March 13, 2013

mad women and feeling sore

One thing you remember quickly when you get back on the workout wagon is how bitter sweet being sore is. Last night after my workout most of the muscles in my body were aching. I drank my after workout protein shake, got in the shower, and then made dinner. Feeling great, until I sat down to watch some television. Once you stop moving, it's all over.

Right before bed, the aches were intense but, as annoying as they were, I realized I was happy to be feeling that "good pain". It means I pushed myself, and I did something to improve my well being. My chest hurts, my shoulders hurt, my legs and knees are weak but I love it.

This morning thankfully other than the initial feeling stiff while getting out of bed, I'm rocking and rolling and the twinges of soreness that are left are reminders of a bit of excitement I have for tonight's workout. Let's hope this feeling continues.

Mike and I have been watching Mad Men like it's our job. We started the series last month and have finally worked our way up to be ready for the next season. I can't wait for April 7th!

Mike emailed me the link to this promotional poster yesterday and it got me even more excited!!!
When we watched the first episode months and months ago, Mike seemed like he couldn't get into it. I was still willing to give it a chance. How could so many friends be wrong I thought. Then again a lot of my friends like Big Bang Theory and I think that show is just horrible. But, I really wanted to give ole' Don Draper another try.

Our good friend AK told us to stick with it that it doesn't get exciting or interesting until like episode 5. She was right, that was when all the biggest drama started. No worries here folks I won't give away spoilers but it's just a true fact. If you give it until at least episode 5 you'll be sucked in and won't turn back.

I am completely taken by this show. I love the history, the drama, the comedy and the characters. One minute you completely hate someone, then the next you think 'Aw maybe he/she has changed.' Two episodes later you think NO I always knew he/she was an ass. It's a roller coaster but so fun to be a part of.

I think I've said about 20 times per season "I love that lamp." or "Those chairs are awesome." I clearly have a love for all things 1960's inspired. I think it's because while growing up, my home was filled with antiques, not modern or trendy furniture items. Unless you count our television, and my father's easy chair, most, if not all of our furniture in our home, including our beds were antiques. My parent's were avid collectors. I am sure it drove them nuts when I would ask for a tacky 70's or 80's style lamp. Or when we visited my grandmother and I would beg to take home an old lamp she had she was getting rid of, that was reminiscent of something Don would have in his apartment. [See the hanging lamp near the fireplace below - I adore it, and if you can imagine three of those, much smaller and with rainbow colored "faux stained glass/plastic" on a post, you'll get the idea of the lamp I wanted to drag home from my grandmother's home. Eventually I won the battle, I just wish I had held on to that lamp all these years. And the grass cloth wallpaper - don't EVEN get me started. I love it, LOVE IT. It's in every room it seems in most of the early episodes. My father always hated that wallpaper. We had it in our powder room in my home growing up. And it was a huge selling point for our first apartment that Mike and I had together (the huge window, and grass cloth wallpaper in the kitchen). I'm odd, I know.

via // Such a swank pad.
Growing up in the home I had made me appreciate antiques, and history. But I feel like I missed out on some of the modern, and retro styles of the 60's and 70's because of it. Let's be honest though. I'm happy I missed out on the whole 1980's Wester Revival style. And the "cute country" stuff that so many homes were filled with. That was never my parents' style. If we lived on a ranch, yes, that would be fitting, but we didn't. Our home was more, Old Amish maybe, but not quite country. I'm happy they never got into 80's modern. There were some family friends that had condos that looked like a Duran Duran video threw up on them. I never felt comfortable in those homes. They weren't cozy.

I am also smitten with the Civil Rights movement themes in the TV show. As well as Women's Rights. There are two very strong female characters and on some days I can't figure out who I like more. Joan or Peggy. I love them both for different reasons. They are both making it in a man's world, by their own means. It's not always pretty, but it's refreshing to see females making headway in a male dominated industry while still trying to hold on to their femininity. To me that is what Feminisim is all about.

Peggy, Harry, Joan and Ken // via
Again, not a spoiler but they all work for an Ad Agency. As a graphic designer, who's worked for an ad agency, I truly enjoy that part of the show. It's cut throat, and it's a big hit to someone emotionally in the creative field when people don't like your ideas, or worse take their business elsewhere because you failed to WOW them. One of my most favorite products they represented [and the storyline behind it] was UTZ Potato Chips. A northern staple. And one I miss so much!

Jimmy and UTZ // via
I love the bits of comedy sprinkled into the show, as well as seeing how much times have changed. Smoking is permitted just about EVERYWHERE and many more that I won't give away, if you haven't watched the show because frankly seeing how much times have changed was half the joy of watching this series.

The show is dramatic, beautiful and the styling is amazing. I just can't get enough of it. And I am dying for April 7th to start watching it again.

Favorite Characters: Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, Don Draper and Peggy Olson
Characters I love to hate: Peter Campbell and Betty Draper (and sometimes Don).
Characters I root for the most: Ken Cosgrove, Joan Harris and Peggy Olson
Character I feel most sorry for: Trudy Campbell and Sally and Bobby Draper

I watch this show like I'm watching Jerry Springer most times... I yell insults at the TV when characters act like idiots. And I think Mike gets a kick out of it. I truly do have a love/hate relationship with Don Draper.

Any readers fan of the show?
I'd love to hear your 2 cents!
3.12.13 - WOD: Turbo Fire 30 / Stretch 10 - COMPLETED [Instead of Plyometrics]
3.13.13 - WOD: P90X Shoulders & Arms / Ab Ripper
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Devon said...

I really like Mad Men (I wouldn't totally say love yet, but like moving towards love), but Scott is not that into it. I want to start watching it again before the new season starts! I think we only made it to the beginning of season 2. Maybe I can convince him to give it another try on the next rainy day. Thanks for the reminder! Also, I totally know what you mean about shouting out "I love that lamp!"

On another note, good for you for getting back into working out. I hope your muscles start to feel better soon!

Misty said...

I plan to watch this summer when all my shows are on hiatus along with a few others.

Christina said...

I am OBSESSED with this show. Everything about it. It's the one and only show I watch live. And I love Ken Cosgrove so much. He's so underrated!

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