November 29, 2012

gearing up for the weekend!

This weekend is the SEC Championship game. Those of you that know me, know that I started following the Crimson Tide when I moved here 8+ years ago to be with my then boyfriend, now husband. It's been an amazing ride. This year the championship will be between Alabama and Georgia!

We are so ready to yell for our team this weekend! I'm over at From the Sidelines today talking all about the love of my "new home" team and this VERY important game! Check it out!!!

via Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images
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{Jessica} said...

As a UGA alum, I'm going to have to say "Go Dawgs!" instead of "Roll Tide" this weekend. But, if Bama does end up winning, you can bet I will be rooting for them - as an SEC team - over Notre Dame. Either way we'll have an SEC team in the national championship. And that's something to be proud of!:)

Kallay said...

SOOOOOOOOO Happy you guys won!!! :D

ROLL TIDE! (PLEASE beat Notre Dame!!!)

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