January 15, 2015

new music: Sleater-Kinney

I'll be honest when Sleater-Kinney was really popular, new, in the zone, I had no idea who they were. It wasn't until meeting Mike and him talking about the time he saw them open for Pearl Jam that I even had an inkling of the band. If I had known about S-K, in the 90's I would have been ALL OVER it. 3 Chicks, rocking out, RIOT GIRLS? Yes, please!

Fast forward to these days - watching a show called Portlandia, I discovered that Carrie Brownstein was a member of S-K. Mike purchased some of their past vinyl records, and my love for S-K was born. I immediately fell in love with their sound. The vocals, the guitar, the angst, the anger, and the love. He has since acquired I believe all their albums and today his Christmas present finally arrived (it was a pre-order) from SUB-POP, S-K's new Album!

In honor of this fun day - I saw this video that SK had posted on their instagram and I wanted to share it, even if you don't like S-K I bet you will enjoy some of their fans, and some of your favorite celebs singing along with the single "No Cites To Love".

Happy New Music Day!!! It's not official or anything.

PS Their tour date in Nashville can't come soon enough!!!!

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Devon said...

New music day should be a thing. Do you use Spotify? I've found a lot of new music on there. I'll have to listen to some Sleater-Kinney next. I listen to music almost all day when I'm working, so I really need new recommendations to mix it up. Gracias!

Christina said...

I don't know much about them, and I really, really should since they're from here. I only know Dig Me Out. That music video features some of my favorite people! You've inspired me to look them up!

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