May 02, 2012

wedding wednesday: video preview

formerly dare2Bdoemstic!
I know I told you I'd start to share the story of our crazy honeymoon, but I realized the other day I never shared the preview from our wedding video that our videographer made for us. I really wanted to have this on my blog. I tend to like to look back at entries and this is one from the wedding I didn't want to forget.

I loved all the vendors we worked with. Chris at Up Down Media wasn't my first choice for videographer, only because I didn't know about him when I was first choosing my "line up". A "pal" through work was a videographer and I thought about using him. Things simply didn't workout and when Mike found Chris' work online we were BOTH floored and immediately wanted to meet with him. Upon having lunch with Chris and his wife I felt like we had known them for ages. I am not always comfortable with having my pictures taken, and I'm even more uncomfortable with having myself filmed. I hate the way my voice sounds, and it's just... not my thing. The way that we felt at ease with Chris and his wife made it that much easier to know we made the right choice. Add to that his portfolio, and we were sold!

I will let the video speak for itself. If you have time please go to his site and view all his work. Chris has a real knack for picking just the right music to reflect the couple in each one. He surely did for us. I made one comment to him before the end of our big night, that Mike loved Pearl Jam's new album and especially loved the one slow song on it. I thought for sure Chris would use that, instead he surprised us with one of Eddie Vedder's new songs from his solo project and I was over the moon and so was Mike. If this song had been released when we were getting married {on Pearl Jam's 21st Anniversary} I would have picked it in a heartbeat for our first dance.

NOTE: When the video is over and Up Down Media's logo flashes up, wait another moment and you'll get to see mine and Mike's ACTUAL first dance of the evening! One of my favorite moments, is opening my present with my little sister-in-law, it's priceless.

ENJOY!!!! Chris if you're reading this, thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!

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Lora said...

oops! I tried to do it manually but Google is telling me there is no feed for this url!

Mike Henderson said...

I think he did an awesome job. I could watch that video over and over. And I have.

Shana said...

I just teared up a little watching that. You looked beautiful and so happy. And the videographer did an amazing job!

alabamakate said...

oohhh geez that was perfect! i haven't ever met your daddy before he is such a handsome guy! you looked amazing. your wedding looked just like the two of you. love you!:)

Allyson said...

That is a FANTASTIC wedding video!! I especially love that you can still hear the background noise a when you're laughing as you and Mike are coming back down the aisle. It really adds to it. Also...your first dance was hilarious. Neal and I didn't have a first dance and now...I'm thinking we may need to get married again so that we can have that.

The back of your dress was exactly the same as mine and watching you get laced up into it REALLY brought back some memories for me. :)

Michael Henderson said...

That wasn't our for real first dance. The DJ missed his cue big time.

Kathryn said...

I seriously just wept watching this- it was so beautiful!! LOOOOVE the new blog, too- it's so pretty! (and obviously the name is kick-ass)

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