April 15, 2011

fixation friday: buffy

Another full week has come and gone. Where does the time go? I feel like I just did a fixation friday post two days ago and I'm at the same point again.

Today's fixation seems rather fitting. One of the only TV shows that I ever was fully obsessed with was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I say it's fitting because today is actually Sarah Michelle Gellar's birthday! So Happy Birthday SMG!

SMG and her Hubby Freddie P • via google
My fixation with the Buffy franchise started all the way back with the original movie. Please tell me you remember this, if you don't I'll feel slightly old and like even more of a dork for mentioning it AND owning it on DVD [and VHS].
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Incase you are just "too young" or lived under a rock this movie was an epic tale of the chosen one. Into each generation a Slayer is born. Buffy, played by Kristy Swanson and Puck, aka the school Bad boy was played by Luke Perry take on the vampires that are taking over her town. Oddly that seems like the only role that Luke has ever been able to play with his beady eyes. There are also tons of great cameos by actors such as Paul Reubens [aka Pee Wee Herman], who places the head vampire's right hand man. As well as Donald Sutherland who place Buffy's watcher. This film is Valley Girl Kitch meets Campy Horror Classics and I have to say it's on my list of favorite guilty pleasure movies.

I can't say that this film started my obsession with vampire folk lore, the movie that sucked me into that was actually Lost Boys. I still love that movie and would watch it a million times today. However this Buffy movie did spur my interest for the TV show that started in 1996. Thankfully both the movie and show were conceived by Joss Whedon. I love his writing and his humor so it was a perfect fit! I was hooked the minute I saw the pilot episode. Buffy moves to a new town after destroying her old high school [movie] and is tossed into meeting new friends and starting a new life, that she hopes will be vampire free.  All is fine until she stops by the library and is met by Giles, her new watcher. From there she realizes her life won't ever be normal. Of all the people she meets in the first episode the most important are Willow, Played by Alyson Hannigan, Xander, played by Nicholas Brendon and Cordelia played by Charisma Carpenter. No surprises here my favorite character was Cordelia Chase, the mean girl. Of course I loved Buffy but come on, Cordy was someone new, bitchy and funny. "GOD, what is your major childhood trauma?"
Cordelia and Xander • via google

And that guy? Well don't get me started on him. Xander. I've had the biggest fan-girl crush on him since episode one. Forget Buffy's vampire boyfriends [Angel and Spike, below], Xander was always my favorite. Sure Spike was one hot piece and my mini crush on Seth Green was enhanced when he played Oz, the werewolf pal of the Scooby Crew. But still Xander gets all the glory. He stands by Buffy no matter what, even when he hates what's she's doing [ie Dating Vampires when she should be slaying them].
Willow and Oz • via google
Angel and Spike • via google
Love Triangle Material: The original, and in my opinion WAY cooler
 Team Jacob or Team Edward
Bottom line for me there isn't a single episode I've missed of this show and the geek in me will still quote them and watch them at great length every day. I adore SMG and anything that she gets into I try to support and watch be it television or movies. And yes if you're wondering the Celebrity Baby Stalker in me is always on the lookout for her little girl. She's adorable!!!

I love that the show lasted long enough to evolve and grow with the actors that played each part. Not only did Buffy move on to college and into an adult role in her life but her friends also grew, changed and took on different lifestyles year after year. Most of which I related to with all the changes and growth in my own life. The last episode of this show was a big one. HUGE! It opened up many doors and answered many questions as well as caused a few new questions to come up. I won't give it away incase anyone is still watching the show and hasn't gotten to the end, but let's just say I may or may not have cried like a baby when the final credits rolled, knowing it might be the last time I saw this cast in action, playing these characters together.

Rumors fly all the time about a movie. But I haven't held my breathe. I think most of these actors are happy to leave it where it left off and most refuse to do a movie unless Joss is involved and I can't blame them one bit.

Since the show has been off the air I have fun seeing all the cast members in their new shows. And often times spotting smaller supporting characters in TV shows or commercials. This show is a cult favorite and I am not surprised that I'm not alone in my obsession with it. To me this is my STAR WARS. It's the one show I obsess about like most fan boys obsess about comic books, movies or other things they are completely into. Thankfully I don't think I'm in need of "Support Group" status just yet.

Do you have a favorite tv show that you just can't get enough of, or miss terribly since it went off the air?

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Mike said...

Well, at least Joss is directing the Avengers movie.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I loved the Spike Buffy romance during the show - I miss that show so much! I certainly hope they don't do a movie with different actors. That would blow, big-time!!

Beatriz Craven... That Girl in Pearls said...

How fun was this! What a blast from the past. To me, there was no classic like Saved by the Bell. Loved that!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

That Girl in Pearls

At least I'm skinny said...

Oh, I definitely remember watching the first episode of Buffy at my grandma's house. And love the movie. I always wanted to find out that I was going to be a vampire slayer but it hasn't happened yet. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the first couple of episodes of Buffy. When all of my shows go on summer hiatus, I plan to catch up. Can you believe I never watched?

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