April 09, 2012

feeding the hunger

About two weeks ago I did something that I normally never do. As an effort to think outside of the box {not necessarily outside of society's box, but outside of my own}, I went against all my normal behavior of avoiding trendy things and gave into the most talked about book series since Twilight. Yes ladies and gents, I read and finished the entire Hunger Games series. Better late than never right?

Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins via google
I felt like I was challenged by Hutch with her comment about having to read these books. Not that she was saying DO IT... DO IT OR I'LL TOSS YOU IN AS TRIBUTE... instead she appealed to my inner feminist on fire. I love a great story about a strong female character, after Hutch told me about that I knew I had to give it a chance. After I blogged about Hutch's comment I then got more encouragement from Shana, Allyson and Kallay.  These four girls know their literature so I set out that evening to purchase the first book.

I was pleased when I went to Target to find they had the Hunger Games in paper back. It only cost me $7.05 plus tax. I thought to myself if I hate it {yes there was still a doubt in my mind at the time even after all the encouragement}, I can just know I was only out that much money.

Did I hate it? Uh, no way. I read that thing in two days. The only reason I didn't finish it in one was because I knew I had to get to work the next day and reading all night wasn't an option. Trust me I will not talk about spoiler alerts here because as someone that hates to know anything about a book or movie before it's released I HATE when people talk about important items in a book/movie on their blogs etc.

I will say something that sort of ruined the reading for me was that I already had in my mind that the main characters looked like certain actors. It was really hard not to picture Cinna as Lenny Kravitz... my mind kept thinking about his videos and that annoyed me. I sort of wished I jumped on this band wagon long before the movies or actors were announced so I could use my own imagination to picture them. My one plus was having an open mind about some later characters and no idea who was playing others. Oddly enough envisioning Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket was a bonus - I sort of love her and while I haven't seen the movie sort of feel like I could see her doing a great job as Effie.

I haven't seen the movie yet, and will probably wait for it to come out on pay-per-view. I don't tend to like to see teen movies in the theaters and reading other people's reactions to going opening night, or even weeks later solidifies my choice to see it in the comfort of my own home... you know so I can lay in my PJs, pause it when I have to pee and make jokes without others getting annoyed or being annoyed by others. The good part about reading the rest of the books is that now I can go forth and look at Hunger Game items on Pinterest, see previews to the movie and even watch skits on SNL and they not only make sense but don't ruin anything for me. P.S. That SNL skit had me DYING laughing. If I had never read the book I would have been so lost, thankfully I finished before it aired.

Once I finished the first book - I went out the next day and purchased Catching Fire. It was twice as much as the first book since they only had it available in hard back... this didn't bother me one bit after reading the first one - I zipped through the second book just as quickly and went right on to Mockingjay. I tried my best to slow roll through the book, even taking a day off to get away from it, but  I finished it quickly and while I might not be 100% happy with the ending {no spoilers}, I am at least 98% happy with it and sad it's over.

In the end it's fair to say even though I don't want to make this into a whole Twilight like "love triangle thing" because I really feel like that's such a small part of the story... I have to say I'm Team Gale all the way. And I just had to get that out because I've been 100% Team Gale since the first chapter of this series. Whew... that's a load off my chest. Don't worry I won't go purchase a shirt with a design like this...  I'm 35 years old for Peeta's sake. {ha, get it Peeta?}
via google
I know most of you read this book so if you'd like to chat more about it feel free to email me. I don't want to post a lot here for fear some of my readers may be as late to the games as I am.

VERDICT: I loved the series. It was fun to read, well written and I couldn't put it down. Two huge thumbs up!!! I am half contemplating going back and purchasing the hardcover version of Hunger Games so my set looks pretty on the shelf but that's sort of silly... right?

I'm very anxious to head over to the bookstore this weekend just to check out the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. I doubt I will ever make lamb stew but, I have to say one of my favorite parts of the book, as a cooking show junkie was the way Katniss described EVERY meal she ate, in great detail. #foodielove

Now I can finish Kitchen Confidential and figure out my next book move from there.

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Amy Carson said...

So glad you liked it!! These books are my favorite books I've ever read... I dont even care that they're 'Young Adult', I love me some tween books ;) I couldnt put them down when I was reading them either, and I was definitely depressed when I finished the third book, knowing that there were no more... I am happy I read them before the big fuss was made and the movie was announced, I prefer the way my imagination made everything but I did enjoy the movie too (and I did have a moment of all out crying my eyes out in the middle of the movie *no spoilers!!*)

400 Wakeups said...

YAY!!! Is this the appropriate time to say "I told you so"?? ;) I'm glad you loved it, although I'm Team Peeta all the way ...I mean, there's bread involved. I love a man who brings me bread. And that was such a bad Peeta joke, truly. :)

Now I have to go watch SNL for the HG skit and the supposedly HORRIBLE musical act.

Carolyn said...

OMG! YES! I'm glad I'm not the only one! HAHA All my friends think I'm crazy for liking Gale. What's not to like about a tall, dark, handsome hero that is willing to take care of her family? Um nothing. :)

Glad you liked the books!!!

Cathy said...

Team Gale! I don't know if you read my review of the books...I think I posted it last March. I won't leave a link as there is a spoiler about the ending. Glad you enjoyed the books. My 10 year old niece just told me she's reading them...not sure how I feel about that. I also have the first book in paperback and the other two in hardcover. Part of me definitely wants to go buy the first one in hardcover.

hotpants™ said...

It's not silly to want a matching set. I'm so glad you gave in and loved the series. I'm 33 and totally have an 'I love the boy with bread shirt'. No shame!

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