January 27, 2012

random musings friday: 01.27.12

Here we are already at the LAST full week of January. Where is the time going?!?!? Let's jump right into Random Friday Musings, thanks Shana for hosting this each week!

  1. When it comes to planning dinners at our house Mike and I do a half and half thing each week. I pick about 3-4 meals to purchase and prepare and he picks 3-4 as well. This week I was feeling a bit uninspired we eat the same stuff all. the. time! Then while browsing on pinterest I found a recipe that Kallay had pinned that sounded not only healthy but amazing! It was Roasted Shrimp & Broccoli. Let me just tell you, I'm a sucker for roasted vegetables and this recipe knocked my socks off. Thanks so much Kallay for pinning and sharing it, AND for mentioning in your pin you'd like to add garlic in the mix. The idea was genius and put the meal on a whole different level. This will definitely be a new staple in my meal rotation!
  2. I'm back on my Green Monster kick again. I've been doing my best to eat as clean as possible. I decided to rethink my resolution and instead of just trying to workout to lose weight, I'd try to eat better for my health. I don't want to make the common diet mistake I've made for years where I tell myself food is off limits because it's "bad". That just makes me want it more. In the end I figured if I can eat at the least 80% clean each day if not more then I'll be doing right by myself and hopefully see results in not just my weight but feeling better as a whole. I'm tired of the "diet" food they market. Low calorie this, and low fat that. Why not just eat whole foods with vitamins instead of always trying to count all my calories. It's exhausting. The Green Monster Smoothies I felt would be a great way to get more vegetables and greens in my system as well as fill me up in the morning. So far so good. I've had one for the past 3 days for breakfast and instead of being SO hungry by 10:30-11:00 am I'm ready for a simple snack. My monster recipe right now: 2 huge handfuls of spinach, half cup plain greek yogurt, 1 cup fresh orange juice [or apple], 1 banana, honey for sweetness and ice cubes. Blend and take with me to work. I want to switch it up, here and there and get some berries or kale to toss in the mix. Wish me luck!
  3. Mike has declared he wants to no longer grocery shop at Walmart. FINE BY ME! We usually go there because the prices are the best but I will be honest the selection isn't always the best and dealing with half the patrons there drives us both nuts. By the time we get to the checkout we are both stressed out, frazzled and annoyed. Who wants to feel that way after a long day at work? Not me. So he wants to see how well we can do shopping and money wise at our local grocery stores. We also sort of want to take a small stand against Walmart as well. We are currently in the process of getting a Publix here locally. It will be the first NICE grocery store chain to come to this area. We have Food World, Foodland and Piggly Wiggly but all of these seem very old school compared to what most people have in stores like Safeway, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. A Publix would be a dream. Only issue is that construction for the new store has been put on hold due to Walmart deciding they are going to open not 1 new store in the area, but possibly two! This causes HUGE competition for Publix. You know they won't have food prices that are close to Walmart, but I tell you what I bet the quality will be 100% better. I'm over having to pick through bruised onions to find an "OK" onion. And I'm frankly really tired of having to deal with the lack of selection of meat, there is no butcher on sight and the seafood is laughable at best. Fingers crossed Publix actually opens but in the meantime we'll take our chances at the local small grocery stores. I would really LOVE to have a grocery store here that had a salad bar like the Giant did where I used to live. I'd eat lunch there EVERY DAY! Mike feels the more we buy local the more we will help our economy and I agree with him 100%. The more we can stick it to "the man" of the big corp. stores like Wally World the better I feel about where my money is going.
  4. You know how last week I told you we finally started watching It's Always Sunny in Philly... well now I'm dreaming about them. In the sense that Mike and I are living in their town and hanging at the bar. I need help...
  5. I got asked if I had Super Bowl plans this week... and for the first time in YEARS I could honestly say I didn't. Where I live I am the only one of my girl friends that TRULY is into NFL. I have a few girlfriends that root for teams but I doubt they tune in each week like I do. With that in mind it seems pointless to hold a Super Bowl party for people that A) don't care about NFL and B) don't care about either team in the running. If your team is in the running, congrats and may the best team win! {Shana I hope your boys are victorious, that's just my two cents!} 
That is all I got today - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm looking forward to the sunshine in the forecast!!! I am so over rain!

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Masala Chica said...

Ok you are the second person to talk about this Green Monster thing to me this week! I am going to have to give it a try.

Love your comment header. Check 1, baby.


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