March 12, 2014

Spring is trying to get Sprung

The weather here in Alabama is always unpredictable, to say the least. Yesterday we had an amazing high of about 76 degrees, sunshine, a mild breeze - literally perfection made by Mother Nature. This morning, the weather is in the 60's, with a chance of rain, and a forecast that calls for the temps to drop in the 30's this evening. BOO! You really can't set anything in stone when it comes to the weather here, but with that being said Spring is trying her hardest to get sprung.

Mike and I took our first walk of the season around our hood last night with June (or dog), and it was so enjoyable. I noticed I felt less winded, and that made me happy. I've sort of fallen off the P90X3 wagon, it's been a week and 2 days since I've worked out, SHAME SHAME! I know. The time change has tossed me for a loop and laziness has set in. I am going to get back on that horse next week for sure.

Spring FEVER!

via Mike's Instagram
I'm happy the earth is waking up again - I'm completely suffering from spring fever. This past Saturday it hit hard. The weather was amazing and the only cure was day drinking on the patio at our favorite new place to eat in town.  I'm happy to say it was the first Saturday that the NEW patio was open and we broke it in right. We got there at opening, and spent nearly 4 hours chatting with our friends and soaking in the sun, breeze and lots of booze. It was glorious.

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After a mid afternoon nap fest, the evening was spent with our dear friend AK hanging on her patio and sipping on some more beverages, conversating the night away and I'm happy to say getting nature in on an early high point of the season was a success.

Then the time change hit and while I love having the SUN at 5:00 pm for my ride home, I miss that hour of sleep I lost!
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Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

We've pretty much got the same weather here. It was 75 yesterday and now it's cooled off. It's rainy and windy here today.

Christina said...

I am so ready for spring! After being sick and cooped up all of February I just want to be outside! We've had some sunny and 60 degree days lately so we've been at every park in town and took a trip to the zoo a few days ago. I love it!

Christina said...

What I really want though, is drinks on a patio.

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