July 28, 2012

2 days late and 3 bucks short

I think I've said this before, but it bares repeating. My mother always said I'd be late to my own funeral. And she's probably right. If it wasn't for Mike's skills of always being at least 15 minutes early for everything, I'd never get to where I needed to be on time. It's not for lack of trying, I just get side tracked.

I haven't blogged much this week due to work. I've been extremely busy at the office [positive thing], and once I get home the last thing I want to do is sit down to another computer and type. Again I know this all sounds very familiar... I've probably typed this exact statement a few times before, and probably about this time last year at least twice. I won't complain though. Long hours at work, mean a hefty paycheck, and job security at least for now. I'm the person that always waits for the other shoe to drop. I try not to be such a pessimist but I can't help it. I prefer to think I'm a realist. I don't care for sugar coating, but I digress.

This post is about being late. White rabbit late, but less adorable, and maybe less of a maniac telling EVERYONE about how late I am. Wait, I am posting this in my blog, sooo I guess I'm just a more mellow version of Alice's White Rabbit. Anybunny...

This week I not only didn't post on my blog, I realized last night I missed my day to post on From the Sidelines. FOR SHAME! I'm sorry to my fellow ladies that bust their asses to get out some great Sports talk each and every day. I will be back in two weeks - PROMISE!!! I hate when I mess up like that. When others depend on me. Sure blogging isn't the same as say being in the Marines, but when others depend on you to do your part you should. So a huge, heartfelt apology to my girls that work hard to make From the Sidelines come together.

I also missed out on my fun Friday link-ups. Not really a must, but I enjoy getting out my thoughts and confessions for the week.

I will share one tidbit here, this is my most exciting news from the week. I got a new work toy! Score! Finally a computer that isn't over 10 years old, all for me, just for me to work my tail off each and every day. Note: I will not get to keep this sweet set up of having 2 macs, this is just until I get all my files squared away and set up on the new one! I'm a happy graphic designing camper right now!

It's a BIG beautiful monster - via my instagram @turnedup2eleven

Maybe next week I'll be back in the swing of things. Maybe not since I may, or may not be getting another chance to relax on a mini 'vacay'. We shall see.

To those of you still loyally reading. Thanks so much for sticking around. To some of the newbies around here, welcome and sorry it's not been the most exciting place to come check in. I will work on making it better for all of us.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay classy Turned Up to Elevevn readers!
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{Jessica} said...

I am always late too! I like to think of lateness as my own 'chronic illness.' Sometimes, as a blogger, you just need to take a break to reboot and come back ready to get back in the swing of things. I had to do that recently. I felt like I was always just trying to keep up and finally I just had to give myself a few days off. Don't worry - no matter what, we (your readers) are still here for you!:)

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