October 31, 2013

it's halloween, don't depress me.

I've seen many posts today through the blog-verse stating that so many of you aren't really into Halloween. To which I actually said out loud "Are you serious?" It makes me sad. Don't depress me on this fun day people. (Not really depressed just being over dramatic). I'm not really fearful of anything in the supernatural world, well minus aliens, I don't mess with that shizz. And I totally get people that aren't into the scary stuff (if you're legit freaked out, I get it), or dressing up, but I guess in the end I have to agree to disagree because frankly I think that's crazy.  Clearly this girl loves Halloween. It's literally my favorite holiday, right up there with New Years Even, Christmas and July 4th.

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So yeah... Halloween. Dude, I love it. Candy, costumes, fun times, spooky movies! I love having a chance every year, when we make plans to dress up as someone other than myself.  

This year we aren't going out, I sort of hate when Halloween happens on a weekday and local bars aren't open on a weekend to celebrate but, I have to think about it this way. I live in a college town, Thursday night is usually the big night out for college kids - and it seems only fitting for all the bars to hold parties tonight, instead of last weekend or this weekend. So my older, non-college attending booty will be staying home because, in my mid 30's it's not really forgivable or smart to come to work hungover. Trust me I did it on St. Paddy's day and it wasn't attractive, smart or professional. Lesson learned.

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While Mike and I are simply going to hang at the house, probably watch some scary movies (or Arrow), make dinner, do laundry and HOPEFULLY hand out the candy I purchased again, for the third time, to neighborhood kiddos. It will be a good night, to me. It will be the true meaning of Halloween, in my opinion.

I love all things supernatural. Ghost stories, vampire stories, witches, warlocks, stories about monsters made in basements, black cats, scary movies about backwoods people hunting folks down. I like, to be genuinely scared. It's not just exciting, but it also makes me thankful that these demons and things aren't in my everyday life. I've got a husband and family that loves me and honestly, life is good.

This morning to celebrate, I listened to Thriller on vinyl. It was my parents copy that I always coveted as a kid for years. It always gets me in the mood for the haunted holiday at hand. I've eaten enough halloween candy, and I've watched a few scary movies. It's almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I will make one more feverish attempt to celebrate Halloween, before it's gone again, until next year.

What are your plans for Halloween??? 
Are you dressing up???

I hope you get more treats than tricks!

P.S. A black cat totally crossed my path this morning on my way to work. Did I freak, no, I smiled, got excited, put an "X" with my finger on my windshield and told the little fella to run on home.

P.P.S. Superstitions fascinate me. And frankly I own a black cat so one crosses my path EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. No worries. That being said, you won't catch me walking under ladders, and I always lift my feet when going over train tracks.

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Sasha said...

That makes me so sad to hear! I can't believe people are acting like the Grinch of Halloween! Haha we'll be passing out candy with friends that have kids and then heading out afterward for some of the adult celebrations! I'll toast one to you when we're out! Have a Happy Halloween!

Devon said...

How can you not love Halloween? It's one of the best days of the year! I hope you had a happy one Kelly!

Becky M said...

Love the little cat picture at the end! I don't hate Halloween, but I have to say I like decorating for Christmas better!


Christina said...

I'm not huge into Halloween, but I don't hate it at all. Jacob loves it, the kids love it, you just have to get into it!

Allyson said...

Shut UP. You've got Thriller on vinyl? I'm pretty much stupid jealous right this second. And I totally forgot about the feet up over the train tracks. I tried not walking on cracks for awhile. Just made me feel a lot like Monk for no reason. I, too, LOVE Halloween and I hit all the major stores about 4 days after to clean up on their 80% off sale. But now that we move every 3 years, Neal has put the kabosh on anything that's not collapsible or inflatable. And thus my dreams of owning the 3' long skull from Target came to an end. We were so lame this year...we did a half-assed Peanuts gang. Neal had the Linus shirt and blankie and E had the Charlie Brown outfit but I could never score a puffy sleeve dress...and I hit 3 different Goodwills. I vow to make you proud next year, though.

Linda Gilbert said...

I am so glad you enjoy Halloween so much and hope you had really good celebrations.just enjoyed a wander around your lovely blog.Thank you.

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