October 12, 2009

These boots are made for walking.

Every fall I drool over boots. And every year around this time, I never purchase any fun boots. Mostly because I won't wear them everyday. I work in a very casual and industrial work place. Heeled boots aren't really a good idea when working around all the stuff I have to work around (read: messy, dirty, slick and other conditions that would surely ruin these amazing boots). This year I've convinced myself that I will buy myself a pair of rocking boots this year... I think. Honestly I want to find something classic, that will last a few years - that I won't regret taking the price tag off of and wearing. (I've had buyers remorse in the past for items like this, and not been able to return them). And I'd like a boot that only gets better with time. You Ugg fans know what I mean - the outside of your Uggs might be dirty as the hills in the country - but they are STILL comfortable and well worn and admit it - you LOVE them. I want dressy boots that make me feel as comfy and loved as my trusted Uggs do when I slip them on to go grocery shopping.

I've been obsessed with the whole skinny jeans tucked into boots look since they started bringing them back and this is the year I want to finally try this (I'm never one to try trends right away - I'm frugal and I have to see if a trend will last at least a year or so before jumping in). And if the whole skinny jean thing doesn't work out - I will still have a great pair of boots to rock a skirt and some fun tights with, right?

I've only been to one website today - (http://www.victoriassecret.com/) but I still had to share all these drool worthy choices! At least in my book they are...

1. Siren by Mark Nason
I love the western look of this boot. 
2. Naughty Monkey D-Ring Boot
(I love the name of that darn boot... it's not really that practical but I really love the boot itself.
3. Madden Girl Buckle Riding Boot
I have obsessed over this type of boot for years - YEARS! I really think this will be the one I try to get in some style, maybe not from the VS website but definitely something close to it.
4. Report ® Buckle Boot
Again - another semi-western boot - sensing a pattern.
5. Slouchy Suede Boot
These take me back to the days of 5th grade. I remember the boots similar to these that were ankle boots. They covered the bottom of your stretch pants perfectly and mine were a nice gray. These look extremely comfortable - can't you just see them with a warm fuzzy sweater?
6. Frye® Harness Boot
These are a variation of my obsession boots (like number 3). I just love the buckle. I love this style with a squared off toe as well.

I hope to find a special pair of boots - but if you're a lady like me when you find boots or shoes you love - you know you can't just by them in one color... if you're like me you need a pair in black AND brown.

Ok - window shopping/internet shopping for boots and jeans done. Actually shopping is my 2nd mission!

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Chasing Davies said...

haha, it's that time of year - boots boots boots - I had a "these boots were made for walking post" myself... :)


Blair said...

Gosh, I am in love with all of them too! I love boots but have the HARDEST time finding boots that fit. I wear a 7.5 and my ankles are skinny (only thing on my body) but my calves are far from skinny so I can never find any that fit and zip. Thanks for sharing these..I'm drooling now too!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I think wearing cute boots might just be my favorite thing about fall! I love all the boots you featured in this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today- I replied to your question in the comment field on my blog!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I will check for it Leslie - thanks for coming back by. Blair I feel your pain! I didn't have this issue until I moved in with a southern boy and then learned how to cook ;) But now I do! However I've always had muscular calves I guess now it's just got some "happy" weight on top of the muscle!

Jennifer said...

I have been looking for a good pair of boots and haven't had any luck...but the ones you've posted are pretty close!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

the hard part is actually finding a pair Jennifer. I will drool all day long but once you get me in the store I become a frugal freak and I won't drop money on anything unless it literally calls my name!

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