July 30, 2010

fixation friday: fitness and arms

Today's fixation is all about the fitness. Well at least my current obsession with life changing and fitness and arms. I know you're shocked - Kelly? Fitness? Really? What about the cocktails, the oreos, and the fun stuff? Trust me I'm still fixated on those damn oreos (sorry Shana, promise me you won't buy anymore and I'll promise you the same girl!), but I haven't been craving them like I used to. So instead of my usual banter about yummies for yo tummies I'm going to talk about my current fixation that's been a long standing issue for me since I gained a lot of weight. My arms.

Looking back on older pictures of me, I've never truly had muscular arms. They've always been ok, not tight but not too flabby - I never worried about them. Wearing a tank top never hurt my feelings or my ego and when sporting a swimsuit, my arms were the least of my worries - helloooo, I had a belly.

Case 1: Not so bad but no muscle tone - Mid 20's
Me and 2 of my Besties K & A Ocean City, MD 
I think I may have cut my arm out of this picture on purpose but really they are not that big at all! I will also have you note that I have a huge head, I'm well aware of this!

Case #2: Not so bad, but no muscle tone, again Mid 20's
I think I was actually thinner here than the image above.
Oh how I miss that jaw line - it's slowly returning.
Yes everyone, that is me and Salt circa 2004-ish?
Aren't we adorbs?

Since I've started my P90X voyage (sounds so much more fun than a journey to me), my favorite workouts have been the arm workouts. Maybe it's because I know those are the muscles I want to work on the most. Sure my thighs need help, but I've always had strong legs. Being a dancer for most of younger years, I had great muscle tone in my legs, calves and thighs - sure some of that has fallen by the wayside but since I started Xing it that has come back quicker than I thought. My arms are still a work in progress. They are still ready for bingo, although the jiggling is starting to be less and less.

I've always been inspired by strong arms. Seeing them in magazines and movies or on television - I'm always drawn to them. Now when I say strong arms I don't mean I want to get all Chyna on you.

via google • "That's a huge bitch!"

I know you're saying, Kelly that's isn't Chyna aka Joanie Laurer, but I assure you... It is. This is Chyna before plastic surgery. She wanted to give herself a more feminine look and went under the knife. The image above is when she first got on the WWF (now WWE) circut. Trust me, I read her book. I know these things. Seriously, she's scares me and I want to know how many horse elephant steroids homegirl was given to get that huge!
via google

The picture above makes this one a bit more viewable, does it not? But seriously STILL way too much muscle for me. Sorry Chyna, I respect what you do but I do NOT want to look like you! P.S. I hope you went to rehab, after watching the hot mess that you were on VH1's Surreal Life I worried about you. Correct me if I'm wrong wasn't she on like 2 episodes of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab?

That being said about Chyna the same can be said for Carrot Top. But he's a man you say... please, the jury is still out on that one! 'Dude' wears more eyeliner than I do. *officially skeeved*

via google • One Scurry Roided Ginger

All jokes aside these two probably work really hard to get where they are today, but still this is SO not what I mean when I say I want buff arms. What I want is lean, muscular, GIRLIE arms.

Seriously if I had to pick a person I wish was my body double it would hands down be Jessica Biel. When I first saw her in Blade Trinity, I was floored. She was pretty buff but it wasn't completely over the top.
via google • "You got tickets?!?!"

Maybe it's the angle, maybe she just did a ton of push-ups before this shot but she's cut! I have to wonder this because see the next image, still great arms not as cut. I don't think I'd want to be THIS buff, but continue below and we'll finish this discussion. 

via google
I'll be honest I just wanted a good reason to post a picture of Ryan Reynolds on here. *drool* Sure Jessica's arms look great but really Ryan is in the picture, so who's honestly looking at her arms, right?

So the first might still be a little too buff for me how about a happy medium?
Perfectly toned, not too manly sleek arms. AKA MY GOAL!

via google

via google

Those are much better and way more my speed!
Other seriously awesome armed women in Hollywood are...

Jennifer Aniston (love her, forever Team Aniston over here)
via google • perfect arms and great legs - jealous? yes I am!

via google
This is totally off topic but it's by far my favorite stretch of all time
Cobbler Pose done by Miss Aniston - thank you very much!

Kelly Ripa - Super adorable! And so damn fit!
via google • seriously she must workout non-stop!

via google • I want to feel comfortable wearing this going to market

(wow that was really Southern of me.. "Going to market, ya'll! Let me get my buggy!"
It's just funny when I say such southern things!)

Last but NEVER least my super mega ultra girl crush
Olivia Munn
via google • she makes me laugh, a lot!

The one thing most of these women have in common is that they work hard to look this good. I'm not sure about Olivia's workout routine but I'm pretty sure that Jessica, Kelly and Jennifer all bust their butts to look as great as they do. And I'm pretty sure that routine requires butt busting every. single. day! 

I know I personally won't be able to slack if I want my arms or body to look like these women. In all honesty I KNOW I will never look like Kelly Ripa, I am just not built to look like her. Petite is not a word I use to describe myself, ever! That being said, if I could get my body close to say Kim Kardashian's (minus the ass) then I'd be excited! - so long as my arms resemble Jessica Biel's I'll be stoked.
via bing • I'll gladly take her curves w/ Jessica's Arms, thank you!

What is the one problem area you obsess about?

That being said -  I want no negativity here people. I will not tolerate you beating yourself up because you don't look like these women - I refuse to do this to myself or let you do it to yourself. Sure my arms are flabby, and I hated them for years, and still slightly do but I'm working to make that a thing of the past. And I'm working on a mind set that allows me to do that! Seriously, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt today, I haven't worn stuff like this in years! (Minus my last vacation a few weeks ago) I owe it all to my workouts and the ability to know I'm making progress. I'm not where I want to be yet,  but I'm well on my way. 

I want you to take this fixation and turn it into something you want to realistically work on bettering, not crying about every day. Ladies, Gents - I've been there. Do you know how many nights I've seriously contemplated canceling plans because I hated my outfit and how it clung to my gut? I can't even remember, I've lost count. It doesn't happen over night but here I am 1 month and 3 weeks into my P90X program - and I'm sporting a shirt with no sleeves, I'm wearing a swim suit to go kayaking again - under clothing of course, but it's a start. I'm making progress and you can to.

Remember for every one thing you dislike about yourself there are always a million more things to love about you. And what we don't like in ourselves isn't always something that our friends, family or loved ones even notice about us, they focus on what makes them love us, and we really need to do the same.

Don't let your own hang ups effect how you live your life, the only effect they should have is one to make you want to grow and change those to be the best version of yourself always. This goes for physical beauty and inner beauty! 

That my friends is my fixation and public service announcement for the day! Be kind to each other and love youself!!! oxox

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Shelli said...

Can I just tell you that I LOVE the photo of you and Lauren! Love, love, love it! :)

I, myself have linebacker shoulders and arms.. (you can probably tell by my photos when I was trying on wedding dresses) and I can't get rid of 'em.

Love your blog as always...


ZDub said...

Jessica B makes me gag, go for Aniston. LOVE HER. :)

Shana said...

Those cookies are the devil and I will NEVER bring them into my house again! Swear!

My arms are pretty jiggly these days too and I try to keep them covered as much as possible. Lately with the million degree temperatures, I've been wearing a lot of strapless outdoors. The jiggling is driving me nuts. I know I'll get there eventually with the flat(ter) stomach and the more toned arms...but my God is it taking forever.

I can't wait to see your next set of P90X pics.

Also...Chyna is scary!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I just wanted to tell you that all of your fitness posts about P90X have finally convinced me to purchase it. And the man is going to do it too! So when I can't move and am super cranky because he won't stop complaining about how sore he is... I will blame you. Thanks! :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Sounds like a plan Zak! Jennifer it is!!!

Shelli you're always too cute! I have broad shoulders too what's a girl to do?

Shana - promise!! Those cookies are evil and I'm so sorry I got you hooked!!! :(

Carolyn - YOU GO GIRL!!! You can blame me the whole way tough, good and bad but when you love your new body you can blame me for that too! ;) hehe

Natalie said...

Jen Anniston has always been my goal.. unattainable, but my goal. I think she gets even more gorgeous as she ages. I wish that happened for all of us.

Like you, I've never had issue with my arms. They weren't great, but theyw eren't bad either. I've always had decent legs.. I HATE the belly. Regardless of how skinny I am, there's always a little pudge. However, the one body part I can always count on are the girls. They don't sit as high as they did when I was 20, but they're still hot.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I love both Jennifer and Jessica, Jessica however has admitted to sometimes work out from 4 to 6 hours a day. Thats a job in it self. I need to wok on everything, I'm happy with my curves but I need to loose 30lbs in 1 year. That was a promise I made myself.
My belly is another thing but it doesnt worry me, it has serve me well by carrying my kids.

Meghan said...

I am feeling the exact same way about my arms! My legs have always been muscular as a runner, and I am loving the P90X workouts - although I feel like my arms are actually getting bigger! Did you experience this?

That being said, Kelly and Kim are my total body idols!

Jen said...

I'm on Team Aniston, too! Love her!

I'm fluffy in most areas, but I've sorta embraced it. That said, my arms catch my be surprise sometimes when I look in the mirror, haha. I need to tone up like whoa.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I obsess over my thighs. Jessica Alba has got it going on with her arms!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Even at my thinnest, I still had larger arms. They were definitely more toned, but always 'bigger' than I wanted. Now that I've gone up two sizes, not only are my arms so flabby that I don't like to wear tank tops, but I have the dreaded back fat, too! I need to get more serious about cutting out the sugar, it's the only way. Can't wait to see more progress pics, girl!

Anonymous said...

My arms have always been pretty slender, thankfully. Now if I could say the same thing for my legs :(

I am completely obsessed with my abs lately!

Anonymous said...

PS-I love Biel and Aniston as well! Both SO HOT!
So excited we are into fitness together now and you are soooo pretty!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I obsess over just about everything from the neck down.

Carrottop is so damn scary and I too will alway sbe team Anniston. Love her.

Anonymous said...

That's Chyna, for real? Holy shiz!

I'd love love love to look like Jessica Biel. Her arms look great. However, I don't currently have the time or patience. Someday...

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Yep girl THAT is Chyna - pre-plastic surgery, shocking right?

Andi - thank you! You made my day!

Meghan - it's half and half thing for me they do seem a bit bigger but at the same time getting more shapely - not bulky - I pray they won't get bulky. My shoulders are getting more tone as well but I fear I'll get no neck syndrome like big weight lifters! EEP! :)

meredith said...

LOVE LOVE jen a's legs. ugh. i hope mine look like that at her age!

and kelly ripa's ripped body - i can always wish after kids, i'll look that hot!!

you can do it!!! keep it up, sistah!! xoxo

meredith said...

p.s. i'm not even exaggerating when i say i just ate 39 cookies in less than 24 hours. oh geez.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

You did it for me girl - if anyone asks you did it for me!

I'm PMSing this week and all I can think about is CAKE and COOKIES! I haven't caved yet but the Ice cream place up the street that allows you to create your own, plus add your own toppings and then they charge you by weight is almost too hard to resist - I'll go broke I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Kelly Ripa has NO boobs though.... And YOU are adorable!

Sara said...

Thank you for the positivity of this post.

I want to work on my arms, too. I've always loved my shoulders but the rest of the guns could use some work.

BuenoBueno said...

i want jen anistons bod!!! its perfect!

jules said...

Ugh! Oreos sounds so good to me right now. I think Jess B has the ideal body. Good luck!

Kristin said...

Holy crap...Biel is JACKED. Note to self...work out MORE!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I agree with you on the whole Jessica Biel arms thing...I would kill to look that fit!

Lisa said...

Great post! I actually feel the same way about arms and am SO envious of anyone like Jessica or Kelly with their muscley arms. The ultimate compliment someone could ever give me would be that they like my arms. About 2 years ago, I started working really hard on my arms and abs at the gym and I saw a difference after a few months. I was shocked because I had never seen a muscle on my body until them! So I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it if you put in the effort! I'm nowhere near Jessica's arms, but I like to hope that one day I'll look like that : )

Chambray Blue said...

Oreo is the only thing I read. Did you say double stuff, or did I make that up? Whatever. My arms are jiggly and other things are way out of shape. I need to forget about those oreo's.

Krystal said...

I've just been noticing my arms too and not in a good way! Enter Tracy anderson...

bananas. said...

i'm obsessed with toned arms too girl! like crazy obsessed! it's one of the first things i notice on a girl and i will compliment right off the back of their arms are killer!

that said, i would loooove jessica biel's body then, in the photos above. have you seen her now? superrrrr thin. i think she climbed some mountain and lost hella weight...including the muscle in her fab arms.

she still looks good though.

Jess said...

Great post - very inspirational ;)

I wish my arms would look like Jessica Biel's!!

Amanda said...

I was the same way you were about my arms. When I was in my 20s I didnt' give a rats ass about having good arms. I looked fine and that was all I needed. I was much more focused on the gut. However. Now that I'm preg (and trust me, I know, it's all part of being preg and gaining weight) it's like my arms have BLOWN UP. I look like I have lunch lady arms. It's seriously embarrassing. So as soon as the baby pops out, I'm going to be working on my arms big time! You'll be a head of me in the game, so you can be my inspiration!

the chirpy bird said...

Love this fitness post! Absolutely fabulous! Gotta love Aniston! She's gorgeous both inside and out! Loving your blog!
xo tash

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