December 21, 2012

high five for friday!

I'm so happy it's Friday. Not only is it simply Friday but, it's the last Friday before Christmas!

I thought I'd link up with Lauren over at From my Grey Desk Blog to celebrate!

So here goes, my High Fives for Friday!

ONE //
This is the last Friday I will work in 2012. I'm so excited to be off on vacation for nearly two weeks. SCORE!

TWO //
I will be heading to Colorado for Christmas to spend the holiday with Mike's father's side of the family. I'm really stoked to see familiar faces and finally get to meet one of Mike's cousins, as well as one of his other cousins' new husband. [Are you keeping up, because his family, it's huge!] And did I mention... Colorado, for Christmas! EEEE!

Lauren has been talking and blogging about her great new scarf from Target. I saw it at the store the other day and didn't purchase it. After feeling the Alabama versions of 32 degrees this morning, I am starting to rethink my choice and going back this weekend to snag it, hopefully it's still there because it's simply perfect for 4 degree weather. YES you read that correctly, it's been 4 degrees in Dillon, Colorado at night. Can I just tell you how much I love weather apps for phones? I've been tracking the weather in CO / IL / AL / TN - just to see what it will be like when we travel.

My co-workers are too sweet. I feel like a total jack-hole for not having anything for them today. Normally I'm on the ball but not this year. I did get out Christmas cards, before the last minute and that was a huge win for me, let me tell you. There has been simply too much going on so I promised them that I would bring in New Years gifts for them. I cleaned up with cookies, and earrings and Egg Nog spiked with whiskey today from all of them. I love the holidays!

I'm getting a cold - this is not high five worthy, but I will say that Zicam is. As nasty as it tastes I think this magic placebo is actually working to help me not feel as sick. And if it's not, ignorance is bliss so leave me alone!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you have a wonderful time with friends, family and loved ones. Please remember the true meanings behind this season and hug and love each other a bit closer this year. With the recent events in CT, and Sandy Hook, and other states where shootings and crime seem to be running rampant [Did you hear about the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes being held up and robbed in Nashville?] - I know most of you will. I observed the National Moment of Silence this morning for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. Their families are in my thoughts and prayers, and all of YOU and your families are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Let's make this a Christmas to remember the important things in life, those that aren't things at all.


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Anonymous said...

Your weather is WAY colder than mine! It's in the high 60's here in Florida!

Also that picture of you with Santa is too funny!

Found you from the bloghop!

Tuttibella B said...

I'm so envious you'll be in Colorado for Christmas! Hope it's merry and bright! xoTB

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a blast in Colorado! I would love to have two weeks off. Enjoy!

Devon said...

That picture of you is my favorite. I hope you made it home safely from the mountains!

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