November 06, 2012

stickers rock!!!

via my insta-feed
Especially stickers that state you've exercised your right and privilege as an American citizen to VOTE!

I was so please to see so many smiling and proud looks on people's faces as they exited the polls this morning. Oddly enough I couldn't get the scene from Black Sheep out of my head when Chris Farley gives his "Fight for you right to VOTE!" speech. {I love that movie}. Good times.

I don't care if we agree on the same candidate, that's our right to choose our side and make voice own opinions, thus making our own decisions. I do care that we all take time to care about this country and the people that live in it. That is what is truly important to me.

God Bless America! My home, sweet home.
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Kelly said...

I don't think I've ever LOVED waiting in line as much as I did this morning ;-) I waited, cast my vote, grabbed my sticker, and thanked the volunteers for helping. It was a fun morning :-D I heart my sticker too.

Anonymous said...

I totally voted a week ago. For, you know, that guy!

Love Black Sheep!!!

Devon said...

Cool sticker! That's much bigger than the ones they were giving out here. I like what you said, too. It's so important that we take the time to care.

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