September 26, 2012

tuned in.

I will be the first to admit, I watch a lot of television. Maybe not as much as some people do, but by most non-tv viewers standards I watch tons of TV. That being said I'll be the first to also admit I love our DVR. Passionately, not physically though that would be sick.  I really love the idea of recording my favorite shows and having them wait for me while I go out and try to live life. Or honestly just try to complete cooking a home cooked meal.  Living in a Central Time Zone I rely on our DVR a lot in order to get the kitchen cleaned up, make a meal for us, and then get the kitchen cleaned up again. I love being able to pause a show I'm watching in order to use the restroom, answer a phone call or just stop it all together and come back to it when I have time. I also enjoy fast forwarding through commercials.  There are often times we are sitting in the living room while something we want to watch is recording and we don't watch it, just so we can have the convenience of hitting FF through those blasted commercials.

That being said, I do believe I could survive without DVR, but I frankly don't want to. Sure if times turned hard, or we had to scale back for the sake of a budget. I'd get rid of it, but I'd totally kick and scream the whole way.

Today Misty over at Handbags and Handguns gave us a list of the Fall Show line up she'll be watching and it inspired me to share the shows I'm looking forward to watching the most this season! I'm totally giving Misty credit for this - she's on the ball I'm just trying to keep up! Thanks girl!

First up, I'm dying for the new season of this show to start!

Walking Dead

I am in one word, obsessed with this show. So obsessed that the season finale kept me awake at night for 3 days straight trying to figure out what might happen this season. I love every single cast member and what they bring to the table. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this damn show!

Hart of Dixie

It's a bit of a cheesy show, and maybe the South isn't portrayed 100% accurately with the accents being off and some of the behavior, but for the most party it's a feel good show that gives me warm fuzzy feelings and I adore Rachel B. So it's a win/win for me. And let me just say the fashion on this show, is always awesome! I'd kill for Lemon's jewelry box!

Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

Mike and I are semi new to this show and are kicking ourselves for not watching it when it first started. It's amazing. I love every, single, bit of this show. I laugh my ass off and we often reference it now in our everyday lives. I'm still waiting on kitten mittens in the mail. And we really wish we could go have drinks with this cast. Maybe one day we'll make it to Philly.


I will be the first to admit, I had a love/hate thing going on with this show when it first started. I wanted to love it so much, but I got bored mid way through the first season. I stopped watching but my DVR kept recording. I deleted about 4 episodes and didn't watch them... I watched a few of the final episodes of season 1 and heard rumors it was being canceled. After watching the last 2 parts of season 1 I got a bit sad to hear it might get canned. When Season 2 started, I was iffy about it all. They changed the opening title sequence which I frankly think sucks now... but something was different. It was less of a rush to get you up to speed on what a Grimm was and the story and characters were starting to develop. (Note - I love Monroe, Love him!) Add to that the fact that it stopped seeming so much like a total CSI spin off with fairytale info. They finally stopped doing case after case with supernatural creatures and started to tie them all together to one HUGE case with small ones sprinkled in. The only way I can describe my rekindled love for this show is that it's a total bandaid for me and my aching heart over Buffy the Vampire Slayer being over. There are lots of similarities to Buffy in this show and I think that's what brings me back. And thankfully the special effects are getting a little better, each time it airs.

Last but never least

Wilfred and Louie

I love both of these shows. They are a bit dark, but still funny and heartwarming. If you love dogs and you're not watching Wilfred, let's just say you're totally missing out! Their new season has already been in full swing and has not disappointed one bit! There are also lots of great cameos in both of these shows from famous actors and comedians.
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Sprinkle in my favorite Thursday shows on NBC

Community • Parks n' Rec • The Office • Up All Night

And you've got a really well rounded DVR full of entertainment for Mike and I. I am sure there are a few shows I'm completely forgetting to mention... but for the most part these are the ones I'm most excited about being able to watch again.

We also regularly record anything that Anthony Bourdain is on - the No Reservations Final Tour has us hooked as always. But let's be fair, Anthony could brush his teeth on film and I'd still be interested in what he had to say through mint paste.

So I ask you - what are you into and watching? Maybe my DVR has some more space to share? Let me know and stop by to visit Misty, tell her what your'e watching! She's always adding new shows to her DVR - I'm not sure where she finds the time, but she does! :)

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{Jessica} said...

My husband loves "Always Sunny in Philadelphia!" I think it's funny too, but it's but not my fave. Now, the NBC Thursday night line-up? SO with you on that! Love all of those shows, and am so looking forward to the last year of The Office - should be good. The only thing I hate about Thursday nights is that Big Bang Theory comes on at the same time as Community. And I don't have DVR. Such a hard decision every week!!!

Georgina Castellucci said...

I don't watch any of these shows (well, occasionally old episodes of The Office) but will definitely take a look at what's being offered!

Seems like a good list, I always wondered how Grimm was xo

Carolyn said...

I love Walking Dead, Hart of Dixie and Grimm! You described Grimm SO WELL! HAHA Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Hubby and the guys at the station caught up on Walking Dead this summer. I'd like to watch it, Downton Abbey and American Horror Story, but who knows when I'll find the time to catch up on these with all the other shows I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I watched the first four or five episodes of Grimm and stopped watching. I felt bad, but I was sort of bored and had too many shows. Something had to go.

Kelly said...

Always Sunny is THE BEST show ever!! My FAVORITE episode is "The Gang Buys a Boat" If it is ever on, you MUST watch it!! We have it saved on our DVR for days when the husband and I need a bit of cheering up ;-)

Michael Henderson said...

Black Grim: (I don't know his name, so I'm calling him Black Grim [also, he's the black one]) "Looks like a vampire killing"

White Grim: (I don't know his name either, so I'm calling him White Grim [he's the white one]) "I knew this day was going to suck" *Puts on sunglasses*

Dog guy: "its actually called a Bloodfahrten.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

@ my husband... you're a loon! But I love you. Black Grimm isn't a Grimm, duh!

Michael Henderson said...

Yeah, but I like calling them Black Grim and White Grim. In a totally non racist, but funny way.

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