April 29, 2013

strange trip.

I had a really strange dream last night. It involved Eddie Vedder, whales, an atomic like bomb and a phone call to my husband.

Cliff Notes Version: My husband and I were working on different sides of town when the warning went off that people needed to seek shelter that our home would be under attack. As I was walking I ran into someone trying to get rid of an original drawing, of Eddie Vedder. I was shocked and quickly took the deal. Nevermind the world was about to possibly explode. I wanted the drawing for my husband.

As I was rushing toward the house the warnings got more rushed, and I was shoved onto what seemed like a lead boat and I was side by side with Eddie Vedder. He commented on my drawing that he liked it. I told him the story behind it and before I knew it we were shoved into a cabin room together, the doors were locked and as the shades (metal windows) went down we could see a bright blast. Anyone on the beach out the window was killed, and huge killer whales started to roll in the violent waves, belly up.

I turned to Eddie Vedder and started to cry, that I needed to find my husband to see if he was alright. Eddie handed me his cell phone and as I dialed Mike's number I hoped he would pick up. He did - I was so thankful. I told him where I was, that I was safe, he said he was too, and then I told him to hold on and handed him the phone. He had a 20 minute conversation with Eddie. All I can remember is smiling, he was talking to his hero, and although I have a huge crush on Eddie, in my dream at that moment all I wanted was for my husband to be there, with Eddie and me.

Told you, super strange? I should probably lay off the gelatto before bed, right?

VIA // Eddie Vedder's Hall Pass // Tumblr

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McGriddle Pants said...

I'd encourage gelato! There's no need to stop Eddie Vedder dreams!

I once had one with Rob Zombie, now THAT was weird.

Kari said...

Hilarious dream! At least you know where your allegiance lies even in dreamland:) It's crazy how some dreams feel so real. I had one recently where our house got broken into, and my husband and the robber were stuck in a shootoff. I ended up sneaking out the house and coming in a different way to shoot the robber. Then I went into the aftermath about how guilty I felt. It felt so real when I woke up and really stuck with me. I wonder what that was trying to tell me? Maybe I need to eat gelato before bed, so I can have more fun dreams with rock stars!

Michael Henderson said...

So...lemme get this straight.
I'm involved in an atomic blast, whales are beaching...general apocalypse type stuff is going on. And you're locked in a cabin with Eddie Vedder. I bet he brought his ukulele.
Seems fair.

Christina said...

Hahah. This is awesome! I love dreaming about celebs. I also love that you were super sweet in your dream. I'm positive I'd be selfish.

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