June 11, 2010

fixation friday: it's not all about me

Today's fixation friday reflects me in a way, but more so it reflects you, my readers. I've started to notice in my blog history a certain trend. I love getting comments they give me the warm fuzzies all over and I've realized that the posts that cause the most conversations are the ones about bodily functions, female sanitary itemsgood old stoner tendencies or when I go celebrity baby stalking.

What does that say about me? What does that say about YOU? I will say ladies, because with the exception of a few of my readers most of you are ladies (Big UPs to the mens who read, I'm happy you're here and still hanging after all the rag talk). Seriously, What's up with us? Is it just that I'm THAT brazen to discuss such things that you feel open to share your own opinions and stories, or is it really that we are a dick and fart joke type generation. I like to think it's both. I'm never above a great joke about dookie, let's face it I've always got sh#t on my mind.

via google • I used to love this CD
"Don't Stop Get it, Get it"
Yes I know it's inappropriate, but that's why you like me right?

And let's be real, girl issues or anything like that tends to be pure comedy gold. I try my best to take the high road but seeing as the trend is that you gals like to chat more when I take the low road, I'm not so sure I want to stop.

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Because quitting is not an option I will be ignoring this sign

Trust me I'm not downing you, my loyal readers in this post. Not one bit. I'm actually really happy to see I'm not the only girl that can be a lady when it's needed and let loose when it's not. So cheers to all you women and men that enjoy a good poop joke from time to time and or a great story about tampon wonders. I salute you and your metaphorical balls or your real ones.

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Yep and I'm full of it... PASSION that is!

It's FRIDAYYYYYY everyone. It's time to party. I hope you all have great weekend plans. I am laying low this weekend P90Xing my heart out and cleaning the darn house - seriously the pile of laundry is taking on it's own identity... I shall call him Milen.

Enjoy the weekend lovelies and thanks for sticking with me through the thick and thin and even the times when you need boots because the shizz gets so deep! ox

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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

We love you no matter what you write about...and yes, the farts do help lots. :)
Cleaning? I'm so glad I did it yesterday because I hate cleaning on the weekends in the summer.

SurferWife said...

Hey, I think that was a self portrait of me at the comedy show last weekend.

You know me. I can get down and dirty with the rest of you filthy gals.

Cathy said...

Farty Farty Poop Poop.

I grew up with two younger brothers, so I'm down with the poop jokes. Our favorite term of endearment was "buttface" so yeah, go ahead and talk about gross stuff. I don't care!

Sole Matters said...

haha love it! love the passion pic. have a great weekend!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh you know me, I LOVE a good dirty joke and downright inappropriate post! Keep doin' what you're doin'...you keep me entertained! : )

Amanda said...

Listen, I'm 30 years old and ain't nothing funnier to me than 1) fart jokes 2) the word "balls" 3) poop stories. LOVE me some 11 year old boy conversation!! Keep with it woman...we love you!

KLZ said...

I am jealous that you only have one laundry pile. I did 4 loads this weekend and yet there is more.

Perhaps Milen could use a girlfriend pile? I'm sure I could send one over to you.

Candice said...

Well, I'm the true definition of a lady, but even I can handle a good turd joke from time to time. ;)

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