November 12, 2009

Interactive Thursday.

I thought this was a great post from Sonja at For the Love of Stilettos. She is doing an Interactive Thursday and I thought I'd play along. Check out her post and join!

When you think about the South what's the first thing that comes to mind!?!
  • You need a passport to come down here. (Yes this is a joke but it's my favorite, thank you Reese Witherspoon and your lovely movie Sweet Home Alabama).
  • Sweet Tea. Sure you can get sweet tea up north now, but Southern sweet tea is where it's at. I've never had sweeter tea than my boyfriend's mother's brew.
  • SEC Football. I have never seen a set of more passionate fans in my life. Sure Northern fans are passionate but here in the South football seriously is a religion. ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  • Jacked up Trucks and Jeeps covered in mud. The higher the better. I'm not as brave as some people when it comes to trail riding but I do enjoy a good roll out into the country on a sunny Saturday afternoon, through puddles and the woods.
  • Jacked up Grandpa Cars. You know how the Dirty South Rolls! These ghetto fabulous hoopties tickle me every time I see one rolling down the street. They are usually painted in amazingly bright crayon inspired colors with rims, huge tires and lots of bling. I'm going to assume the ride in one of these is SO rough. 
  • CAMPING, CANOEING AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS! These have become some of my favorite pastimes since moving to the South.
  • BAR-B-QUE! ZOMG! NOM! So freaking good. I don't care if you like it Carolina Style, Texas Style or Southern Style. If you like your sauce sweet, tangy or just a straight up bit of smoked meat that's sauce free, the south is where you come to get your grub on!
  • The Accents, Ya'll! I'm from Maryland, so I don't really have a northern accent per say, but I've been told I sound different by local Southerners. Sad part is I've been living here in Alabama for 5 years now, and I'm starting to talk like I'm a native. EEP!
  • Religion. I've never been to a more spiritual place in all my life.Ever.
  • The Gulf Coast. When I live in Maryland I never once thought of Alabama as being a coastal place - boy was I wrong! Gulf Shores is beautiful. It will never replace North Carolina's coast in my heart or the Eastern Shore but it does a damn good job of keeping me happy! 
P.S. GRITS - I don't know how I forgot those. YUM!

Thanks for posting this Sonja, it was too fun! Keep up the great work.

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Sonja said...


*sigh* I heart you!!!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I have no idea girl! Daww, I BIG OLE' HEART YOU TOO!

Tiffany said...

we are also transplants from MD living in the south (NC). it is certainly...different. It's growing on us!

new follower!

Beth said...

I'm moving to the South in January! I visited (Arkansas) in October and was slightly overwhelmed at first, but I learned to love it very quickly. I LOVE being around SEC football (I'm from California, and I feel like you can only support schools you went to), going to games, tail gaiting (GO HOGS GO!), all of the above.

I'm excited to have my boyfriend's family so close by, they're great people. I can't wait to discover all the differences -and similarities- between the South and West Coast!

Love this list!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Welcome Tiffany. Trust me if there is one state that I always loved it was North Carolina (we owned a beach house there in my younger years and I adored Wilmington NC!)

Beth it's a culture shock but you'll learn to love it a ton!!! I never rooted for the University of Maryland because I felt silly about it (I didn't attend college there, I went to a different school in Maryland). I always rooted for the Tarheels when it came to college sports (again, beach house, sort of a summer native there). Moving here you have to choose a side in football. You already have the right war cry for GO HOGS if you're moving to Arkansas! You'll do so well! :)

Blair said...

great post! nothing like southern hospitality!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

These are all of the reasons why I LOVE the south!! BBQ and sweet tea especially!

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