May 30, 2011

Monday Minute: Memorial Day Edition

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you will take time today to remember those who have served our country and brought us the freedom we have and protect it every day!!! Thank you to our troops!

Today's post is short and sweet - it's a holiday after all there are things to be grilled and beers to be consumed. Thanks to Ian I finally have a reason to blog on Mondays! Again if you have never been to Ian's blog before, check it out! P.S. I really like a good excuse to feature Yoda on my blog too, he's my favorite Jedi, ever!

Monday Minute

1 - Aside from your armpits, what body part of yours sweats the most?
As a woman we all know how much our boobs sweat, hot right? Add to that my back and I'm just a hot mess all around when the temps get high. Alabama is not a place for a lady to live and not sweat that's for damn sure!

2 - You have two slices of bread.  You can add one additional ingredient to make a sandwich, but as much of it as you want.  What are you putting on it?
Apple Butter - pounds and pounds of apple butter. Better yet, screw the bread just give me a spoon I'll eat it like applesauce - SO good!

3 - Can you put your entire fist into your mouth?
I would try but that might cause wrinkles around my face and I'd hate for people to think I suck pole for a living because of it.

4 - Open your email.  How many emails do you have in your 'Inbox'?
Hehe, you said inbox... get it? 20 Emails but most have been read.

5 - If an adult male is taken for ransom, is that considered kidnapping?
Yes. I still believe it is even if the kidnapper is a woman, there be some craycray bitches out there!

I will try to remember to link up Ian! This message has been scheduled and I can't say if I will honestly remember the linkages after all those frozen drinks this weekend.

"There was something important I was supposed to do today...."
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400 Wakeups said...

OMG. Boob sweat is the WORST, right?? I bought 2 new bras while I was with Shana last week and I VOW to not let them turn yellow. We are melting in KY right now so I can only imagine what's going on down there. I'm just a little bit dreading going back to GA. ;) I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day with cookouts and desserts and the chance to show off your bling.

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