December 28, 2009

Christmas recap.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are gearing up for an exciting New Year! New Years Eve is my favorite holiday of all time!

My holiday was awesome. I'm still a bit tired from the whole thing but in the end I had a blast with M and his family. We all got together on Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange gifts. M's dad seemed so tickled when M and I gave him an Alabama University Santa hat. His dad usually dishes out all the gifts and was so excited to wear his hat! We got his mother the huge slow cooker she'd been wanting for years and we also got his father a nice Alabama sweater (yes it was a trend). He will surely be decked out to the 9's in Alabama gear for the Championship game next Thursday! (He also received a really awesome visor from M's brother J.T. as well).

I can't believe how much M's parents spoiled me for Christmas, it was overwhelming. His mother asked me to make a list and for M to make a list of all the stuff we wanted for Christmas. If you know me, you know how much I hate doing this. I always feel like I ask for way too much. It doesn't matter if it's a $10 shirt, I still feel like I'm asking for too much. I can make wish lists all day long - it's making a realistic list, and one that is economy friendly these days that gets me. Bottom line is I don't NEED anything. I simply made a list of a few key things I've been dreaming about getting for myself for ages but have never bothered to try to get. In the end his mother went hog wild and got me all the items that I was wanting the most off my list. Are you ready for this? She got me not one, but all the different items from Rachel Ray's Bubbling Brown Collection! I WAS FLOORED! Can you say casserole heaven?!?! And all in deep blue - my favorite!

I will be making lots of fun dip in these and possibly mac n' cheese as well!

The baby bubbling browns! Great for soups or for serving dip!
And last but not least... THE MONSTER!!!

This is the huge lasagna bubbling brown!
I used it on Saturday to make my 7 Layer Dip and it was AMAZING!

His mom hit the nail on the head with EVERYTHING she got us. From pot holders to Microsoft points M and I had a great family Christmas. Add to that cookbooks and some amazingly warm sleeping bags for camping come spring we were done for!  Honestly though through all the receiving - M and I were more thrilled by all the smiles and thank yous from the family when they opened their gifts. That is what makes my day is seeing the smiles on their faces when they know we thought of them, and ONLY them for their gifts.

M got me so many great things as well. He and I also made lists but didn't stick too close to them. I love to surprise him but was sure to get his 2 most desired video games on his list.

I was most excited about two main gifts he got me...

Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary BluRay Collection!!!
This seriously blew me away when we watched it Friday night.
The color and detail is beyond your imagination!
And yes... I cried watching it like I always do! It came with a cute watch and tons of collectible items as well - SUPER EXCITED!

I'm extremely excited about getting a Davis Sedaris book in my stocking as well! I just love him and his sister Amy!

A Holga. I'm not sure about her name yet, but she's adorable & she needs film.

He also grabbed me the flash to use with the Holga which was a great surprise. She's currently rooming with my old 35mm, that I haven't touched since college but I am determined to get back into using this year. (Resolution #1).

Between great new movies and Alabama t-shirts and tons of fun stuff that we got each other I can say we had an amazing Christmas. My father spoiled me as well. Between the plane trip home and a great weekend full of quality time with him - and the money he gave me for the holidays I can say that I'm blessed beyond words.

At the end of a long weekend spent with M's family we had a party on Saturday night inviting friends and his brothers and their girlfriends/wives to come enjoy some drinks and dip and relax with each other. It was a great time. The kicker was all the compliments M and I got on our home. Everyone remarked how cutely it was decorated, how warm and cozy it felt and how they enjoyed being there. That was a great, great gift in itself. (Especially after cleaning the house all. day. long!).

It's hard to believe 2009 is almost behind us. I'm looking forward to 2010 and whatever it will bring. I am ready to take better care of myself and to nurture and take better care of all the relationships in my life with those who are most important to me.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! And have a blessed and happy New Year! ox

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I LOVE when people notice all the hard work put into a home. Its a lot to do and can cost a lot to make it look just the way you want it to!

Ashley Pizarro said...

Wow! I am so glad to hear that M's family was wonderful to you. I love your blue dishes...they are to die for! :)

I also love The Wizard of Oz! :)

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't typically like short stories but i love david sedaris. i don't have this book yet; i think the last one i read was 'naked.' let us know what you think of it.

glad you had a great christmas!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Will do Tiffany. Lately the only thing my brain has power for is short stories so all of Chelsea Handler's books were gold for me!

D - I hear you completely. We spent too much money moving into this house to decorate. Lately my whole concept is use what I have and move it around. I'm sort of on a decluttering kick, so we shall see.

Happy New Year Ashley!

prettyface said...

Ohhhh I've heard The Wizard of Oz on Blueray is THE best- Now I wanna see it- but I have no blu ray player :( It's by far my fave movie and yes, I cry every single time as well.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i love the wizard of oz, too. and willy wonka and the chocolate factory (another old school kid-type classic).

i don't know much about photography -- i wish i knew more -- but i just really like the LOOK of that camera. very cool.


Vodka Logic said...

that was the first David Sedaris I read. He is so funny.

kys said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I love the Rachel Ray stuff - so pretty. I know you'll enjoy the Sedaris book it is laugh out loud funny.

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