October 16, 2009

technical difficulties.

You'd think being a graphic designer I'd be a whiz at computer issues, but I'm not.

Our old faithful PC at home crapped out on us the other day. I'm shockingly not freaking out or losing it over this. I should be - years of pictures of M and I as well as all my friends are on that computer. As well as archives of all our homes we lived in and all my blythe dolls etc. Not to mention all my music and many other things I covet. I should be blowing my fuse right now, shouldn't I? But I've been oddly calm. I've started to adapt this way of life the whole "Be Calm and Carry On" thing I guess. I don't freak until it's absolutely needed. This could be a good thing but I worry that I'm going to become a robot. Not good.

Good thing is my blood pressure thanks me - especially now. Turns out the computer can be saved, as can all the information on it (my biggest fear). We will lose some programs but that's no big. Seriously that computer was used for one thing and one thing only... the internet. M and I both own macs but since the dawn of Angus time... we call this (BA, Before Angus), we haven't truly been able to use the macs because that little bugger chewed through the cords to the keyboards. And in our supreme acts of procrastination have not bothered to purchase keyboards for these 2 macs in over 4 years - lazy? Yes you could call us that. Technically we haven't needed the macs - but can't bare to part with them.

My PC had the programs we used at home for fun, Photoshop and Illustrator - we didn't NEED the macs unless we wanted to do some serious design work while at home. We are both graphic designers if I haven't mentioned that already.

Bottom line if I had the money to drop on keyboards -  would have bought them already, but there's always something for the house or clothing or food or a vacation that comes up that seems much more important to me than say having a 2nd computer hooked up in the house. We share the PC rather well we don't tend to hog it from the other person so the 2nd machine seems pointless at this moment in time. But as I said we can't bare to part with them - we learned our trade on these computers and as outdated as they can be, we love them.

I'm thankful the PC will hopefully be saved as will all my files in the process. I really thought I might be able to swindle a new laptop out of my father while he's in town this weekend, but now I guess I don't have to.  *doe eyes* I had these all prepared in order to ask him for a new lap top if needed.

So we shall see - I probably won't be posting this weekend - but I may take many pictures to make up for that to post ABOUT the weekend next week. As I said my DADDY is in town!!! Yes, I'm daddy's little girl in EVER shape and form of that phrase. I am an only child and spoiled. Well I am spoiled but I don't beg for much if at all, ever. I feel strange about asking for money and things from my parents - they raised me to do for myself at an early age. My father has actually scolded me for NOT asking him for money in a time of need. I wanted to do it myself. I'm a very independent person - unless it comes to cockroaches - I won't kill those myself unless I'm armed with 10 bottles of Raid! Spiders no problem, other bugs... still sort of freak me out and since I live with a guy - I make him handle that but spiders are my duty in the house, he hates them... but I digress.

It will be great to have my dad in town. He's been here one other time, 2 years ago. I've been here for 5 years and it seems like only yesterday I was hugging my dad good-bye and he was telling me not to be in a rush to get married. He loves M, I can tell. They hang out all the time when we are all together. If I'm up stairs getting ready he will sit and chill with M and talk the day away. Last time I was home to visit in Maryland - I had a baby shower to go to for my bestie, Tammy. I was gone for at least three hours - when I got home they were just where I left them watching Dirty Jobs (love that show) and Deadliest Catch marathons. For three hours the drank beer and discussed the shows. Two peas in a reality tv pod.

I hope to get to take him a lot of places this weekend. We have grown very close since my parents divorced when I was 20, wow, over 10 years ago. He's all I have left. After losing my mother last year and my grandmother (dad's mother), the year before I realize that time is very short and hour spent with family are more precious than ever before. My father's family is all I have left. An aunt and uncle, 2 cousins and their families are all I have left in blood relation. Thank goodness for my best friends - I've always said they are the family I've chosen for myself.

So here's to a great weekend - I hope you all have one! I will be spending it with my two favorite men on earth, M and my father!

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