November 24, 2009

thanksgiving trimmings.

With all the anticipation of Thanksgiving this year I started to think about all the images I've seen in passing of lovely centerpieces adorning holiday tables. I love the look they give to the table. Be it formal, or casual I do love the look it gives a table on any day of the week - but especially during the holidays. That being said, I also think they tend to be a bit of a issue this time of year. I love these samples I found while looking through Pottery Barn's bounty.

so simple and lovely!

I could see this one working out well as a pair - at both ends of the table.

All that being said - here is my issue with centerpieces on the table during the big feast - if they are taking up all the room where on earth do you fit the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY CENTERPIECE? The BIRD!!!! (Nom, nom, nom!)
This is all I want to see in the center of my table
during the holidays (at least when it's time to grub).

I can't wait to decorate my dining room table for Christmas - and I'm thankful that I won't be making the holiday meals this year, or anytime soon! That way I don't have to choose between beautiful arrangements or delicious bird! I'm sure most people cut down the bird first and then bring it out on a platter, but honestly even after that has happened there are still about 20 different sides that have to be brought to the table (stuffing/dressing, casseroles, cranberry sauce, potatoes, sweet potatoes - yada, yada yada). Buffet seems to be the only logical way to enjoy beautiful table decor and tasty treats!!!

How ever you dress your table this season I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday filled with goodwill and cheer. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! ox

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Concord Carpenter said...

Great looking center pieces

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

So pretty!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!

Linda said...

I vote for leaving the bird in the kitchen! Happy Thanksgiving!


Brittany said...

Loving the center piece! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Amanda said...

I also have yet to be responsible for making the holiday meals, so until then I will enjoy a nice, non-edible centerpiece on my table too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiffany said...

i just adore pottery barn. i was just on the website yesterday trying to find ideas for our thanksgiving be purchased at target for far far less, of course!

happy thanksgiving!

sheila said...

Great post!!! Love your blog!
Happy Thanksgiving! Come follow me to at
xos sheila

Mandy said...

Love your blog! That turkey looks amazing

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