April 27, 2012

friday favorites, confessions and musings

It's that time of the week again - time for Friday Favorites, Musings and Confessions! I have a lot to vent about, share and confess today so let's get to it!!!

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One year ago today tornadoes tore through the state of Alabama and surrounding states making a path of destruction. It seems like only yesterday and in many areas it probably still looks like it was only yesterday. I still get chills, and get overwhelmed with emotion when I see video, or hear victims talk about all they lost that day. While many local residents across the state, not just in Tuscaloosa alone, lost many things, I think the state also gained a lot too. The state pulled together, helped their neighbors and still continue to do so today. I am marking this as one of my favorites because I wanted to share a touching article about the tornadoes, written by a friend of mine {my Sister-in-law's sister to be exact}, for the Tuscaloosa News. She has a Mom Column, THE MOM STOP,  and she wanted to write about the storms and how she hopes her children will learn from them. Knowing her two adorable kids, it's easy for me to be touched by her words, but I think any mother, or human with a heart can gain the love, support and passion she has for her hometown, home state and community.

THE MOM STOP: I Hope My Kids Keep April 27 In Their Hearts 
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for My Friday Confessions

  • I gave myself a whole "talk" this week about not skipping a single workout and what did I do yesterday - I totally skipped my workout. To be fair there were a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink and even though dinner was a crock-pot meal there was more to prepare after I got home. I think I need to get my butt out of bed in the AM if I'm going to make this workout stuff happen for real.
  • I also slacked because I didn't want to miss a second of the 2012 NFL Draft last night. Alabama had 5 players projected to go in the first round - 4 of them did... sadly NONE of them went to The Pittsburgh Steelers and I'm LIVID! We had Dont'a Hightower in our grasp and we didn't pick him {as it was predicted we would}. Gosh, I say WE like I'm part of the team and management. I can tell you for sure if I was... I'd be making the right choice picking a Bama Boy. That being said, my confession is that I cussed like a sailor, out loud, on twitter, you name it. I was and am still PISSED!
  • My musings below are rather confessional in their own right too - keep reading!!!
Last but NEVER least I'm voicing my Random Musings and 

  • I've been having mini panic attacks in my mind {not actual physical attacks} over my debt situation. It's like the other day I woke up and realized I wasn't getting any younger, I couldn't rent forever and one day this body of mine was going to have to pop out a kid before I got too old to do so. Set forth the PANIC... I realize that my debt isn't substantial compared to other people's debt. Others might make more than I do, and thus might be able to pay for more debt. I know I don't make a ton of money and I know over the years I have lived well outside my means at times. I've made a choice and it's got to stop. From this day forward I have chosen to take responsibility and control of my debt, my money and my future with Mike.
  • This all came to light because I was budgeting and trying to figure out how to get ahead. I currently have an IRA account and the company that handles my finances for that sent me a free book as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Feeling down and out I finally opened the damn thing and started to read. It's one of those "A-HA!" moments when you're like shit the answer has been here ALL along I just neglected to pick-up this amazing book {even after my Father told me it was amazing} and read it for myself. I'm very bullheaded, VERY bullheaded. It's like I have to think it's MY idea or it's no good.
  • So here I am... taking control. I'm going to figure out the proper way to classify spending, saving etc. Do I need it, or do I just want it... seems simple enough right? There was a great line in the book that was making the point about figuring out what is needed or optional in your spending. The author stated... "Oreos... yes they are OPTIONAL!" And it made me realize that half the crap I spent my money on, often is totally optional. It's freeing when you start to think how much you let what everyone else is buying dictate what you think you NEED, when it's really a want. Do I need that purse I will use twice and then stop after it's "out of style", NO. I don't need it so why buy it.  Shana did a great experiment about not spending on non-necessities things for a month, such a smart thing. I plan to make this a habit, and yes, I'll take time to blog about it.
  • Our "house search" has now been deemed - searching for a more affordable apartment/townhouse and/or downsizing a bit to save for BOTH of us to pay off our debt we both have... novel idea huh?
  • I know I will possibly never be completely debt free, but I can certainly be debt free in the sense that nothing is for not. House debt, and car debt I consider to be totally different than credit card debt, wouldn't you agree?
  • I'm no one to share a lot of personal information so for me to even tell you I'm having these issues that I want to correct is a big step in my process. The next big step, taking the advice from the book I'm reading and start writing EVERY red sent I spend down for 6 months to see where I'm spending and wasting money weekly, monthly, daily.
Thanks for listening - any tips you may have are greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend, we'll be laying low, entertaining at the house and OH YEAH, NOT spending money unnecessarily!!!

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Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Crazy how it has been a year already huh ? It's been an emotional day for many that I work with, but I amm just so grateful that this state came back so strong! Enjoyed reading your post girl ! Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and don't feel bad about skipping out :)

Sonja said...

I'm a spender. HARDCORE SPENDER. It's an issue really. I REALLY realized it a few months ago. I knew it was a problem before but never really had that a ha moment ya know? I know how hard it is to even admit it to yourself. Honestly this is the first time I've said it on the interwebz ha! You should look into Dave Ramsey as well! That was the best wedding gift we received! Sadly Matt kept it in the divorce though LOL!

It will be a tough road girl! But you will come out just fine! :) XO

Jessica said...

You gave me shivers! My new man friend was at the Dierks Bentley/Kellie Pickler concert in Cullman on Friday night - he said he just couldn't miss it because of what it meant to the town. He said it was so great to see everyone coming together as a community to remember and raise money for the ongoing benefit of the town and everyone effected.

xo J

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