January 07, 2013

resolutions // goals

Every year I do this. Correction, WE do this. We make lists of all we hope to achieve, gain and do with our lives to improve ourselves in the coming year. And while some people achieve all or most of what they plan to do, a lot of us just fall short, or make it one month and then stop all that planning. This year I decided to make a plain and simple plan. To live by one mantra...


In a quest to pay down debt, to lose weight, to feel better about myself, I've found that I can do more in life with less.

Less clutter.
Less spending.
Less over eating.
Less selfishness.

All of these mean...

More organization.
More money for savings / paying off debt etc.
More room in my pants, healthier body / mind / soul.
More time to get down to the things in life that are true, real and not materialistic.
More time to help others, not just myself.


Means clearing out my closet, ridding my home of items I don't want, need or have a use for. Taking these items to the Salvation Army, to help others. Donating them to different  charities to help others. Items left that have a bit of value, I plan to sell on Craigslist or in a yard sale. Money to go toward paying down debt.

This year I want to down size. Hold on to what is important to me, purge what isn't.

Mike and I live in a great house, but I'll be honest there is one room that we literally are using as a storage area. Most items in that room are in two stacks. Wedding Gifts (Keep) and Donation items (purge). Throughout our home we have items that some might be LOVES, some might be items we just bought for the hell of it.

In an effort to eventually purchase a home, and start our lives be it with parenthood and beyond our first step is getting all our finances in order.  And frankly, get our shit in order. This will be a perfect beginning to that task.

So yes, I want to lose weight, who doesn't? Yes I want to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my current non-healthy one. Yes I want to cut down my clutter and get my crap in order - but if I start listing those specifics I'll be upset by the time I say Happy Valentine's Day because I'm stuffing my face with dessert and my favorite jeans don't fit anymore.

Instead... I'm doing less with more. Buying less, hoarding less, giving more and taking more time away from just thinking of ME, ME, ME!

So tell me, what is your goal for 2013?

In other news tonight is the big night for my boys the Alabama Crimson Tide. BCS National Championship against the Fighting Irish if Notre Dame! I know it's going to be a great game. I am rooting for my boys but I know it will be a hard fought battle between the two! May the best team win and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
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Amy said...

these are great goals and realistic! Good for you and good luck!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Definitely good goals to have! I've been organizing recently and trying to through out as much as I can! I'm also going through my closet and thinking about donating clothes I don't need anymore. Happy New Year!
Jeans and a Teacup

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I'm really loving the way that you're looking at doing things this year! One of my favorite quotes reminds me this saying you talked about..."Have less. Do more. Be more."

:) Have a wonderful week, girl!

Anonymous said...

I literally CLEANED HOUSE this weekend. I threw stuff out, have stuff to give away and a few things to sell. I can't stand clutter. Sometimes I feel wasteful throwing things out, but I get over it real quick when there's no more unnecessary junk in my house.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Misty I wouldn't worry about trashing stuff because if where you live is like where i live... people dig through our trash regularly to find their own treasures. Someone will get the stuff you didn't want anymore, one way or another :)

Christina said...

I'm working on less stuff this year too. We have so much crap! Time to purge and stop buying. I'd rather spend money on experiences these days.

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