July 07, 2010

trendy girl.

I'm not what you would call a trendy or even fashionable girl. Or at least in the past I wasn't. I'm trying to work my way into being a bit more in tune when it comes to new fashion. That being said like an old hippie you'll probably never make me give up my boot cut or bell bottomed jeans. I do enjoy the skinnies but there's something so freeing to me about boot cut and or bell bottomed/flare pants.

While at American Eagle last week I was in search of some shorts to wear on vacation. I'm at an odd spot with my weight loss right now. I only have 2 pairs of shorts that fit me OK (meaning not too tight or not too lose). I don't usually like denim shorts - they ride up, they're hot and sometimes uncomfortable unless they have been washed to be soft and half the time they look horrible on me. That being said I went into the store with an open mind and grabbed all different kinds of shorts, capri pants and even a skirt or two and went back into the dressing room hoping a few would fit. (Note: The skirts fit but I'll be honest when I say this, my thighs aren't tiny and right now rub factor is uncomfortable so a skirt in 90-100+ weather walking outdoors = un-com-fort-able!)

The first pair had booty written all over them. As in, call me Daisy, Daisy Duke. These were WAY too short for me to ever feel comfortable in and way to constrictive - I thought denim was supposed to be comfortable. I love me some Daisy, but Daisy I am not. It took all I had not to sing the great 90's Hit Daisy Dukes by the 69 Boyz while changing in the dressing room. Man I loved that song! "Come on babyyyyy, kick them daisiessssssss"

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Hey Ya'll! I idolized the Dukes more than Daisy growing up.

The second pair were some tight denim capri pants. Usually I don't like capris - they cut me off in the wrong places and they just make me feel like I look strange. Unless they are loose or free flowing like yoga pants I want nothing to do with them. These were not attractive, not to mention if I sat down my ass would hang out for days. Why do companies keep insisting on going so low with the rise? I made a mental note after this session of trying on pants that I would go to Gap and try on their mid rise jeans when I was ready to purchase some more.

After two more failed attempts I tried on a pair that while they fit me well, and were down 2 sizes from what I have been wearing recently (thank you p90x!) They still didn't look right on me in the legs, no matter how excited the tag size made me they weren't the right fit for me.

The second to last pair I tried on were cute. A bit fitted but they had a cute shape to them, and they made my butt look nice. A bit too low rise still but I could work with it if I wanted to. I sat and looked at myself in the mirror and started to feel a bit of deja vu. Where had I seen these before?
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When you unroll the legs they are a bit frayed at the bottom... these fall right at your knee when rolled up and I started to imagine myself wearing ballet flats with these and flip flops or even heels for a night out. But why did I get the sneaking suspicion I'd worn these before? Hmmmmm?

It was a long time ago... circa big bangs, awkward smiles with tin cover teeth, New Kids on the Block were hip on the radio and homegirl was sporting Tretorn sneakers with red plaid accents... and then it hit me... I HAD been in these before - all girls at that age had, because most of us were obsessed with a girl named Baby.

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*gag* Love me some Swayze not some Dirty Dancing

Even though I wasn't really into this movie I had tons of best friends were utterly obsessed with Johnny and Baby's love story. Quite frankly the movie drove me insane, it still does, {Sorry Patrick, God rest your soul}. That being said,  I loved Baby's jean shorts and her style, just not her whiney ways *eye roll x 1000*. I can't recall a girl at our school that didn't wear these jean shorts, most of which were homemade, I know mine were. And yes, I rocked them with white keds as well, sans laces.

The retro vibe these shorts I tried on, gave me the warm fuzzies and then I quickly scolded myself for calling my youth "RETRO" - it's too early for that!!! Just like it's too freaking early for me to be hearing Motley Crüe or Bon Jovi on the classic rock stations!

I opted out of the Baby-esque denim jeans. They were adorable but in all regards, too low in the back. Maybe once I've worked out more I'll snag a pair at the end of the season. I decided instead to go the safe route and grab two pairs of cargo like shorts in green and gray. They fell in the same spot above the knee, Bermuda shorts if you will but were much less heavy and would be comfortable for all the cookouts and site seeing I plan on doing this week while in Maryland.

So I ask you ladies and gents....

How many of you were easily led to follow idols in movies when you were younger? Other than Baby the only other person I can remember idolizing their style in a movie was Sarah Jessica Parker. I was obsessed with the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, literally I watched this until my eyes bugged out of my head. I wore my hair in a headband as often as I could and puffed it up just. like. her.  Guess it isn't any stretch that I adore her still to this day as Carrie and just about any other character she plays. She's an icon. 

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She made me want to go to Catholic School and dance on D-TV all night long!

I also sweated Kelly and Lisa's hair hardcore on Saved By the Bell. They always had the perfect poofs. I seriously wanted Lisa's hair so bad back in those days! I permed it and fried it with an iron and coated it in so much Rave Hairspray I am probably personally responsible for the hole in the o-zone layer! Jessie's, not so much. I can't tell you how many times I had to do the PALM FORCE FIELD over my bangs walking to the bus stop to prevent the wind from blowing my do, which was a huge don't, over.

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It was nice walking down memory lane in the dressing room for a change - usually I'm walking down "KILL ME NOW" lane, hating every outfit I try on. So thanks AE for the memories. And also, thank you for the extra 30% Off the already marked down clearance price - way to help a girl out! 

I hope you all are enjoying your week! I'm still on vacation but thought I'd drop in to say HI! I hope to have some great stories to tell when I get back. Including one about me meeting up with my two childhood best friends for drinks. I haven't seen these girls in 15+ years and we've known each other since we were 3 years old!
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Amy said...

I may need to stop into AE for some nostalgia!
Funny enough, I just wrote a blog yesterday about Baby's fashion!

Natalie said...

I remember having a pair of those shorts too during the Dirty Dancing era.
And I loved Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I gave it to a young girl as a gift recently so another generation will want to attend Catholic school & dance on tv.

And as far as pant fits go, no matter how tiny I am- my thighs are big. I've found that anything that says "boyfriend fit" is my friend. I also really like the Curvy fit from Gap. Just my 2 cents though.

fojoy said...

As soon as I saw the picture I thought, "Dirty Dancing!" Junior High WAS Baby's shorts (and hating phys-ed, and loving Corey Haim).
And I thought I was the only one that saw (never mind loved) Girls Just Wanna have Fun! I'll always remember the line "its the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs". I had no idea what that guy was talking about...motorcycles were not safe at all!
*sigh* the innocence of youth.

BTW - I passed an award on you on my blog. Check it out and participate if you like!

Shana said...

Ah, the Dirty Dancing shorts. Yup - had em. When my ass was much, much smaller and I could get away with them. Now, I don't so much wear shorts. I either have to go with capris to hide my fat knees or sundresses, which I read somewhere earlier are like onesies for adults.

But I miss my denim shorts, of the Dirty Dancing and Daisy Duke variety. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

And way to go with the two sizes smaller!

Meghan said...

Down 2 sizes?!?! Awesome job! You totally inspired me to try P90X - I am on my third day and WHEW! What a workout!!!

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is the bomb. I heard that song she dances to on D-TV when I was shopping the other day in a vintage store. I was like, "OMG! Does anyone else recognize this?"!!!!!!

Allyson said...

I tried, oh how I tried, to carry off the look that Baby sported but middle Allyson was chunky. She had discovered Ben and Jerry's and it was UGLY. And, of course, the band instructor always insisted on making us sell candy bars for fundraisers. That is just wrong. So, Baby's look never happened for me. And I permed my hair more than is acceptable in order to get Jesse's hair. But that never happened either. Basically 1986-2007 was awkward for me. A huge gap between your teeth, 2 cowlicks, and an apple-shaped figure will do that to a girl. I'm so glad I finally figured it all out. Maybe now that Insanity arrived today, I will be wearing Daisy Dukes by 2011! ;)

Hope you're having fun! Can't wait to hear about the drinks and the friends and what you WON'T blog about. ;)

freckleonthenose said...

What's NOT to idolize when it comes to Saved by the Bell?! :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I love those longer shorts. I have two pairs that get a lot of mileage, plus two plaid cotton bermudas that are fab for hot weather.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! I know exactly what you mean. I keep seeing all these styles from the late 80's early 90's pop up in stores and I'm like Whoa! Flashback!


You know what's weird I was watching Paper Chase, a 70's film about law school, and was suprised to see how "hip" the actors look. Styles def. come back

abigail said...

how could you not love dirty dancing?!?

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Ok, I think I may need some of those AE capris now...definitely just had a flashback to Dirty Dancing!

I, (like you), also idolized Sarah Jessica Parker. Even back then, she had amazing style!

foxy said...

Slow, slow, quick quick slow... remember that song when they're at the competition for DTV?? I LOVED Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Like LOVED LOVED it. Man... talk about memory lane.

And Dirty Dancing? I can practically do that dance in my living room right along with them. I loved that one too. And still watch it from time to time. (don't hate)

As far as shorts go, I hate them. None of mine fit me right now, so I stick with figure-forgiving skirts. It's all I can do! Hope you're having fun, woman!

Ally said...

Hi Kelly, love your blog! You definitely have a new follower :) And the pic of SJP is perfection... Check out mine too, I think you may like it!

Kristin said...

I totally wanted to be Sandy from Grease when I was younger. Dug the 50s vibe. Still do actually!

p.s. Thank you SO much for joining our Rosebud network. Don't forget to show your pretty bloggy face over at la blog! We're linking one of you nearly every day and featuring one of you every week and we're really hoping to drum up lots of support for our network members! Big hugs!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Kristin thank you! And YES Sandy, I adored her little bangs she was so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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