February 15, 2012

wedding wednesday: pre-party

After a few weeks off Wedding Wednesday is back! Sorry it's taken so long but I seem to get overwhelmed at the thought of a big organizational post such as one with lots of pictures, stories and details. Yeah, I know that's what blogging is all about right? Duh.

After the long night of partying down at Mike's room after our rehearsal dinner I kissed him goodnight, gave some of my maids a hug and trekked back to my room which was on the other side of the hotel/resort. Once in my room, I realized I wasn't that tired. I had already organized my room to be nice and neat, all items for my bridesmaids were placed on the table, all my clothing and undergarments were laid out and ready for the next day. Jewelry was checked, and I was good to go. I sat there for a moment and took it all in. I was getting married the next day and couldn't wait. I couldn't tell you what time I fell asleep, it was really late and I was upset that I didn't sleep that long but I figured it was nothing that a little coffee couldn't cure. It was strange not sleeping in the same room as Mike the night before the wedding. We've lived together for 7 years before we tied the knot so it was just strange to be in a large hotel suite, alone, with no one to talk to.

I was expecting the hair and make-up girls to arrive at my hotel room by 9 am. I was up and rocking and rolling by 7:30. I figured I'd give myself a good hour for getting ready. I showered, shaved, did all my business and then realized I didn't have to fuss with my hair, or make-up. I could have slept longer, if my body and mind had let me. I went ahead and started a pot of coffee and turned on ESPN's Game Day. It was quiet, way too quite in my room. Calm before the storm I guess. I fixed a cup of joe and headed out on to the balcony of my room. It was a crisp morning and the lake was covered in fog when I first woke up, it was amazing!!! {Should have taken a picture}. The view below is from the day of the rehearsal taken by my bridesmaid and her family.

Awesome view from the balcony of our resort.
I sat on my balcony and watched the boaters cleaning up their yachts. Some possibly doing the walk of shame after their night of partying {The boaters convention was the following weekend, these were early arrivals to get the best spot for their week long party}. I took time and just relaxed and cleared my mind. I wasn't nervous, at all. Just ready to get the day started.

The first to arrive to my room was my oldest friend, K. She brought in snacks and helped me set up a mini breakfast bar complete with Mimosas and snacks. Mike's sister later brought us a breakfast casserole that hit the spot!!! Before long my hair and make-up girls arrived [can I just tell you how much I love that they came to the resort!!!], and my room was buzzing with tons of women, chatting, laughing, sipping morning appropriate cocktails and having a blast.

At first I thought having to get the day started at 9 am was too early but after seeing the time it takes to work on hair, make-up, and get everyone going I was totally wrong. It was organized chaos all day. Everyone kept asking if I was ok. I was calm, chatty but not overly talkative. At one point my make-up girl said I was making her nervous because I was so calm.

My hair and make-up both were completely different from my trial run. Less make-up and less hair being fussed over. I opted to wear my hair down after creating a flower clip using parts of my mother's veil. And wanted less make-up because I wanted to look like me, only slightly fancier.

Half way through the day I enlisted Mike's sister to deliver the gifts I had gotten him. I waited until our camera man and photographers had made it so they could catch our reactions on film.

suck it innnnnn!
One of my most favorite images of Mike of that day!
Dear Friends, Bridesmaids and Junior Bridesmaids helping me get ready.
accessories, perfume and shoes - oh my!
What the photographers might have missed my dear friend P and my girls caught themselves.
Excuse the non-pro picture but this is the only shot I believe we got of my garter.
By 1:30 - 2 pm it was time to get geared up to go meet Mike for our first look pictures. I wasn't sure where my photographers had scoped out a location for Mike and I to meet at first but then they informed me that they had found a secluded, wooded area close by. Well close for someone not in heels or dragging a heavy wedding dress on their person. My bridesmaids came to the rescue and ordered a golf cart from the front desk. My MOH carried me to the secret hiding place and we walked up the dirt hill.. yes I said dirt hill to meet Mike.

The beginning of the moment was sort of a blur, I didn't realize the photographers were snapping shots of me walking with my MOH, and neither did she. She was still in her sweats and flannel shirt helping me tote my dress as to not get it filthy before the ceremony.

I slowly walked toward him and the photographers instructed me to tap him on the shoulder and he could turn around to see me. It was so strange, I had so many butterflies in my stomach and I was so excited to see his face. Bottom line the moment was magic and his first words were "OH J.C. you look F#CKING AWESOME!" Only he actually fully said J.C. He quickly covered his mouth and apologized and asked if the camera guy could edit that out. It was adorable, innocent and awesome all at once!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
Just give him a little tappy tap.

After the first look photos were Bride and Groom portraits. I'm so happy we had moments alone before and after the ceremony. These shots are from both times!


First Pictures After the Ceremony!!!

All Photos Taken by Breanna Fogg Photography unless otherwise noted or labeled.

I am so happy I got the autumn wedding I had always dreamed of, honestly the colors were awesome! And the weather was perfect. Not too hot, but a bit chilly.

Next time I will feature bridal party portraits and the ceremony! I hope you all have enjoyed viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed putting the post together!

Happy Mid-Week everyone!
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Carolyn said...

OH MY GOSH! SO GORGEOUS!!! Seriously. What a perfect fall day! And that location! Stunning. And the couple is pretty good looking too. :)

Cathy said...

I'm loving your wedding recap posts! Everything seems like it went so well. I love your entire look...the dress, hair, makeup, jewelry..so lovely!

Alyze said...

Hi :)

I just stumbled upon your blog and was so excited to see you just got married because I love all the wedding photos!!! Your dress was so so stunning. Congratulations!!!

Kathryn said...

I definitely don't blame you for not being able to sleep- how could anyone relax the night before their wedding? LOOVE the photos! You look beautiful! My favorite is the one in front of the water where you're hugging Mike from behind.

Anonymous said...

They all look so great. Beautiful!

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