September 11, 2009

eight years.

It's been eight years since 9/11/01. It seems like it was only yesterday. I had a hard time watching CNN this morning when they were covering the ceremony at Ground Zero. I observed a moment of silence along with all the men, women, and children at the ceremony, as well as shed tears. It's still heart breaking to this day, and I know it will be forever. For those that survived, lost loved ones, or even simply watched the day unfold via the television, as I did it's a day we will never forget. America has forever been changed. My heart goes out to everyone effected by the days events that happened eight years ago.

I am so proud to be an American, words can't express. I always feel a bit foolish when I well up in tears during the singing of the National Anthem, (and don't get me started on Proud to be an American), but then I remind myself that they are tears of joy, for I am so fortunate to have all I that I do, and to live in this country and call it home.

God Bless America! Never Forget.
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