September 18, 2009

wine-o at heart.

I. Love. Wine. I may not know all there is to wine or be a connoisseur by any means, but I love wine. I love that it can be paired with different food to bring out it's flavors, and that it tends to be rather seasonal. (At least for me - I don't care for drinking dry, red wine in the summer months, only in the fall/winter months). And I won't lie, I enjoy the buzz wine gives vs. say liquor or beer. Truth be told I love cocktails, but wine is just such a great thing. There is so much to know/learn/discover about wine - I want to know it all. I've enjoyed attending a few tastings as well as a few wine/music festivals back home and always enjoy trying all the different samples.

I am always in love with new ways to display wine bottles and storage options. I will admit though wine doesn't sit around our house for very long, so it seems pointless to be interested in such things but I am. Note: If you have a great wine that you love - please COMMENT and let me know!!!

Recently while in a library at a local church during a visitation service - I noticed an incredibly beautiful card catalog cabinet. (Oddly enough I've always been into these cabinets but never learning the dewy decimal system - librarian I'm not).  My boyfriend didn't see why I was so into it at the time - "What would you do with it?" he asked me. I shrugged and said that it could possibly be used as a huge catch all. You could label the drawers for earrings, necklaces, maybe even ties or belts - If it was in a hallway maybe it could hold some toiletries, or even movies if it were in the living room.  He didn't seem convinced. My dreams of having a rad card catalog were not squashed by his lack of vision, he's very supportive and if I tried to drag it home would totally help me, I'm sure (mind you would not steal one from a church, but the public library all bets are on! - kidding of course). Truth be told once home the thought of that thing left my mind as quickly as it came in.

Fast forward to today - I was looking through and they had a great entry about Wine Cellars. OH how I would LOVE to have a wine cellar in my home. (I wouldn't mind having a place to brew and store beer either). I was shocked when I found THIS gem! A card catalog cabinet used to store bottles of wine - one their sides to ensure the cork stays wet, and it's so clever - at least to me!


How awesome is that?!?! Now you best believe I'm dying to find an old card catalog chest I can restore for a wine holder! Just think - you could use chalkboard paint to make small spots to change the labels to read what vino you were storing in which drawer - the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I have a second obsession with Riddler Racks. They are so rustic and great looking - but I'm not going to get into that right now because I get overly excited and I'm dying to have one. Downside is they usually they cost upwards from $100+. I need to become a carpenter so I can have these sorts of things without the HUGE bill! Or just tell my father to keep his eyes peeled for these two items and beg for them for Christmas... hmmm.

Again I ask, what's your favorite wine? Right now I'm hooked on Zins, the weather is getting cooler at night and I'm extremely ready for fall!
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Jules said...

I've been wanting to get into wine. We tried one and it tasted like grass. I don't mind a good ole fashion franzia boxed wine! LoL Klassy! trying to learn the in's and out's

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Hey - in a pinch box wine will work every time!!! Trust me... don't let a bottles price sway your choices - sometimes the cheapest bottles lead to the best times with friends! :)

Chasing Davies said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for sharing that card catalog chest turned wine cellar - that is GENIUS! Now I want to find one too! :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Amazing isn't it? When I think of all the years I avoided those things because I never "got" the dewy decimal system and now I'm dying to have one. :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Jules - I was thinking the best way to introduce yourself to wine, if you like sweet stuff is to try white wines that aren't dry. A nice White Zin might be your style. It's a light pink, or many blush wines may work out well too. I've only recently opened my mind to dry wines and red wines. Reds tend to give me a killer headache if I have too much, but I can sip and enjoy the flavor here and there.

Amanda said...

I've really been into Priorat -- a type of Spanish red wine, lately. But if you like sweet wines check out a Riesling.

Kim said...

Kelly, I just discovered your blog through Mike's (he and I grew up in the same section of the backwoods). Thanks for the great idea for a wine rack. I have an old cabinet with bunches of small drawers that I fell in love with when I saw, but have never been able to figure out exactly how to use it. This is a great idea!

Also, if you like sweet wines check out Morgan Creek Vineyards "Regal Red." It's made from muscadines right here in Alabama and it's my favorite! Thanks for sharing :-)

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