October 09, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Yes ladies and gents it's that time of year again - FOOTBALL SEASON! Sure it started a while back but I haven't been able to truly enjoy it until now. See I work for a printing company and during this time of year we do not one, but 6-7 different local high school and college football programs. This is a daunting task but it pays off in the end - can you say OVERTIME PAY? I'm able to finally enjoy football season right now because I just finished my final cover and roster spread for my one of three high schools that I design books for. So I can finally sit back, watch Alabama play and the Steelers and enjoy not thinking about clip art footballs for another entire year!

I get really excited for football season each year, and now that I can relax and enjoy it you will probably see many posts about this topic.

The big thing I want to try to start doing is each week add some great snacks and tailgate recipes for you gals. I know a few of you are huge football fans and I LOVE IT! So starting this week and hopefully each week until the Championship games and Super Bowl have happened I will share with you... *drum roll*

Most of the recipes featured will be ones you can enjoy in your own home or take to a party. I sadly have never been to a college football game - GASP! I KNOW! And I have only been to one pro pre-season game (Go Skins!). That being said, I will try my best to make some portable options as well - for all you die hard darlings that make it to your teams games, those who camp out and start grilling at 9 AM, I'm here for you.  I might be a "Yankee" to most folks here (who actually need a history lesson - I'm from Maryland, south of the Mason Dixon line people), but I've learned that football is SERIOUS business here in the South!

Stay tuned for my grilled Chicken Wing Recipe that M (my boyfriend) and I made last week for the Alabama vs. Kentucky game. ROLL TIDE! M stated that I have perfected the wing in his opinion. I'm a VERY picky wing girl and I loved them. He's on heck of a grill master if I do say so myself. I can grill but I choose not to - that's HIS thing. I've already taken over the kitchen, I'll give him the grill!

So tell me ladies and gents if you're reading... who's your team? What colors do you bleed? Who's your favorite player? Me? Die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have been since high school. I was born and raised in a Washington Redskins household - but my family is from Pennsylvania, and all of my family that still live there are also huge Steelers fans. I do root for the Skins, they will always be my HOME team. No offense to the Ravens, they are a great team, but I already had too much love for the Steelers to jump sides to the Ravens. (Oddly enough I get a TON of grief for this, seeing as Ravens and the Steelers are huge rivals).  Fave players? Hands down Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward and I love me some Troy Polamalu. Although Rashard Mendenhall was amazing last week... I may have to snag his jersey if he keeps up this track record!

Fave college team? I've been adopted into the great state of Alabama by my boyfriend and his family and as many of you southern ladies know - when you come to Alabama you have to choose a side. Will you bleed Crimson or Orange? Will you cry for the Eagle or the Elephant? Will you be at war or rolling with the tide? Well it boils down to this... my favorite all time movie besides Wizard of Oz, is Forrest Gump. Forrest played for Alabama University and well - that's where my heart lies. With the Crimson Tide! Favorite player? Hands down Mr. Jones #8! I scream for him every week when he makes a great play "JUUUULLIIIIOOOOO" note: Think Night at the Roxbury "AMEEELLLIOOO".

Not to say that I'm not a fan of Maryland University they are great! GO TERPS! I've just been sucked into the amazing world that is SEC football and I'm not looking back!

WATCH OUT DETROIT THE STEELERS ARE COMING FOR YOU! And be on watch Mississippi the Tide is rolling into your town this weekend as well!


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Sonja said...

yay! LOVE football season! I'm a HUGE SEC fan! but I bleed orange and blue!! :) Love my GATORS! My husband is a seminole. (gross! lol)
I'm a Hokie too.

NFL: we're the Jaguars here but I don't know why we even have a team still! lol I'm a vikings fan because my beloved Percy Harvin is there now! hahaha

Happy football season to you!

Blair said...

My blood runs Garnet! I was born and raised in Columbia, SC..home of the GAMECOCKS!!!!! whooo! My husband doesn't really get into college or professional football so I don't keep up with it much anymore. :(
Good luck with the recipes, can't wait to hear about them!

Liz said...

Kelly, thank you so much for your sweet words! Your comment really touched me, and I appreciate it. I noticed the picture of your mother here, what a beautiful woman! Thanks again. Hugs, Liz

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Liz, thank you! That means a lot to me for you to say that about her. I love your blog - keep up the great work!

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