January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well would you look at that! We survived the end of the world AND now it's 2013. YAY! So much for my plan to not have to pay off ANY debt in the new year. I guess on the upside I'm thankful the world didn't end, there is way too much I want to achieve in the next few decades of my life.

That being said, I don't have a list a goals for 2013 complied. I'll work on that later. My only pressing thing I want to have finished and completed as soon as possible is to get over this cold / flu / sickness I contracted while enjoying the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. Yes, I got sick, on my vacation. The curse continues - more on that later with a full holiday recap.

For now I just wanted to stop by and say Happy New Year!! Now pass the Mucinex and the tissues! And let me go back to sleep after work tonight and dream that I wrote this in the sand! Because, I would love to have some salt air, and salt water, and warm sand and frozen drinks right about now!

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Carolyn R said...

Happy new year friend!! :) Feel better!!

Holli said...

Fell better soon! Looking forward to the Holiday recap :) Happy 2013!!

Lauren E said...

OH NO! I'm sorry you're sick. :( Get well soon, friend! I'm glad you guys made it back safe and sound!

Devon said...

Happy new year Kelly! I hope you get better immediately!

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