July 23, 2012

one of those days.

Today has simply been one of THOSE days. No particularly bad, not particularly good. I don't have much to write about. If I did it would be totally random. So what the hell right? It's my blog and I can be random on a Monday if I want to. So here's my random thoughts on a Monday evening.

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  • Dark Knight Rises was absolutely phenomenal! I can't say enough good things about it.
  • We returned to the house to eat lunch today and discovered our roof was being ripped off and a new one was being prepped to be applied. SCORE! The only issue I have with this is that I wish we had warning when stuff like this happened. Yes, we rent, so it's technically not our home, but still. This goes back to months ago when we came home and all the bushes in front of our house were cut down, do the ground. NOT trimmed. Chopped to the ground. They are growing back nicely now but for a while it looked totally white trash outside.
  • The roofers are still here hammering on the roof. My cat, Angus. Is hidden under the bed and refuses to come out. He hates loud noises. Oddly enough June, our dog. Not bothered by this at all. Some guard dog right?
  • Mike's parent's invited us to the beach in 2 weeks. Normally I'd be extremely excited and I do love a good beach vacation. My worry, issue... having to sport a swimsuit on the beach. I keep trying to get back into the swing of things with my workouts, and it hasn't happened. To add insult to injury my Sister-in-law will be there, she's very slim, as is my brother-in-law's girlfriend. Oh the joy. Guess I need to start tankini shopping, and possibly rum shopping to cope.
  • I am excited to get out to the beach though. We will be visiting the Gulf Coast. Calm waters, white sand and a private beach area. Just give us two chairs and a full cooler and we'll be golden.
  • Work has been insanely busy. I count myself lucky and remind myself every time I complain, that I have work to do and I should be thankful.
  • I'm trying to work up the desire to get into the kitchen to make dinner. It's already 6:30 pm. On the menu: pork tenderloin and okra. I'd be lying if I said I was going to make the orka in a healthy way, truth is I will probably fry it. It's garden fresh though so there's that. Can deep fried food still be called organic?
  • I tried Coconut/Almond Milk this week. I still think it will taste horrible on cereal but it's amazing in my  AM smoothies. I like that it's also lower in calories than the skim milk.
  • I also saw Ted last weekend and it was hilarious. I really want to have a Ted of my own.
  • I love summer movies. Love them. But I have a feeling I'm going to love some winter movies this year too. I'm excited about the prequel to Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit. Like, giddy excited.
  • Mike and I never went to see Ab Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The reviews were horrible and it bugs me. I finally find an awesome book and someone has to ruin the movie, hate that!
So there you have it, what's been on my mind today. I'm going to watch the rest of this TV show, get off my butt, cook some dinner and hopefully coax Angus out from under the bed long enough to eat his dinner. I'm sure the roofers will be packing up once the sun starts to go down.

Happy Tuesday Eve!

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Lauren said...

We saw Ted this weekend too and I thought my husband was going to cry he was laughing so hard!!

P.S. Angus is an awesome name for a pet.

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