February 04, 2010

another great idea & cause.

And another great reason to love ***Harlow's parents and many other celebrities as well! Oh thank heaven, for 7-11! Cups With a Cause and it's details are listed in the link before this. I think this is a great idea. You buy a 20 oz. cup-o-joe in a cup designed by different celebrities, sports heroes etc. and the proceeds from your daily cup of coffee to go the charity of the designers choice.  How easy and how fun is that? My only wish is that we had a 7-11 here in my small town, or state. If we have a 7-11 in Alabama I haven't seen one in all my travels north or south. We only have independent coffee houses, which is a plus because they are really good, but there is just something so wonderful to me about 7-11 coffee. (I'm not a Starbucks girl at all - I prefer 7-11 and Dunkin D's!).

So if you have a 7-11 handy - stop in, grab a 20 oz. coffee and support your habit and a charity at the same time! Why not buy a round for your office?


*** Look I got her name right this time!

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Allyson said...

Because I'm a total sadomasochist, I want to see the cups they are designing, even though there is not a 7-11 around for MILES. Maybe even states. I couldn't find the designs...just how to find green coffee and all about celebrities. Tips? Hints? Snarky remarks?

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I really wanted to see them too (and would have included a few in the post if I could have found them). My guess is that it's all just "NEW" and they haven't actually done the full designs yet... grrrr! But I like the concept!

Kiera said...

interesting- i didn't know 711 had good coffee- ive got one right down the street!

and dude, how awesome is that that you only have independent cafes? enjoy it!

Linda said...

I guess I can't join in...I'm not a coffee drinker:( Hope you have a FUN weekend!


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Kiera - I've always liked 7-11 Coffee. They have a few different flavors, and usually if you get a good 7-11 they'll have a great coffee bar complete with syrups and different creamers etc. Of course it's not like having someone make it all for you ala Starbucks but honestly I really like basic coffee with flavor vs. all the skim, whip, fancy stuff.

Linda - I bet if you bought a 20 oz hot chocolate in a cup it would still apply :) Have a great weekend too! Thank you!

Kristin said...

I'm so hitting up 7-11! Thanks!

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