December 12, 2014

Christmas: love and dislike.

It's the hap-happiest season of all... or is it?

90% of the time I will go with YES, it is. Then there is that wee little grinch in my blood that wants to yell... 'Hated it!', in true Blaine Edwards fashion. [If you don't know who that is, google Men on Film In Living Color - I'll wait].

I thought for fun I'd compile my most loved things about Christmas and my most disliked items - because let's be real, I could  never HATE Christmas...

Yes, that's me, many moons ago. I look like my dad.
Remember when my blog was called Dare to be Domestic!?
See below, but yeah, fake beards on Mall Santas are whack!

  • The smell of pine needles. [Mike enjoys the smell of pine needles in the vacuum, it's his thing].
  • The smell of scotch tape - I think I've discussed this before but one thing that blew my mind in talking about the holidays with Mike is that he shares the same affinity for the scent of scotch tape, and it immediately makes us both thing of Christmas.
  • Christmas Cookies - although I never seem to leave enough time to bake them and enjoy it without being stressed.
  • Coca Cola cans with Santa on them. LOVE! I think that Coca Cola's rendition of Santa is my absolute favorite.
  • Coca Cola +  and Orange = best snack ever. It reminds me of being a young kid. Every year, as we got off the bus for winter break Mrs. Hobbs would give us an orange and a coke and tell us to have a Merry Christmas. Nostalgia is king in my book!
  • EGG NOG! Mike hates this stuff, just the word NOG alone grosses him out - unless it's heavily spiked with booze, then he'll reconsider. Myself, I prefer it without libations. Straight up.
  • Purchasing coordinating wrapping paper. Mike and I make it a point to get seriously artistic with our wrapping paper choices. We usually purchase about 4 different rolls, all match in color scheme, but not in pattern. This year, it's all about the kraft like paper, with funny sayings and images, and deer and plaid and foxes and nature and - trust me, it's awesome.
  • Going through ornaments to hang them on the tree. While I don't put all my old ornaments up, I do like to take time to think about when I got them all (most are from my childhood), others are ones Mike and I have collected over the years.
  • Christmas cards - Making and receiving. I LOVE getting them in the mail.
  • CHRISTMAS MOVIES!  Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, Home Alone, Bad Santa, Scrooged, Rudolph and many more are among my favorites!
  • Classic Christmas Songs - I'm not talking like Ms. Carey - ugh I can't stand her Christmas songs, please don't play me any Michael BUBBLE (I know that's not his real name) I can't stand him either. GIVE ME THE OLD STUFF, the CLASSIC GOOD STUFF and if I have to go "modern" I won't go any further than Bruce Springsteen or RUN D.M.C.. No one does Hip-Hop Christmas anymore. PS I might even listen to some NKOTB for nostalgic purposes from time to time. I just don't love newer Christmas music.
  • Shopping for presents. While I do enjoy receiving - I truly enjoy buying gifts for others more. Getting to see friends and family get excited about a gift I picked just for them, makes me feel amazing.
  • Giving back. Giving to charity this time of year - it should be something we think about and do every day of the year, but right now, in this season of all seasons, it feels especially good.
  • Saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  I believe that all holidays this time of year are special to everyone for different reasons. Just because I don't say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, 24/7, this time of year doesn't mean I love Christ any less, it just means that I am completely ok with all the other holidays that are happening all around us as well. PS One of my dear friends in elementary school was Jewish, and I enjoyed every year that we got to not only talk about Christmas but learn about her family's customs as well. I think all children should be fortunate enough to experience things like this, this time of year.  Bottom line if I KNOW you celebrate Christmas, I will say "Merry Christmas!" if I am unsure, you'll get a smile and "Happy Holidays!" 
  • Christmas Lights. I love driving around seeing everyone's lights, helping put them all over the house, and the great feeling it gives me. Warm fuzzies!
  • Christmas Dinner. Not to be upstaged by Thanksgiving, because it's just as delicious. This year Mike and I will be making dinner for my father and we're both pretty excited.
  • Remembering what it was like to sneak downstairs before my parents on Christmas day to see my bounty before waking them.
  • Christmas Window displays at stores.
  • AMAZON.COM best damn thing ever! (next to buying local of course).
  • Pinterest - Mike and I use the website exclusively to make our wish lists to each other.
  • Santa hats for dogs and cats!
  • I'll Be Home For The Holidays! This song always slays me, I well up, and cry whenever I hear it. This year I can sing it, and be 100% right, because I will be home for the holidays. And it makes me SO excited!
  • Baking cookies when I'm stressed.
  • Christmas before Thanksgiving. I get it, you're excited, but I, personally, literally "can't even..." until I've had Thanksgiving dinner, turkey coma and relaxed. I don't decorate, I don't sing songs, I don't listen to music and I most certainly don't watch movies. It's simply not my thing. To each his/her own, but you won't catch me doing it.
  • Black Friday - I might change my tune when I have a kid. And I want to get the best deal on whatever their little hearts desire. I just don't have the want, or need to get out on Black Friday and shop. Thanksgiving eve - FORGETABOUTIT! Cyber Monday - you're my BFF and I love you.
  • Fruit Cake. Seriously wtf!?
  • Newer Christmas Music - NO M. Carey, BUBBLE, or Lady Gaga please and thank you!
  • The fact that all too often Christmas becomes about THE GIFTS instead of the true meaning of the season.
  • Mall Santas - that don't even have a real beard. Come ON - you gotta really sell this to kids these days with all the HD and WIFI... when did I become Drunk Uncle?

Middle road: that damn Elf on the Shelf. I think it's great, but also very annoying. I give full kudos to all parents who keep track of that little booger and keep him accountable for the kids. I am sure one day I will be that parent but for now I am content to just look at the photos, and laugh and wonder where you find all your amazing energy!!!

All in all this isn't too bad and just what came to mind quickly. More positive than negative. That's always a bonus in my book.

So tell me, what list did you make it on this year??? Santa's good list, or bad list?
If you don't celebrate Christmas - what do you love MOST about your celebrations?? I'd love to hear!

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Christina said...

I tweeted something today about people minding their own business about other people's Christmases. I was in no way talking about you!! Just in case you saw it and thought that. I was ranting about a FB friend. Haha!

I wouldn't do Elf because we do advent every night in December and that would be way too much work! I do like seeing what other people come up with though. I'm so with you on Black Friday. I shop from my computer anyway. :) I'm also with you on Amazon, Christmas windows/displays/lights, and saying happy holidays (I honestly don't care what people say to me. At least they're being nice and saying something).

Allyson said...

So much great stuff in this post!!
1. Your scotch tape love truly makes you and Mike soul mates cuz, uh, I don't get that. :-)
2. You MAY do Christmas before Thanksgiving when kids come just because they get do damn excited about it. It's hard to postpone that.
3. Amen about other holidays. AMEN!!
4. Also ditto on Black Friday. We don't do it either, even with a kid.
5. Amen about mall santas

Allyson said...

My phone quit let me typing....
And amen about baking under stress.

Also you should google old Christmas specials with Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Hilarious and creepy at the same time. But give me the old stuff any day. Except Eartha Kitt. I'll pass on her. :) Great list!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I am watching the Grimm Christmas special and now understand what fruit cake is for. Ha!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I agree with pretty much ALL OF THIS.

My only thing is that I would add Elf to my list of fave Christmas movies.

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