April 20, 2011

happy 420 day... duuuuudddeeee

I've been so busy lately my brain feels like mush. It's like I'm high, living in a cloud of reefer smoke without any of the benefits. While I can't claim to be any type of weed professional, because I really can't. I will say I've had a smoke a time or two and this hazy brain feeling is a lot of what I experienced without any of the giggles or munchies.

Since my brain is so fried from work and running at full speed in general these days I thought I'd take the lazy stoner way out of this and repost one of my favorite previous Tickled Tuesday posts.

So sit back, light one up, if you so choose and sit back and ready about my all time favorite Stoner Characters. Oh and Happy 420 Day to those of you who smoke a Jay or two on a day like today!

I'd like to add one to the list of fictional stoner characters here today... The cast of That 70's Show! I loved this show and was sad to see it end! If you're having a bad day, just head to Foreman's basement!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That photo pretty much sums it up! hehe!

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