations, lots of laughs and cool breezes make a front porch evening perfect! It wasn't a night of trash tv and pedicures or "GIRL TIME" as I told June we would be having, but it was more fun!

Sunday our only plan on the agenda was to see Prometheus. We got a phone call early from Mike's dad inviting us for a cookout. After watching TRON (I couldn't walk away from the TV mid movie), we rushed over to his family's home to visit with them, and his Grandmother who was in town. After a chill afternoon at the Hen House we went to see Prometheus.


All I can say is, as worried as I was, it was for nothing. I wasn't scared in the least and I am happy to report my husband didn't have to walk me to the bathroom at 4 AM when I had to pee. It was less scary, but more gross than I had expected. Although after watching it I really felt like I needed to watch something more happy and feel good. It was a bit dark. But all in all, a great action/suspense film. And after reading THIS write up Mike sent me this morning about the movie [warning MASSIVE SPOILERS in that article], I sort of want to see it again!

Today it's Monday... back to the daily grind. I'm already hoping for 5:00 pm Friday. Heaven help me

Walked 1 Mile: 15 mins
[I had June in tow as part of her new doggie workout, we took it slow.]
I am looking forward to doing this each morning with her, or at least every other morning.

Stretch 40
[TurboFire / ChaLean Extreme Hybrid Program]

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Brittany said...

I don't plan to see this movie, but I do admit it looked really creepy. Good to know it's not a "I need my man" kind of movie should I decide to rent it! =)

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