September 07, 2009

2 Birds, 1 Stone.

I've always been the firm believer of the phrase "Killing two birds, with one stone". Now understand I would never harm two birds, or even one bird for that matter (Unless it's a Turkey at Thanksgiving, sorry PETA it's tradition and delicious). I just enjoy the whole concept of doing two things at once to get two goals completed. However I fear I may be biting off more than I can chew with this one. In order to get all my interests covered, talked about and expressed - I've started not one, but TWO blogs. Crazy, I know. Who knows if I will keep up with both of them but it's worth a shot.
Dare to be Domestic will deal with all things domestic, such as home projects, decorating, how to update a rental home without making your landlord angry, cooking, great food I've eaten (and I have eaten a lot!) great tips, DIY projects and things related to the house, home and hearts. My second blog The Curious Kittenfantastico is more of a personal blog, a sounding board if you will - or maybe just a long winded twitter - since your space there is so limited. I have many loves: first of all the important things in life, family, my boyfriend, friends, pets and the things that truly matter, then there are my loves that are for self enjoyment and expression: art, fashion, celebrity gossip, blythe dolls, movies, television, and fun things that don't really fall into the domestic catagory but are a part of who I am. If you're interested in following both that is amazing and I'm flattered! I just hope I can keep up with both.

There may be some cross posting on these two places but I will try to keep that to a minimum. If you're still with me, thank you! I'll try not to let you down!
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