April 19, 2013

Confessional Friday

Here it is, Friday at last. I'm very, very happy about this. It's been a long week.

To make it easy on myself and because I love confessing I wanted to link-up with the lovely Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Friday!!! Join in the fun and visit her blog!

I started my day off with a bang riding to work. I decided to flip through radio stations to find some music. My current pre-sets didn't have jack to offer so I scanned. I came to the local R&B / Hip Hop station and was SO excited when they started playing a "club mix" of Busta Rhymes "If You Really Wanna Party With Me" mixed with JT's "Suit and Tie" it was great! It got me moving and smiling and bouncing in my Jeep seats on the way to work. Older rap make she very nostalgic. Reminds me of high school and college.

We brought up Zima today at work, and I thought to myself do they still make this? I'd really love to try a bottle again to remind myself how horrible but delightful it was back in the day. (Again, nostalgia).

I am completely obsessed with the show WEEDS. I know, I know not long ago it was Supernatural (still obsessed) and Mad Men (still obsessed) The Walking Dead (still obsessed) and Game of Thrones (still obsessed). But Weeds is SO entertaining. I had NO idea I'd like it as much as I do. We're on season 8 through Netflix right now and I really, really will be upset when we are finished with episodes offered. I am having a hard time picking a favorite character. One minute it's Doug, then it's Andy, then it's Silas, then it's back to Doug again. Let's just say the show doesn't work without all of them. I miss Celia, a lot. And Nancy has me wanting ice coffee all. the. time!


I want Nancy Botwin's shoe collection (Weeds), and most of her closet. Although I'd really love to teach her the fine art of cami's under her see thru blouses. I'm tired of looking at her bras. I know why she dresses that way and why wardrobe does it, she's sexy, sure but I'm truly tired of seeing her bras.

While I'm not a pot smoker, and probably could count the number of times I've tried it on one hand, I'm overly curious about it. And I honestly have no problem with mary jane being legalized. To me it's less dangerous than alcohol or smoking combined (or on their own). Just my 2 cents.

Mike and I just purchased tickets to hit up the Nashville Comic Con and I'm really excited. I've never been to a Comic Con but I bet it's going to be fun and interesting. And I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't excited about the fact that Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead will be there. As well as Billy D. Williams... and many, many more. (Can we say James Marsters aka SPIKE from Buffy!!!) I'm pretty excited for October.

I've been purchasing Abita's Strawberry Beer like it's going out of style. It will probably never go out of style but it will go out of season soon. Once it's gone for the year, it's gone. It's always a limited release. So lately, even if I'm fully stocked at home with drinks for the weekend, I will snag a 6 pack. It's SO good. If you've never had it, and even if you hate beer, try this, I bet you won't be disappointed. A close 2nd for me is their Purple Haze (with hints of raspberry). YUM!

After watching the documentary Beer Wars on Netflix (I'm obsessed with documentaries too), I am rethinking the way I purchase and consume the beverage of the gods. It really opened my eyes to how much more I dislike Anheuser Busch, and all they stand for. Yes, even my beloved Michelob Ultra is a part of this company... and it will be tough to give up my favorite light beer. I'm trying hard to find a replacement, from an independently brewed company, or otherwise. I will still probably consume it in small doses. Needless to say, Anheuser Busch is sneaky, crafty, and all about making money and taking out the competition (and the little man/woman). Which I get, we all want to be rich, but for me I don't want to be rich at the risk of putting mom and pop businesses OUT of business. It talks about shady practices, and also how there are many brands of brew you have NO idea that are part of the AB family.  (Did you know they purchased the Rolling Rock factory AND recipe. And instead of keeping the original brewery open, they shut it down, and moved the production to their normal brewery to save money, thus forcing people out of jobs and taking away the one thing that made the beer unique, the special water used from local waterways. Locals were pissed, and rightfully so).

Needless to say AB is #1, with Miller a close 2nd and Coors in 3rd. So after watching this I'm doing my part to go with local brewers, smaller brewers and places that aren't a part of the AB family. Sam Adam's is a huge, private, brewery. I love their beer. As well as Flying Dog Ales which is brewed in my home state in Frederick, MD (my old stomping grounds). Add to that a few others like Abita, brewed in Louisiana. And many other local, independent brews (another huge one that is independent and family owned is Dogfish Beer - this brewery is highlighted in the documentary, and located in Delaware, MD).

A lot of beer that AB brews and distributes is not labeled as AB beer. That kind of practice is what I feel is shady. In order to get a consumer like myself that is trying to avoid them, they hide this info. A brand such as Shocktop is viewed as a small brewery, but in fact is brewed by AB. This type of mass production, and secrecy makes it really hard for John Smith to brew his craft beer and market it because he can't compete with AB's numbers. Craft beer is an art, not a mass production thing. AB doesn't seem to give 2 rats asses about that.

OK, enough soap box. Drink what you like just remember... where it came from.

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Michael Henderson said...

I'm doing my best not to drink anymore Natural Light for the cause.

Kari said...

Great list of confessions! I am going to try that strawberry beer. I like a nice light beer, like Bud Select, but after what you said about AB I'm going to try something new. I can't get into dark beers, so the Abita looks delicious! You're so right about the big guys pushing all the little guys out. I did a post a week ago about all the mom and pop businesses closing around me and how it's sad that they can't catch a break. Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog!

Christina said...

So much to comment on... Zima! Many fun nights in high school were all due to Zima. I heard that they still make it in Japan. I'm getting heartburn just thinking about it. Haha! I totally agree with Nancy's bras. It made her look so trashy. I loved Celia so much! And Elizabeth Perkins. I was looking forward to seeing her on a new sitcom, but it's just not funny. She's amazing, but the show is weird. Weeds makes you want to smoke pot, huh? Haha! I did it for about 2 years in college and haven't since then, but I wouldn't mind trying again with the right friends. It's legal here in Seattle. Come on up! I've wanted to go to Comic Con lately too. It's all celebs now! I'm gonna have to watch Beer Wars. I'm not really a beer drinker, but I visited AB in St. Louis and learned so much!

Georgina said...

I have always been curious about this show - I may just give it a try now! :)


Regine Karpel said...

Love this!

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