August 19, 2010

P90X Update: 60 days

I can't believe I'm into my 60 days and beyond part of the P90X workout. It hasn't been easy but it's been so rewarding. I still have hurdles to get over, and I've still had bumps along the way but all in all I'm in the groove and aside from a bit being bored with some of the routines I'm still loving the program. (And cussing Tony less and less everyday, especially on the Ab Ripper).

What I have learned/How I'm doing: 
  • You must follow the meal plan. I said this before in my 30 day listing but it's vital. I think I would be 100 times further than I am if I stuck to the meal plan without fail. I think my two weeks off for vacation hurt me a little bit but I came back swinging. I think a lot of the cheat meals, about 1 per week didn't help me either. I'm going to try my best in this last month to make it happen full tilt. With as little cheating as possible. Truth be told the only reason I've truly cheated was for social meals. If we eat at home I don't want to cheat, I'd rather eat what we are supposed to. If we go to a relative's home or friend's house I'm at the mercy of what they are preparing and usually it's not good.
  • Heart Rate Monitors are a MUST. In the first month I didn't bother to purchase one. I will say that one thing P90X isn't is cheap. But I try to remind myself that I can't put a price on getting more healthy and prolonging my life. I purchased a ton of equipment and I still needed the monitor. I finally broke down and purchased it right before my 60 day start. I wanted not only to be sure I was in the right bracket for burning calories effectively but I wanted to see how many I was burning in each workout. Since I've been wearing the monitor I feel like I'm pushing myself harder. So my advice if you're starting the program, run out and purchase one ASAP! I even wore it when I went kayaking the other day just to see how many calories I burned - turns out being on the creek for 3.5 hours can burn up to 1400 calories which isn't to bad considering I think of this as a relaxing day, not a total body workout.
  • I have pain in my knee - UPDATE: The pain I had in my first 30 days has gone away but I am noticing that my joints do ache from time to time. Mostly my elbows and my knees and usually after weight lifting and or lunges. I am not sure if this is normal tenderness or if it's something I should truly worry about. If anything I know I need to purchase some new workout shoes and should possibly look into some wrist guards. I'm 33 years old, (yes I just admitted that) I'm not a spring chicken but I wonder if my extra weight for the past few years has anything do to with this. Listen body, I'm working on making you smaller, give me some time.
  • Yoga Love vs. Hate. Remember when I said I could hold the Crane pose for 20 seconds before tumbling? I think it was totally a fluke for that first month - and it probably only happened one more time after posting that. I jinxed myself clearly, and like I said my wrists aren't my best friends right now. But it's ok - I don't mind taking a child's pose every now and then during the routine. Yoga X is pretty brutal, even though I've never taken a formal yoga studio class I can tell this one isn't like most. I was over the moon when I discovered after doing it for the first time with my heart rate monitor that I was able to burn over 1,000 calories. That in itself makes me want to continue yoga after this is finished. And after being told by Salt that I had to find a yoga place near me to frequent I did find a business card this weekend with local information so I hope to make her proud.
  • Still Eating Healthy and Loving Veggies - I've noticed a huge change - I feel strange without eating veggies. While on vacation I know I didn't eat enough and honestly, I doubt any of the ones I did eat were healthy. When I was back home I took stock of the meals I was eating on vacation. None of them were truly healthy (unless you count the crab feast, even though it was coated in Old Bay which I'm sure is high in sodium). I ate a lot of the things I always loved and I realized just how bad my diet truly was and the years of packing on pounds finally made sense. Seriously I think there was a GE glow over my head light bulb and all. I didn't eat enough veggies, and I certainly ate a ton of fat. I doesn't matter if you eat chicken if it's coated in breading and deep fried, ahhh dur!
  • Chocolate protein powder makes me gag. I am still not a fan of chocolate although I made the switch this month and it's growing on me. It still needs lots of ice, a banana and some milk to make me happy. I try to mix it with only water and a little ice as my recover drink but there is still a gag factor.
  • Alcohol can hurt your progress. This still rings true for me. I still feel like if I have some cocktails I am not giving my 100% the next day. I've tried to reserve drinking for Saturday night but not going over board. I might have some wine on Friday. I have noticed one thing, my tolerance is much lower now that I've started to lose weight. Two weeks ago let's just say it was NOT pretty. Healthy eating, mixed with one too many Vodka Sodas leads to one hot mess of a rockstar named Kelly.
  • Slacking isn't an option. Still SO true. In my full 60 days I have not missed one single workout. I did miss one last weekend, I skipped Saturdays workout figuring I'd make it up on Sunday (my normal off day). I felt like my body needed to rest - I slept for 2 hours on Saturday and I've been exhausted. My body needed this rest obviously so I try not to feel too bad - besides the next day is when I went kayaking and burned all those calories. I will NOT make this skipping a habit. I knew it was a slippery slope and there are days I just want to say SCREW THIS but I don't. I forge through and when I'm done I feel amazing. So try your best not to skip, unless of course you're injured.
  • DOUBLES: I claimed I was going to do Doubles for the 30-60 day time period. That didn't happen. I made it up in the AM twice tops for my AM Cardio workout. And while the Cardio X workout isn't bad - I just didn't have the energy and figured I would stick to Classic and maybe when I do a 2nd run of P90X I might try for doubles.
  • PULL UPS: When I started this I wanted to be able to do 1 pull up. I can now do three pull ups, with chair assist and I think that rocks. I hope to continue to do this. I think that my doors are way too low to use the bands. I use the highest resistance band, wrapped around the bar 4 times to do pulls etc and I just don't feel like I get the burn I'm supposed to. That being said using a stool/chair is an issue too with the low door jams. We shall see.

Ok enough chatter - I know you really just want to hear my 60 day results so here goes.

P90X Day 0 / Day 30 / Day 60
Weight: 195 lbs. / 189 lbs. / 185 lbs. (-5 lbs.)
Chest: 44" / 41.5" / 41.5 (-0")
Waist 38" 36.5"  / 36" (-.5")
Hips 42.5" / 42.5" / 40.5 (-2")
Right Thigh: 25.5" / 25" / 24.5 (-0.5")
Left Thigh: 25.5" / 24.5" / 24 (-0.5")
Right Arm: 13.5" 12.5" / 13  (+0.5")
Left Arm: 13.5" / 12.5" / 13 (+0.5")

JEAN SIZE: 16 / 16-14 / 14
I wanted to start documenting this because I know at times this speaks louder than measurements and pictures. When I started P90X I had purchased my first pair of size 16 jeans December 2009. I purchased them to wear and feel comfortable for a New Years Eve Party I had to go to.  I didn't wear them often because it upset me, they were extremely comfortable and not tight or anything - this is what made me upset. I've never been a girl that let the size of my jeans upset me. That being said my jeans were always a size 10, or 12 (for most of my adult life). I was always comfortable as a size 10 or 12. When I got up to 14 I was a bit upset but I've always said I'd rather be a size bigger to prevent muffin top than rock that horrible style. Well... time came where my size 14's were way too tight and that's when I purchased the size 16's. I vowed after this purchase that I would work to get back into my 14's. (This didn't happen until I started P90X - I continued to wear the 14's to work, with a baggy shirt, to hid the muffin under the cotton. I always say the trend of empire shirts and baggy dress like shirts is what ruined me. I could eat all I want and cover it up with a cute flowing top!

I'm happy to report that the size 16's now fall off me. I wear them from time to time if it's all that is clean in my closet - but I have to wear a belt or be forced to moon the world. My size 14's are perfectly fitted for me right now without any sign of muffin top this alone makes me happy as a clam! I was told through this program that I would drop as much as 2 pant sizes so I hope that my last 30 days make this happen!

Enough jabbering here's the pictures - notice there doesn't seem to be much difference and please excuse my amazing tan lines - I wear tanks and shorts to kayak so I can't help it. Lastly my hair looks classy I know, but it was 7:00 AM and I was in the process of getting ready for work, deal with it!

click to enlarge

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I know a few of you are in the middle of your own P90X journeys how are you doing? How do you feel? And please let me know so I can march over and read your reviews.

P.S. I still HATE Fifer Scissors and I can't do 25 reps of bicycles forward or back yet, but I'm getting there! And I have to ask why do most of the girls sound like 5 year olds? 

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Sara said...

You're a beast and I bow to your commitment.

I'm still in the phase where I like to congratulate myself if I left even 1 french fry on my plate at the end of dinner.

Clearly, you're a few steps ahead of me.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

HA! Sara, baby steps are still steps! Trust me I'm shocked when I can't finish my dinner. The other night after kayaking all day I made mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes (healthy version) and pork chops. Let's just say I couldn't finish it all and I was BLOWN AWAY usually I lick my plate clean! I think my body was like HOLY CARB OVERLOAD WOMAN! Which never happened in the past.

Baby steps work, in time you'll do it when you're ready. Trust me if I attempted this 2 years ago I would have quit - it's all about mind set.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of you right now!
I am with you on the work out - but I am having wicked trouble curbing my eating. All the muscle in the world doesn't matter if its covered by a layer(s) of fat.
Keep up the good work - you are looking supah-fine!

foxy said...

You are doing FANTASTIC, girl, and I am so proud of your commitment to this program!! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good work Kelly! Almost done! :) I am in my third week... LOVE the workouts! It is sometimes hard to find time to do them (I was up until 12:30 last night doing shoulders and arms - followed by AB RIPPER X) LOL but I love it!

You're still my inspiration girlie!

ZDub said...

HOLY CRAP, I'm so proud of you! You look great, seriously. And posting a pics of yourself (no matter what your size) takes big balls, I could never do it!

I watch this infomercial all the time and now I want to try it.

Seriously, you rock.

ZDub said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shana said...

You look amazing! It's an unbelievable transformation. Keep up the great work.

Bev said...

I think you look great, and I admire your resolve! I've heard that P90 works wonders but is very challenging. Good for you for sticking with it!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! You can really see a huge difference from 0 to 60. You make me feel like a slob. I have got to start shredding again.

Hutch said...

Dang girl! You're totally killing it! I'm super impressed and can't wait to see the 90 days!

bananas. said...

wow lady...i am completely impressed by your motivation and results. you're doing it girl! i see it! now keep it up!!!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I'm so proud of you! Before you know it you will be in single digit sizes!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is so inspiring! Go KeL!
You look great, the hard work is really paying off. I love the definition/dent in your obliques, that is so hot!

And I totally agree, following the diet can make such a huge difference. BEst of luck this month, can't wait for the next batch of pics!!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

WOW, So proud of you. I am still struggling to do ANYTHING to do this stupid weight. This is a health matter for us,so we MUST do something. Right now I'm overwhelmed by having people visiting for the last 3 wks and today I was told MIL will be coming next week (KILL.ME) so is very hard to do anything right now. But I must try, as you say baby steps. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Try Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 protein powder in chocolate from GNC. It's actually REALLY good. I have it every morning with a banana, strawberries, and bananas, and a cup of vanilla almond milk. And I'm not hungry AT ALL until lunch. (And if you get the GNC card - not credit card, but you know scanner card), the first week of every month is 10% off.

And P.S. you look great. And I hate THAT yoga. It's too repetitive.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Jules I think that is what is starting to annoy me with the Yoga, same issue. I don't enjoy it or feel great until the end when I get to lay on the floor and relax ;) haha

I will have to test some of that out! Thank you for the heads up!

Meghan said...

Girl, your arms are sick! You look amazing!

I hear ya on the fifer scissors - I hate them!!! I am horrible at the v-up roll-ups, or whatever they're called:) Overall, though, I have to agree with you - I feel fantastic and SO much stronger than I did before!

Lora said...

so awesome! keep it up, lady!

Shandal said...

WOOOT Kelly! You're doing soo soo good!!! Keep it up!!!

Allyson said...

Yay for a P90X update!!! I love that you're breaking down your lessons learned for others to learn them, as well. I am learning that alcohol really does hurt the process and it's so hard for me to not have that glass of wine each night, but it's slowly making a difference. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I see a DEFINITE difference in your face. It has slimmed down a lot. And there is definition in your arms, legs, and back that wasn't there before. And no more muffin top! Thank you, abs, for getting with the program! Congrats on your success so far! You're 2/3 of the way finished. Until you start over, that is. ;)

You know what I don't crave so much anymore? Ice cream. Isn't that weird? I want strawberries. I would say that is a change in the right direction!

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