March 30, 2012

friday favorites & random musings

I'm so happy it's Friday! The only set plans Mike and I have for the weekend is taking our first kayaking trip down the creek on Sunday. I'm excited, anxious and I can't wait! The only other plan we have for the weekend is to search for some new sunblock {very important when you're outdoors}, a nifty sunglasses strap for Mike's shades so he doesn't lose them in the creek, and hopefully if the weather holds out tonight, because it's super ugly out there right now... we will enjoy what is the subject of my Friday Favorites today...
When Spring weather arrives the first thing I want to do is pop an allergy pill and the second is to get outdoors. I love this time of year even if my sinuses don't. One of the traditions that Mike and I started when we moved into our current home was "Front Porch Happy Hours".  Before that we enjoyed "Back Deck Happy Hours", and before that - we just hung out on the couch or grilled with a beer on our back patio, and before that our little stoop at our downtown apartment was our hangout. Basically, if it's 5:30 pm on a Friday you're going to find Mike and I trying our best to get a nice mellow buzz on after a long week at the office.

It doesn't take much to start a Front Porch Happy Hour, or any type of home happy hour for that matter. All you need is your drink of choice, be it alcoholic or virgin, {I prefer and ice cold Mich Ultra or a nice crisp glass of Pinot G... I'm sure in the next few weeks I'll be sipping on some sweet tea vodka}, a comfortable chair, or blanket, a front porch and good company. Nice additions to this include some music and great conversation. Our only rule on the porch is you must chill out, and what is said on the porch stays on the porch. {We like to gossip sometimes.}

Our dog, June enjoying a front porch happy hour • image by Mike
Did I mention that our pets are always welcome? We suit up our dog June with her leash and our cat, Angus with his small leash and tie them off to enjoy the warm weather, creatures and neighbors passing by. If we don't have plans for the weekend, the Front Porch Happy Hour is what I look forward to most about the weekend. Well, that and sleeping in a bit on Saturday and Sunday.

What's your favorite way to unwind after a long week?

It's time to link up with Shana over at Fumbling Towards Normalcy!
I have quite a few Random Musings this week... most are Hollywood related, here goes!
  • First off... did you hear the news? What you didn't hear the angels singing and the skies opening to reveal awesomness? DUDE... Anchorman II is FINALLY in the works, for REAL this time and with the entire Channel 4 News team assembling {they are still waiting to hear confirmation from Christina Applegate, but they are hopeful she will sign on}. Ron Burgundy made the announcement on Conan's show the other night.  I'm so excited I could shit twinkies over this! LOVE that movie! Stay Classy San Diego!
via google
  • E! News reported the other night that there might be a new Hollywood couple alert and when I heard who it was my heart sang a sweet diddy for Jason Segal and Michelle Williams. I can't put into words how much I love Jason Segal, he just seems like SUCH a fun guy. He rivals Jason Seudikis for biggest Hollywood crush for me at this moment. And Michelle, well I just adore her. I am really excited about this pairing.
  • I skipped ALL my workouts this week. No real reason, I just didn't want to do my recovery week and it's taken a toll on me. I've been antsy and stir crazy all week long. I busied myself with chores around the house like putting away clothing, organizing my closet and washing dishes each night as well as cooking dinner. Though, after we finished eating, I'd sit there on the couch, watching mindless TV {not every night} and just couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to do something. This doesn't happen when I workout and exhaust myself. After working out I fill up my time with a shower, making dinner and usually don't sit down to eat until 7:30-8:00. After that I might catch one or two shows before I'm ready for bed. Moral of the story - working out makes me feel better, sleep better and hopefully look better. I've also noticed that my mood is less than stellar this week due to not getting my pent up aggression out through Turbo Firing... Next week I start the actual program week 1. Wish me luck.
  • My last tidbit will be a shocker... well not really but... I feel the need to express this. I know last week I was all "Ugh, SO OVER Hunger Games talk..." and I still sort of am but the difference this week is that I think I'm going to give in, and give the series a chance. Not so much due to peer pressure but due to what I feel like is a challenge sent down from my girl Hutch. She didn't comment as a challenge but if she knew how much her comment on my post appealed to the inner feminist in me... she'd understand why I can't let it go, and I must at least give the first book a chance. I also like her mini jab at Twilight... {she's also discussing these today on her blog, go check it out}. Add to this the fact that she told me in ALL CAPS to READ IT!!!! I'm going to have to just throw caution to the wind {see comments below}. After finding the books on the shelf at Target for $7.19 a pop I figured what could getting one hurt? So maybe this weekend, or next week I'll pick the first one up and see how it goes. NO SPOILER ALERTS PEOPLE!!!

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Lora said...

you will like Hunger Games, I promise!

And I follow your husband on Tumblr now, I recognized your dog on his feed! Is that psycho? (read: yes) And he blogs too? OMG. I'm excited to read his blogs. How did I not know all this?

Have a FABULOUS weekend. Also, one of my favorite summertime drinks is gin, lemonade, and cucumber. I know you aren't a big gin drinker, but trust me on this. It's great on a front porch.

Hutch said...

So glad you accepted the challenge :) You can thank me later!

Carolyn said...

First - a front porch happy hour sounds AMAZING! Maybe I'll make my husband grill me some dinner and we'll have a back patio happy hour. :)

Second - Jason Segal and Michelle Williams makes my heart happy.

Third - I've been super lazy this week. UGH. Maybe next week I'll get back on the train? HAHA

Fourth - read the books. Hutch is right. They're amazing. And Katniss is BAD ASS. :)

Shana said...

I agree with Hutch. Read the damn books, woman! You will like them.

Kallay said...

LOVE that pillow on your front porch!

I'm with the others, too. READ the Hunger Games books. They're fantastic.

We still have to do our Reuben Challenge. Feeling up to it in April? :D

I'm also excited for Michelle Williams. She deserves happiness. <3

400 Wakeups said...

I am very much looking forward to the return of Front Porch Fridays for us. Although they have morphed into Back Porch Fridays since that's where all of the furniture and citronella candles are.

Hutch is right...I detest Twilight because Bella is such a WHINER. But Katniss is bad-ass and takes control of her own destiny. I love that in a female lead, no doubt. I think you'll really love the series. And if you have a Nook, you can borrow from me as they are all Lend-Me books.

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh, I loooove the idea of front porch happy hours! I just need a house first...grrr...

I don't really know how I feel about another Anchorman. I think it might be a mistake- you don't mess with perfection, and I think it can only be disappointing.

P.S. Your dog looks a lot like my Rocket! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

Jason and Michelle are super cute. I love Anchorman and can't wait for the sequel. Did you hear they are making Dumb & Dumber 2 with Carrey and Daniels? I don't always love Carrey films, but that one is my fave.

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