December 14, 2009

for the love of football.

M and I had a blast at the Division II NCAA National Championship on Saturday! It was freezing cold but our seats were awesome! 10 Rows from the field and right on the 50 yard line. I'm happy to say my team of choice, the Bearcats were victorious! Although it was hard for me to cheer for them because when we arrived in our seats we were on the home team side. Grand Valley scored the home field advantage and I was in a sea of blue and black rooting for the Grand Valley Lakers. I cheered to myself for the Bearcats - I wasn't trying to get beat up (Seriously one of the old men rooting for the Lakers had a huge stick with him - I hope it was for walking and not for whacking). We stayed through half time but it was way too cold - I saw a flurry or two. We instead headed to our favorite bar in town to get some warm drinks. M got a beer I chose some coffee with a shot of Bailey's. It was great - we warmed ourselves and watched the remaining half of the game from the comfort of the bar.

M kept saying how much fun he had - and I myself enjoyed it too. I haven't been to an actual college game ever, so this was extremely exciting. We were close to all the action and the ESPN2 cameras as well. M recorded the game on our DVR at home and we hoped to see if we made it on TV that afternoon. We were able to see ourselves in the stands, but not clearly but it was still cool to know that the small town where we live was televised and talked about not just on ESPN2 but on the regular ESPN as well.

I'm realizing more and more how much I truly love the game of football. I will be the first to admit that up until I started dating M, I really only knew a few things about the sport. I knew when to cheer, I knew what was good and what was bad in a play - but not always the technical side of why it was good or bad. What all the penalties were about etc. Since moving here five years ago I've had plenty of practice in getting up on my football knowledge. Between watching college ball every Saturday and NFL every Sunday or Monday and sometimes Wednesdays or Saturdays - I've learned so much more about the game (as well as all the differences between Pro Football and College Football). I'm also thankful that when I ask M a question about a certain play he doesn't treat me like a "stupid girl" like some douche bag boyfriends would, and he never shhh's me. Truth be told he got into football more because I enjoyed watching Pro Ball. We both started watching Alabama play together in the past two years we've become glued to the tv. Most of it for me was watching them go from a team with a legacy to a team recreating the legacy - it's magic!!! Helloooo Mark Ingram - first Alabama University player to win a Heisman! WOOP! Don't get me started on their amazing season!

This past Saturday it was nice to watch football and truly enjoy the spirit of the game. The great plays, the technical calls, all without having a mild heart attack over who might win or lose. I get pretty passionate about my teams when they are playing and after the heartbreak of the Steelers loss to the Browns last week, my heart couldn't take it anymore - I needed to step away (seriously - I need therapy). I was angry, I still am. I know the are better than that but you win some and you lose some. I have to remind myself of that - I'm just bitter to go from Super Bowl Champions to not even getting a race to the wild card for this years Bowl. I'm sure they are more angry with themselves than I am.

Getting to watch these two college teams that were both 13-1 in their season records was awesome. They were pushing for the love of the game. That's another reason why I love college ball so much - the passion that these kids have. I know most of them are dying to make pro but they play for the love of the game, more so than the huge paycheck they may get if they were in the NFL.

It just felt good to watch a game, cheer for the under dog, have them be victorious and not have any pride to lose in the end. And to share it all with M made it a great afternoon. After enjoying this great college game we've decided we need to get some tickets to an Alabama game next year. We have a few friends that live there, one is an alumni, the other works for the University. As well as all of M's family members that love the team and would want to go with us. So let's hope we can make that happen!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! xo
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Risley and Dylan said...

My hubby and I both LOVE football! it is def a fun thing we can enjoy together! we try to make a few college games a year but this year we went to my first NFL game! He loves the fact when we have people over for "big games" im on the couch cheering {sometimes yelling at the TV} and not in the kitchen with all the other girls!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I yell at the TV too - I think that M gets a kick out of it - I think the rest of the guys think it's a little crazy but that's OK. I like crazy ;)

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

So how do you develop this love of football? My husband is a huge fan--I think he'd watch 3 year olds play if they put it on ESPN. I've tried and tried to get into the game, but it's just not my thing. Too long and boring. But I love my hubby and want to watch with him. Any ideas on how to enjoy it more?

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Congratulations on your big win! I actually made it halfway thru the 3rd quarter!

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