December 07, 2009

deck the halls.

I wanted to update this to be able to add my post to the Christmas Tour of Homes that one of my favorite blog writers, The Nester, is hosting! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! ox

The key to decking the halls this year for us was using what we already owned. I've been dying to try to buy more things to decorate with but with our tight Christmas budget this wasn't happening. Instead we used the hand me downs I inherited from my mother as well as items we've collected in our five years of living together. I must say that it's come together nicely (please excuse some of the poorly taken pictures - I still haven't mastered this camera in regular light, or low light for that matter).

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Our Tree
Again sorry for the poor image, the one with the flash barely shows off the lights.

Stockings Hung With Care M's, June's Angus' and Mine
(P.S. pay no attention to that annoying string of dangling lights... ugh)

Our kitchen
We decorated the bathroom too, but I haven't gotten pictures of that.

Our Dining Room
Usually it has a beach them - now it's beach mixed with traditional Christmas.

The front of our home - we hope to get some more lights but for now
I think it's adorable! M worked hard putting it all together.

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Beth said...

I love it! I like Christmas trees with a hodge-podge of ornaments, like ones your parents pass on to you, some you made as a kid, a few you bought because they were pretty, ect. Those catalog ones just aren't as cozy and personal.

Love all the decor!! Can't wait to put it up here!

abigail said...

Everything looks beautiful!
I always neglect our mantle, but am inspired by yours to do something on it this year.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

The mantel is always my favorite place to decorate - it changes every year. Do it up Abigail it's so much fun!

Beth - thank you! I have only a few ornaments that are personal (most are balls, snowflakes and angels) the rest are some from when I was a child. I get a bit impatient with the ornaments and after about 10 I give up on trying to unbox the rest. I'm sure that this tree would be extremely full had I put all the personal ornaments on there. I have ornaments that were made from the mobile that went over my crib as a child. My mom turned them into Christmas ornaments when I out grew it, those are my favorite. I want more ribbon but every year I say I'll buy more, and I don't.

Brittany said...

Ahh... Your house looks great! I haven't hardly done anything with ours yet. I love the lights on your bushes in the front.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love how you can see your tree in the window. :)

I wish we had a fireplace!!

Anonymous said...

The decorations are lovely! We're on a tight Christmas budget too (boo!) but we're making it work!

happy holidays to you too!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Thank you Tiffany and Brittany! Lauren, every time we look into renting homes I always make the fire place TOP on my list. Sadly we never actually USE the fireplace (I'm too fearful since we don't own the home that we'll burn it down). I always said that if we ever got a home without a fire place I'd buy an old mantel and make a faux fireplace. :) I should have snagged the one from my mom's house she had in her bedroom it would have made for a nice one!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

It looks beeeeautiful! Love it! Our "tree" this year is a little metal one from Crate & Barrel hanging with a few ornaments...we had hoped to spend this christmas in our new house but sadly the whole thing is still under major construction so we are still living in our "boarding room".

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I think you guys did a great job. Is not how much money you spent in decorations but your time together that counts the most. We are learning this the VERY hard way by not having a home to decorate. Heck, there's always next year!

Tina said...

Love your decorations...

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