July 13, 2012

friday confessions and musings: vacation style

HELLOOOO Friday [the 13th]. This morning has been rather good for me. I only hit snooze one time and I got ready well before I had to leave. I even had to pick-up dog crap because June decided she didn't want to tell us she had to go and/or she didn't want to go out in the wet grass to do her business. Normally a pile of shit in the kitchen would ruin my day but I did my motherly duty... picked up the doodie and kept on trucking.

I figured I'd make my musings and confessions about my vacation. It's the best way in my mind to share with you my adventures in Maryland AND not bore you to tears with a long winded story about each event, so here goes. My vacation musings AND my confessions. Link up with Shana and Leslie and join the fun!!!

Random "Vacation" Musings:

Linking up with Shana @Fumbling Towards Normalcy

  • A 12 hour trip isn't that bad when it's broken up into 6-7 hour increments. We left out of Alabama Friday after work and drove until midnight thirty to Bristol, VA. Slept in a Motel 6 (they leave the light on and are dog friendly). And woke up the next AM ready to rock out the rest of the trip.
  • We ate Burger King - I got the Carolina BBQ Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich, I may or may not be addicted at this point. It was my 2nd in 2 days.
  • Dad sent me a text to make me aware that due to the huge storms that ripped through VA and MD the night before, he was without power. Great, just what we need on our vacation, no power, and sweating and 100+ degree weather. I tried to stay hopeful.
  • We always fill up the tank when it gets to half when traveling. It's an old standard I've always made myself do. Safety first. When we got to half a tank we stopped at 2 different places, both were without power. We started to joke that it was feeling a bit like Mad Max out there on the road. You could tell people were already starting to feel desperate. No power means no gas, no food and no easy place to stop while traveling. Heaven help modern day humans in the event of a true crisis, or worse Zombie Invasion. Finally upon passing an exit where I saw the bright red glow of gas prices near James Madison University - I yanked the wheel up the exit and drove into the gas station that did have power!
  • Heaven is a gas station, sometimes. Not only did they have power, they had clean, private bathrooms (score), beer for days aka Abita Strawberry & National Bohemian, aka Natty Boh (double score), combos, chex mix and water (score, triple score, score). We loaded up on goodies, gas and ice and proceeded to my father's house. Note: I may or may not have ODed on Combos, pizza flavor addict over here.
  • We dealt with a total ass hat who had road rage while driving. I might have to make a whole blog dedicated to him just so you can hear this story. Let's just say it was so bad, we actually called the cops - I never do that. But this was warranted, he was a total douche and endangered us greatly. 
  • 7 hours later - we arrived at my dad's house and the power was still out. We settled in for what we believed would be a miserable night.
  • We had cold beer, and an offer to stay at a friends home in the AC but we decided we would rough it. And it was a bit rough. I almost contemplated sleeping in the back deck. If it wasn't for the fear of being covered in bug bites. Needless to say that evening Mike, my father, June and I all hung out in the dark on the back porch. It was SO quite, and actually sort of nice.
  • Mike and I had the conversation over dinner that night (see below) about how odd it was seeing SO many children out playing around town. You never see that. The parks had kids playing, the pools were packed and kids were riding bikes, walking with their parents. It's amazing how much changes when the power is turned off.
  • Our first night in town Mike got the most amazing Reuben sandwich EVER! It was so amazing we actually went back to get them again two days later. At a small little bar and grill in the shopping center near my dad's home. They had power and we took full advantage!
  • From 10:30 pm Friday night until 7:30 AM on Sunday morning Dad's neighborhood was without power. I actually sprang out of bed when I realized the power was on, Sunday morning - I ran through the house to find my dad cheering and gleeful. I love technology, I won't lie. I could survive without electricity, but I frankly don't want to. We were lucky, many residence of DC, MD and VA were without power until that following Friday!!!!
  • Mike and I made it to Baltimore - but not to the O's game like we planned. We instead went and toured Fells Point, one of my favorite Coves in the city. We enjoyed Brick Oven Pizza which rocked my socks off and shopping here and there. We also went to the Inner Harbor but the heat was SO horrible we only shopped inside. No true sight seeing.
  • One sight to see - We stopped at the 9-11 Memorial at the foot of the Baltimore World Trade Center. (Image below) - twisted beams from one of the twin towers. In the marble base names were carved to remember the Maryland victims of the attacks. It was an emotional place. I went from perfectly fine, to complete tears in moments. Just as I turned to the side of the beams, looked at them and thought, these once held up 1000's of pounds of weight and people. The beam laying on it's side really brought out thoughts of fear, pain and loss. If you are ever there I suggest trying to stop by. One day I will make it to the memorial in NYC until then I was thankful to have a quite moment to remember all those lost, from my home state, as well as nationwide.
  • Naps happened everyday - not wise to sleep away vacation but frankly it felt great. The heat really takes a lot out of you. So does afternoon drinking.
  • We were foolish to think a trip North for the 4th would be a relief from the heat... instead the temps were just as bad, if not worse in Maryland.
  • July 4th was hotter than hell - muggy, and sticky. We went to a friends for a "Carry Out" Cookout. She got fried chicken. I am not one to normally eat fried chicken that often but when I crave it, I have to have it. I was so pleased with this chicken. PERFECT! We had a rain shower during the party, but it's all good. The weather was so hot my hair was already ruined, wet and frizzy - a reason to come inside with the cold AC was good for me. We had fireworks to shoot off, a huge water slide moon bounce for the kids and great times and convos with friends.
  • Got the AC fixed in my Jeep. I couldn't be happier. I really love that when I go home for a visit I also get my vehicle fixed. It's a huge load off my shoulders. I just wish I could find a reliable mechanic here in Alabama. My father's best friend spoils me, for sure! Greatest mechanic ever!
  • CRABS - I couldn't get enough steamed Maryland blue crabs while I was home. I had crab cakes at my favorite place to eat when I'm home. I sort of regret not getting the prime rib but I was dying for seafood. Later in the week we went to a place with my dad called Jerry's Seafood in Bowie, MD. If you're ever there you MUST go. Their "CRAB BOMB" is amazing. All back fin, jumbo lump crab meat, no filler made into a ball, broiled and amazing. 10 oz. of pure magic. I could barely finish it but I realize now I'm ruined for life when it comes to crab cakes. Nothing in the future will ever compare!  We also got steamed crabs the last night we were in town. AMAZING! Of course half way through our meal, the restaurant lost power. Yep... again, 1 week later. Their transformer caught on fire. Thankfully we were outdoors, our food had already arrived and we had emergency lights to light our meal. I wasn't going to be turned down my crab feast y'all I only get it once a year!!!!
  • Speaking of good eats, I had Portuguese Chicken @ Nandos. Random, I know. My best college bud and his girlfriend met us for lunch in Gaithersburg and introduced me to this fun little chicken joint. I got a quarter chicken (breast and wing) with spicy rice and corn on the cob and it was awesome. The skin gets wonderfully charred and crisp just the way I love it. I can't wait to go back there. And the conversation with J and S is always fun!
  • SHOPPING - I love shopping with no agenda. This is what happens when Mike and I are vacation. We wander around downtown areas such as Fells Point, MD, or Frederick, MD with no real goal in mind other than to wander around, dip into stores to cool off in the AC and check out places we can't usually shop. We dug through old records in Downtown Frederick, shopped in vintage stores and took our time enjoying each other's company. We met up with friends for lunch most days, had great laughs and did what was most important to us both, RELAX.
  • REUNIONS - I reunited with most of my group of besties on this trip and it was great. I even saw old friends during July 4th. The last Friday I was in town we all went downtown to Frederick, originally to bar hop but instead we stayed at Griff's. I ran into some old high school friends I hadn't seen in ages.
  • OLD SCHOOL MUSIC - Friday night at the bar the DJ must have read our minds. Never have I danced so much in a long ass time. Every song was one that one of us would say to the other... DO you remember when??? LOVE nights like that. The memories and drinks were flowing and me and peeps were dancing non-stop. It was an amazingly fun night.
  • AFTERNOON DRINKING - I had drinks every day, and loved it. Tiki bar drinks are the best. I had lots of frozen goodies while in Fells Point. Mike had an amazingly awesome Mexican beer, on ice, with a salt rimmed glass and splash of fresh lime juice. Perfect for a hot day.
  • FIGHTS - Gotta love bar fights. Especially when you can watch and not be involved. Apparently upon leaving the bar that Friday night in Frederick - there was a squabble between two guys. One dudes girlfriend got involved when a bouncer snatched up her man. From what Mike tells me (I don't remember this... tooo much rum) the girl was jumping on top of the bouncer and punching him in the head, sans pants. Not sure where her draws went but she was beating the bouncer in a tank and panties... he assured me it wasn't a "short dress hiked up" but a tank... Love to know where her pants went! Once we finally saw the cops arrest her, we went outside and there was another girl hanging out of a cop car, screaming at someone. I wonder if they were filming an episode of Campus P.D. Love that show. Frederick is a semi-college town, but I rarely remember it being that rowdy at the bars. OK, that's a lie, I totally remember it being that bad, and sometimes being the cause of it. Oh my 20's!  After making a mush face and petting a girl's Pitt Bull in the parking lot we all said our good-byes and Mike, my DD drove us home.
  • Big Macs aren't the best end of a drunk night food, Taco Bell is better - just saying.
  • Good times, with great friends and family. We ate our way through vacation and I couldn't have been happier. OK I would have loved to have 80 or 90 degree weather but the bottom line is I came to do all I did and enjoyed myself the entire time. I only wish the amount of sweat I dripped all week long equaled weight loss. Then again I guess what I sweat out I filled back up with in fatty foods - but it was worth it. Pizza 2 days in a row? Yes please!
  • While driving on vacation we listened lots of podcasts and I'm addicted to them now. The Nerdist is my favorite.

Confessional Friday: Vacation Style

Linking up with Leslie @A Blonde Ambition

I confess...
The ass hat that we called the cops on that started the entire road rage issue, wasn't the only guilty party. I am sure I totally egged him on by flipping him and his girlfriend off. I feel like I need to share this story so I will have to do that maybe this weekend. It's a doozie!

I confess...
My liver is actually thrilled about this past week. No booze in it's system. While on vacation I may have had beer, or booze every single day. Not that it's a bad thing but I can tell my liver is not happy. I only drink on the weekends normally.

I confess...
I was over the moon excited to go to the O's game the Sunday after we got to Maryland. After the power outage, the sweating all night and the lousy sleep, the last thing we wanted to do was sweat at a game in 104+ degree heat. We canceled our plans and went to a sports bar with friends to watch the game in air conditioned comfort. The O's lost so I'm actually sort of happy I didn't go to the game.

I confess...
I ate 3 pieces of the fried chicken and shoved 3 cupcakes down my pie hole during the 4th. Diet? What diet? I don't diet on vacation and pay for it when I return, every time!

I confess...
I feel like I need a detox. My souvenirs that I brought home from vacation weren't items, they were pounds. I ate everything, drank everything and enjoyed myself to the fullest and I guess that is what truly matters.

I confess...
I might have a nerd crush on Chris Hardwick aka The Nerdist. I'd add him to my list of celebrities that I want to have a beer with, but he doesn't drink. So I guess we could totally talk nerd over some sodas right? [Please note my husband would be along for the ride, he's a big Nerdist fan too and the only reason I got started listening to the podcasts w/ Chris].

I confess...
I've officially gained back all the weight I loss before the wedding and I need to fix that.

I confess...
I ate another BK Tendergrill Carolina BBQ Sandwich this week. Gee, wonder how I gained all my weight back? I think I'm finally at the burnout point with this sandwich, or in need of a 12 step program not sure.

I confess...
I feel like I need another vacation from my vacation.

Enough of the written word: Let's look at pictures!!!
All Photos are via my Instagram feed and Mike's Tumblr Feed
Insta-vacation-dumb Twenty Oceans Twelve

1. Breakfast of Champions // 2. Independent Record Store, Frederick, MD // 3. Gnome, Downtown //  4. Happy June Bug //  5. Darkness, no power //  6. Brews and Books! //  7. Ice cold beverage on a hot day // 8. July 4th FUN! // 9. BOH and BAMA // 10. Griffs, Downtown Frederick // 11. Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD //  12. Fells Point, MD - roof top bar view // 13. Baltimore, MD World Trade Center 9-11 Memorial // 14. B.O.P. Pizza mmm! //

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Shana said...

It sounds like you had a nice trip despite the blackouts and insane weather. Glad you made it back in one piece.

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Oh gosh, what is WRONG with people on the road these days?!?! Can't believe we have BOTH called the cops for morons driving in the past month...

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